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Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 34

The movie “City of Philharmonic Music”, whether in the past life or now, Chu Xuan has watched it countless times.

He knows every shot so well that he can even immediately sound the situation when shooting.

Still, he was able to see it.

A good work that really stands up to any test.

After the film subtitles were screened, the excitement of the audience finally calmed down a lot.

Media reporters and film critics also gradually began to think about what to write about the next news.

The creators also hugged each other to celebrate the successful premiere of “Philharmonic City”.

The eldest cousin, Jennifer Lawrence, still did not ease up, with tear marks on her face, looking at the empty screen.

Stone Sister Emma Stone and Chu Xuan politely hugged and celebrated.

“Chu, I was lucky to star in this movie. Fortunately, there was no brain confusion at that time, otherwise I would regret it in this life. ”

It can be seen that Sister Shi also cried, and there were also Yingying tears swirling in her eyes.

The heroine of the past life was originally “Hermione” Emma Watson, and “Hermione” pushed away the opportunity of “Philharmonic City” for “Beauty and the Beast”.

After the release of the movie, Emma Watson repented, frantically looking for someone to carry the pot, and fired the original agent.

“Your performance is also wonderful, and I chose you at the beginning, didn’t I?”

Chu Xuan blinked, “If you refuse, maybe I’ll try a few more times.” ”

“No, Chu.” Sister Stone smiled and shook her head, “I don’t think anyone can refuse you.” ”

The crew moved some chairs on stage, followed by a media Q&A session.

Chu Xuan finished the microphone and was full of energy: “Thank you, thank you for coming to the premiere.” Do you like this movie? ”

“Loved it!”

“I love this film to death!”

“A great!!! place to stay in Kyoto”

The audience screamed in unison again. Everyone was still in a state of agitation and could not be calmed down for a long time.

Then, like elementary school students, media reporters raised their hands to ask questions.

Chu Xuan randomly ordered a reporter, and the other party stood up excitedly:

“Hello director Chu Xuan, I am a reporter for Luo Shengdu Times. First of all, congratulations, this film is really quite exciting, and I will come back to enjoy it again. ”

“Thank you.”

“At the end of the film, it is not the traditional Happy Ending of Hollywood song and dance films, but the sad ending, why did you create such an ending?”

Chu Xuan smiled politely and talked confidently:

“This is not a traditional love story, we ordinary people will face a conflict between dreams and reality. The male and female protagonists of the film achieve each other’s career dreams and choose to give up love. I believe that many people have experienced this. I just want to help more viewers realize what you really want yourself. Instead of brainlessly singing the praises of love. ”

After a round of applause, another reporter asked:

“It can be seen that you have paid tribute to many classic song and dance films and made novel changes, is this film really a challenge to the golden age of Hollywood?”

This reporter is a bit of a mess.

Infinite Pictures market public relations are very nervous, afraid that Chu Xuan fell into the pit and people to shake up.

Chu Xuan is very calm: “We are engaged in creation, we must always maintain innovation, which is also the concept of this film.” The so-called retro, golden age, does not mean to stick to the rules, to find a way to make the classic revitalized. You are always immersed in the glory of the past, how do you face the future? ”

The reporter who asked the question was stunned, and he thought that Chu Xuan would kneel and lick towards the golden age.

Or directly bombard the classics and don’t think so.

As a result, Chu Xuan replied that there was nothing wrong with it, and the decline of Hollywood song and dance films was because too many people were always immersed in the past and refused to make any changes and innovations.

Chu Xuan’s innovation has injected new vitality into the song and dance film.

Obviously he is an outsider, but he knows Hollywood better than Hollywood.

It was as if a csgo player had broken into a KPL e-sports event and began to kill indiscriminately in the face of everyone’s doubts.

The most angry thing is that he has not yet been provoked, and the completion of this movie is indeed very high.

The film critics who huddled together to smash the scene were also dumbfounded at this time.

Later, some reporters asked the creators some painless questions, and everyone expressed their love for the film and thanked Chu Xuan for bringing such a beautiful work.

Finally, the premiere was over, and the audience and reporters were still talking about the film when they left.

There are even people humming the song “City_of_stars”.

This shows how successful the music creation in the film is.

After the show, the crew held a small celebration banquet in the adjacent auditorium until late.

Chu Xuan is the absolute C protagonist tonight, under everyone’s “care”, he accidentally drank too much, and even did not know how to return home.

Only in the haze did he remember someone helping him to the car, and then helping himself to the bedroom, helping to shed his clothes, wiping his body with a warm towel, and then he fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning, Chu Xuan was a little dizzy and wanted to go to the refrigerator to find a bottle of ice water to refresh his mind.

As a result, there was a sound of “Zi La La La” in the kitchen.

When I went downstairs, it turned out to be Elizabeth Olson, who was wearing a chu xuan’s large T-shirt and was humming a little song with a pan of omelette and bacon.

The toaster also had a few slices of bread.

Love breakfast from Omei?

“Chu, you’re awake, just come and eat something.” I haven’t done it for a long time, the craftsmanship is a bit rusty, hey. ”

Seeing this situation, Chu Xuan could no longer sustain himself.

Straight up behind Elizabeth Olson and hugged her around her waist.

“Eh? Make breakfast! ”

Ao Mei was caught off guard and very shy.

Before, she and Chu Xuan had often interacted intimately, and sometimes crossed the line of friends.

But most of them are not too much.

This time Chu Xuan was a bit “excessive”!

Chu Xuan’s solid and powerful arms hugged her tighter, crouched down in her ear, and said softly:

“Be my girlfriend, let’s be together.”

“Well, okay.”

Ao Mei didn’t have anything to twist, dreaming of the scene many times, in such an unexpected way to achieve, she was happy that it was too late.

Yes, she Elizabeth Olsen, just like Chu Xuan.

From the time she filmed “Smart: Ghost Movie” pretending to be a couple, she hoped that the fake scene was really done.


The next second, Chu Xuan lowered his head and kissed her.

Until the smell of burnt hu came from the pot.


“Look, what to do, it’s hard to fry an egg, and now you can’t eat it.”

Ao Mei complained bitterly.

Chu Xuan smiled and took a bite out of her pretty face.

“You’ll have a chance to make me breakfast later, let’s go, let’s eat outside.”

“Think beautiful! I won’t do it for you later! ”

“Then I’ll do it for you.”

“Emmmm…… Oh well! Ao Mei’s eyes rolled and she answered sweetly.

“Hey, it’s worthy of being an actor, but it’s quite fast to change your face.”

“A little bit of a road.” Ao Mei usually relaxes, just a delicate girl.

“By the way, how do you wear my T-shirt?”

“And you said, last night you got drunk and vomited on me.” There was no change of suit here, so I had to take yours. ”

Remembering Chu Xuan’s drunken appearance last night, Ao Mei was a little distressed.

You have to play some kind of depth charge game with Gosling and the photographer.

These childish ghosts all drank too much, Chu Xuan was still good, and Gosling and the photographer in his 30s were directly drunk into mud.

“You worked hard last night. Let’s find some of my clothes to wear, let’s go out for brunch, and then go shopping. ”

“Is this a date?”

“Of course!” The two who had just been together kissed again.

How sorry Seb and Mia of “Philharmonic City” are, how sweet the two are at this time.


When director Chu Xuan had a hangover, the North American film industry was shaken!

In disney’s headquarters building, CEO Bob Chapec slammed the table.

“You say it again, how much did they do at the box office on their first day?”

The people at the bottom said worriedly: “The first day box office champion of ‘Philharmonic City’… $21.35 million! ”

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immediately rushed (Campaign period: August 13 to August 15)

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