Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 33


On the highway, jazz musician Seb is listening to his jazz music repeatedly.

Mia in front of him struggled to practice audition lines in the car.

The two protagonists appear for the first time, and both chase their dreams on their respective paths.

Mia didn’t look at the road, was overtaken by the impatient Seb, and the two of them put up their middle fingers through the window, and the first meeting happened unguarded.

This “joyful enemy” model in romance films has also become popular since the golden age of Hollywood.

Knowledgeable film critics will smile when they see it, Chu Xuan is not saying that he is really challenging the golden age of Hollywood!

Then the story gradually got to the point.

The heroine Mia’s auditions were frequently frustrated, and the whole person returned to the shared apartment in frustration.

The three little sisters who share her room are optimistic and want to drag her to the queue, maybe they will meet the right audition opportunity.

Next, the second song and dance of the whole film, “Someone_In_the_Crowd”, was staged!

When the four young and beautiful girls sang this melody with their beautiful voices, the audience was once again impressed by the music created by Chu Xuan!

“Oh my God! I heard that these songs were composed by Chu himself? ”

“Yes, this news is confirmed, and it is indeed written by Chu.”

“Oh buy karma! Who is he? ”

You can direct horrific horror films, you can direct song and dance films, and even compose your own music!

Those picky film critics are dumb at this time!

Like the general audience, they are fully integrated into the song and dance of the film!

Under a top-down shot, four girls wearing red, yellow, green and blue dresses are singing and dancing!

The colorful and moving picture is extremely impactful!

In combination with the beautiful lyrics and melody, each drum beat seems to beat in the audience’s heart!

“Big Cousin” Jennifer Lawrence clutched Adele’s hand!

“Hey, Jennifer, why are you in tears?” Adele wondered.

“It’s so good… Woohoo. The eldest cousin unconsciously had some tears in her eyes.

Adele nodded sheepishly.

“Chu simply… A genius! ”


Mia inadvertently walks into a restaurant and meets Seb, who plays the piano and is instantly captivated by the sound of his piano!

Unfortunately, Seb was fired by the boss due to playing the piano indiscriminately, and completely ignored the heroine Mia

The second time the two met was also unpleasant.


The film moves on to the second chapter, where Seb and Mia reunite by chance at a party.

As the story progresses, they gradually become acquainted and fight like happy enemies.

While chatting, they came to The Greenfields Park, the most beautiful place in the whole area.

Next is the two’s classic song and dance “A_lovely_night”.

Ryan Gosling’s singing voice sounded, and the audience familiar with the song and dance film could not help but be dazzled!

“This is… A tribute to “Song of rain”! ”

“Good boy! He really dared to shoot it! ”

“So what’s not to like?” The tribute is clever, and the song and dance are outstanding! ”

“Shut up and listen to the song!”

Several familiar film critics immediately began to talk.

Originally, they all planned to watch the movie and write a film review to criticize Chu Xuan for desecrating the classic.

These people are staunch “conservatives.”

But here, there is already a disagreement among them.

Some people were quickly impressed by Chu Xuan’s song and dance!

Even When Chu Xuan himself saw this, he couldn’t help but nod.

Gosling and Sister Stone in the parallel world, after hard work, the completion of the whole set of actions is much better than the original.

The two people in the story are looking for a car, but in fact, the car is in front of them, and they pretend to walk around for half a day.

The righteous and upright rejoicers also seem to have a good feeling for each other.

Next, Seb took the initiative to ask Mia out, and he showed Mia the beauty of jazz and expressed his dreams.

Two men and women with dreams soon fell in love with each other.

Next is the most classic song “City_of_stars”.

Ryan Gosling whistled in front of the pier in the purple night sky and sang a faint melancholy melody.

Countless teenage girls almost screamed.

Gosling’s girlfriend, Eva Mendes, whispered:

“You sing so well, why didn’t you sing it to me before?”

Gosling shook his head modestly, “You haven’t heard Chu sing, he sings much better than me.” ”

“Eh? Impossible, right? Chu can still sing? ”

“Of course, he was an idol in the East before. Strong singing skills. ”

Gosling commented seriously.

After this film cooperation, he can be regarded as admiring this Chinese youth who is more than 10 years younger than him.

Mia then kicked off the target and ran decisively to Seb, and the two were officially dating.

It is worth mentioning that many people in the past life thought that Mia was cheating. In actual North American dating culture, Mia didn’t have a definite relationship with the previous person, and she chose Seb freely.

The waltz dance between the two in the starry sky at griffith Observatory once again shocked the audience!

“It’s the most romantic dance I’ve ever seen!”

So far, no one has questioned Chu Xuan’s song and dance films, and his music and dance are top enjoyment!

The most critical critics also gave up criticism and just immersed themselves in the plot.


Seb and Mia have had a romantic love affair!

They love each other from the bottom of their hearts!

But over time, real problems have also emerged.

Seb’s pursuit of traditional jazz meant no income.

Mia failed in her audition and didn’t make any money.

In order to support his family, Seb can only go against his heart and join a commercial band.

Chu Xuan invited a well-known North American musician/singer, a Grammy Grand Slam star, John Legend.

The appearance of this mysterious guest guest also surprised the audience a little.


Seb is moving farther and farther from her dreams in order to support Mia, and spending less and less time with each other.

Mia accused him of losing his original intention and missing out on her most important stage play.

After a fierce quarrel, the two broke up unhappily.

In the end, Mia got an important audition.

Under the persuasion of Seb, she successfully auditioned, and Sister Shi’s monologue song also moved the audience.

Unfortunately, she was leaving North America for Paris.

The two sat in front of the bench where they had danced together, smiled and said goodbye to each other, encouraging each other to chase their dreams.

Although the two are in love, they are no longer suitable for each other.

“I’ll always love you.”

“I’ll always love you.”

Seeing this, all the female audience, including Monica, also silently shed tears.

“Why, why is it a tragic story?”

“According to the clichéd plot of Hollywood movies, there must be a reversal!” The girlfriend comforted her.


Five years later, Mia became famous and had a family.

They stumbled into a jazz bar, the same Sebs jazz bar the two had discussed.

Mia’s heart was shocked, and the audience also broke the defense!

“Director Chu Xuan, this knife is so deep!”

But they didn’t expect how defensive the next 7 minutes and 39 seconds of the epilogue would be!

Everyone followed Mia’s thoughts and flashed a What_if plot.

What happens if the two are not separated?

As the music progresses, the picture keeps flashing back, and the scenes of two acquaintances and love each other rush through!

In the end, there was even a scene where two people got married, had children, and formed a sweet family!

“I’ve spent my life with you in my mind.”

Unfortunately, the return to reality is still a song and a song.

When the audience saw this, they couldn’t help but think of themselves, remembering the lover who regretted breaking up!

Is he/she okay now?

If you don’t break up, will you also be happy to live together like this?

By this time Jennifer Lawrence was unable to cry, tears constantly pouring through her eyes, blurring her vision.

Her eye makeup was already crying, desperately wiping away her tears, trying to see every detail of the movie, but the tears just couldn’t stop.

Even Adele, who persuaded her, did not have the heart to persuade her, and Adele herself was secretly wiping away tears.

Elizabeth Olson also whispered in tears:

“Why, why can’t they be together, two people who are so in love with each other!”

Chu Xuan looked at the screen and said lightly:

“In this world, it is not perfect, and the vitality of ordinary people is full of regrets.”

“We can only continue to move forward with gratitude for the past.”

Finally, Mia and her husband turned and left the bar.

Before going out, she looked back deeply at Seb, who looked at her too.

Time seems to freeze, and this eye is forever.

The film ends abruptly.

Until the end credits appeared, there were only three words in everyone’s mind.

It’s hard to be fair!

Even the entire audience, quietly watching the end credits roll by, 500 people, not a single one left the table.

Everyone sat in their seats, not knowing what they were thinking.

“It’s over, why didn’t anyone applaud?”

Ao Mei was still worried that Chu Xuan’s film was so excellent, everyone didn’t even buy it?

As a result, this thought just appeared, and I don’t know who stood up and yelled, “Good! ”

Immediately after, the applause resounded throughout the theater! It lasted a full 3 minutes!

Cheers, mouths a little!

Everyone wiped their tears and stood up to dedicate all their enthusiasm for “Philharmonic City”.

Chu Xuan raised a confident smile at the corner of his mouth and waved thanks with the main creators and the audience.


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