Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 37

Zheng Yuling is an ordinary female college student, she also has a hidden identity, the girlfriend of the ESO boy band!

To be precise, this second-line boy band that was disbanded after 1 year of debut, she only likes the captain Chu Xuan.

Since Chu Xuan did not debut as a trainee, she had already fallen in love with this handsome big boy.

Compared with other hypocritical stars, the thing that impressed chu Xuan most about her was that she was very real.

He is unpretentious and has a completely true disposition to face anyone.

So in the circle, he may be rejected by other idols, but his popularity is the best.

From high school to college, Zheng Yuling experienced Chu Xuan’s obscurity, participated in the variety show debut, the team disbanded and flew alone, and just flew alone was banned.

The entire fan group suffered a major blow, and on the day they got the news, many little girls cried and swollen their eyes.

However, after half a year, the number of Chu Xuan fan groups that were banned not only did not decrease, but even more.

Zheng Yuling’s core q group, the number of fans gradually increased from 2,000 to nearly 5,000.

Chu Xuan’s previous works cannot be found on the Internet, but fans have kept video records of his songs, dances, variety shows and so on.

Although he was a child in the public eye, Chu Xuan still stood tall among fans.

Recently, Zheng Yuling suddenly saw two phenomenal movies circulating on the Internet!

One is “Smart: Ghost Movie”, a super scary horror film.

The other is LALALAND, which Chinese translated as Philharmonic City, which seems to be a song and dance film.

The external network can not find resources for the time being, Zheng Yuling watched the trailer, and was immediately attracted by the song “City_of_stars” inside.

When she saw the words “XUAN-CHU director’s work” in the trailer, her heart skipped a beat!

Somehow, her intuition told her that this was the work of Director Chu Xuan!

It is not a Chinese director with the same name or a consonant voice as others say.

Due to the entertainment news resources related to Chu Xuan on the extranet, they were deliberately or unintentionally screened out.

Zheng Yuling is not dead hearted, and can only use scientific tools to find answers in the English website.

Her English has never been very good, and with the help of translation tools, she looked up word by word, and finally collected a lot of relevant news.

“21-year-old talented director! It is said that he was previously a member of the Oriental Idol Group…”

“According to Ryan Gosling, during the filming phase, Chu often demonstrated dance moves for him, and Chu’s singing voice was quite beautiful, much better than his own singing…”

“Although Chu’s tap dance class has come to an end, the dance boom he wears continues…”

Just by looking at the text, Zheng Yuling was 100% sure that this must be Chu Xuan.

If the text can’t prove it, the photos taken by the North American media and the video of Chu Xuan’s live broadcast are already clear at a glance!

As a fan of Chu Xuan for many years, when she saw his set photos, premiere photos, and live videos, Zheng Yuling was already crying out with excitement!

“My brother, I used to go to North America and work so hard!”

“Not only did he not sink, but he exploded with amazing talent, shooting two box office top movies in a row!”

Seeing this kind of news, Zheng Yuling of course shared it with the group for the first time.

“Sisters! It’s true! ”

“The legendary talented director is really Chu Xuan’s brother!”

In an instant, the whole group completely exploded!

Unfortunately, the Douyin platform, Bili video, forum, and news network cannot appear Chu Xuan’s name and video data.

Many passers-by netizens questioned, but they could not directly dump the evidence in the past.

Even if you dump the evidence, you will be sprayed by those brainless black powder.

“P’s, right?” Your rice circle is also enough. ”

“The right eye is true.”

“Isn’t Chu Xuan a boy band?” How is it possible to make a movie? ”

“If you are really so capable, why hasn’t the official media proved it?”


However, the above is only extreme sunspot or lever-spirited rhetoric.

As more and more people pull out the news of Chu Xuan from the North American Internet, most passers-by believe that Chu Xuan is making a movie.

After all, CNN, CBS, FOX and other TV stations have broadcast the news of the premiere of “Philharmonic City”.

Anyone who is blind can see the image of Chu Xuan holding Elizabeth Olson and taking a group photo on the red carpet.

Chu Xuan, as a boy band idol, really became a director in North America?!

After the news gradually spread, it really shocked the jaws of many passers-by!

“Sleepy Hollow, Is Chu Xuan really the director?”

“I made two movies, one of which was a horror movie with a DV.”

“Holding a DV, what can you shoot?” My grandma would shoot. ”

“But no, it’s strange that it won the box office in North America, more than 200 million box office!”

“Fool the old beauty of the fools.” They love watching spicy chicken horror movies. ”

“There’s also a song and dance film, which feels weird.”

“The rich man used to play with tickets, right?”

“No, Chu Xuan’s family is average. He did make money making movies, making $6,000 at the box office. ”

“It’s definitely all big bad. “Dune” did well at the North American box office, and I fell asleep watching it. ”

“Me too, I feel that we are completely different from the aesthetic over there.”

“It’s all about Hollywood.”

However, in the instinctive antipathy of the boy band, most people are not optimistic about Chu Xuan’s movie.

It is believed that the quality of Chu Xuan’s films is not high, especially “Ghost Shadow Record”, which is completely filmed and played.

After reading these arguments, Zheng Yuling and other fans were angry!

They wanted to refute it, but they couldn’t find evidence.

Yes, even the evaluation of North American film critics and the North American box office are not convincing.

If the public is biased, the indirect evidence is weak.

Unless they see the original movie with their own eyes.

Unfortunately, the particularity of the Dragon Country market will not be seen by everyone for a while and a half.

Just when Chu Xuan’s true love fans in the group were wailing, Zheng Yuling optimistically cheered everyone up.

“Sisters, let’s not be in a hurry.”

“My brother’s movie has such a high box office, the quality must be great.” I believe that with his serious attitude towards song and dance, he will be able to make a good movie. ”

“On the day Philharmonic City is released, we go to the theater together and contribute a movie ticket for my brother!”

“When the time comes, let Kuroko see that the real strong will not be defeated by gossip!”


The storm of the Longguo Internet, Chu Xuan did not see it for the time being.

Even if he saw it, he would only laugh it.

Arguing with the bar is equivalent to being pulled to the same level by an idiot.

When the movie is released, people with eyes can see good or bad.

Time is gradually approaching Christmas, and “Philharmonic City” is still dominating the North American market!

Since its premiere, it has always been the top box office, and no one can challenge success!

Hulk, Dune, Full House of Magic can’t!

Even the animated film “The Voice of Joy”, which was later released in December;

The science fiction film “Space Traveler” starring “Big Cousin” Jennifer Lawrence and “Star-Lord” Chris Palat;

Black action superstar Denzel Watsonton’s feature film Fences;

“Breaking Bad Old White”, “Fu Lanlan” James Franco starred in the comedy “Future Father-in-Law”;

When these films were released, they simply could not challenge the throne of “Philharmonic City”.

At the same time, about 100 countries and regions around the world simultaneously released “Philharmonic City”, which has airborne box office champions in various countries!

Dominate the list!

Director Chu Xuan’s name has also been translated into various Chinese words, and for the first time it is well known by film fans around the world!

Especially in the Hong Kong Island Administrative Region, as well as Treasure Island Province, “City of Philharmonic Music” instantly set off a song and dance boom!

All over the streets of Hong Kong, the original song list is playing overnight!

Chinese “Chu Xuan Director” made hong Kong and Taiwan compatriots drop their jaws!

When did the Chinese director come up with such a monster?

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