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Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 32

When all the creators and guests of “City of Philharmonic” came to the movie hall.

The 500 seats in the huge auditorium were already packed.

As soon as they arrived at the cinema hall, they received warm applause from the audience.

“Chu! I love you! ”

“Director Chu Xuan!”


“Sister Stone!”

Fans shouted and greeted them warmly.

Chu Xuan also smiled and waved at them.

Obviously, his first work was a horror film, but he always felt that there were more female fans than male fans.

The main creative staff came to the front row to sit still, Chu Xuan and Ao Mei sat in the C position, and the people next to them also sat down in turn.

On the right hand side of Ao Mei is Sister Shi, and the two beautiful women look at each other and smile.

Sister Shi has been famous for a long time, and Ao Mei has become famous in one fell swoop with “Ghost Shadow Record”.

The two had not worked together before, but they had only been together for two minutes, chatting like good girlfriends.

Ao Mei and Shi Jie are very cheerful personalities, and it seems that their girlfriend group is going to add one more person.

Ryan Gosling next to Chu Xuan was much quieter, he was whispering to his girlfriend, his ears were grinding.

For a while, no one talked to Chu Xuan, so he quietly leaned back in his chair.

Months of preparation, and nearly two months of production.

It was also the first film he actually directed.

He was a little nervous, but he quickly calmed down a lot.

No problem! Enjoy tonight!


Monica is quite excited at the moment!

Since she saw Chu Xuan’s live dance, she would follow Chu Xuan for an hour every day.

After two months of exercise, Monica’s weight has indeed lost a lot and returned to a healthy state.

And her spirit was much better than before.

Thanks to Chu Xuan’s live dance, she got rid of her anxiety and became sunny and confident again.

Monica also signed up for the dance challenge, fortunately, she actually beat many professional players as a grassroots, with 300,000 likes, and won the third place in the dance event!

Monica therefore received tickets for the premiere of “Philharmonic City” from Infinity Pictures, as well as a free 3-day tour of Los Saints!

On this day, she brought her girlfriend to the theater of the premiere.

Looking at Chu Xuan who walked through the door, Monica shouted excitedly.

“Okay, don’t be ashamed.” The girlfriend blushed and reminded.

“I’m so happy that I finally saw Chu Xuan!”

“Chu is really handsome, but I still like Gosling.” If it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have watched the movie with you. ”

“Oh, then you discount it to me.”

“Think again!”

As the lights dimmed in the auditorium, the two looked at each other!

Here we go!

At the same time, the main creators in the front row also held their breath in unison.

When Chu Xuan stared closely at the big screen, he felt his hand being held by a cold little hand.

It’s Omei.

She smiled sweetly at herself: “Chu, no matter what, I will accompany you.” ”

Chu Xuan’s heart fluttered, and he was about to say something.

At this time, on the big screen, the vast expanse was white, and a pencil-drawn rocket was fired.

Gradually, coming to the vast space, the simple hand-painted starry sky suddenly turned into realistic stars!

The humble spaceship has also become a very sci-fi spaceship – millennium falcon!

The Millennium Falcon starts the curvature engine and flashes away! Distorts time and space!

A simplified spacecraft logo then pops up

“Infinity Pictures (Infinity_films)”!

Infinity Pictures’ opening animation, meeting the world for the first time!

From this moment, the audience inhaled a cool breath in unison.

Even the opening logo animation is so meticulous!

Is this Chu Xuan’s true strength?


“Today is another sunny day in Southern California, and the temperature in Los Santo is 28 degrees Celsius…”

On the congested highway, the flow of traffic slowly moves forward.

The first shot of the whole film is a very long shot.

The traverse picture slowly passes through the different windows, and the sound in each car is different.

The sound was still chaotic and noisy until 1 minute and 14 seconds of the film!

A fast-paced piano piece instantly hijacked the track and grabbed the audience’s ears!

The camera stops in front of a girl in a bright yellow dress and listens to her sing softly.

The first lyrics of the opening song and dance of the movie made the audience tremble slightly.



I saw the woman chanting two sentences, and even pushed the car door and walked out of the car directly, singing while dancing alone.

This was followed by another super long shot, constantly moving backwards, and people kept joining the dance team.

The whole scene coupled with the melody sung by everyone made the audience can’t help but want to sing and dance with the people in the movie!

That’s the beauty of music!

“Interesting, one shot to the end?”

At the premiere, many film critics were also dazzled when they saw this.

This kind of thing seems to be a showmanship, but behind it is full of the sweat of the crew rehearsal.

What’s more, just after the movie opened, it was in the midst of many traffic, the scene was complex, there were many dancers, singing, dancing, scheduling!

No matter which link goes wrong, the whole set of shots has to be completely restarted!

Film insiders in the audience also talked about it.

“He’s bold enough, how dare he play like this in the second movie?”

“The song and dance at the beginning is really good, and then look at it later…”

Even if they are picky and full of prejudice against Chu Xuan, they can’t help but give a thumbs up after seeing this opening song and dance.

“When_they_let_you_down.” (When you are discouraged).

“Cause_moring_rolls_around.” (A new day is coming).


“And_its_another_day_of_sun.” (There will be new sunshine).

When all the dancers stand on the roof of the car and dance to the fullest, stage a highway carnival.

The film’s first song, “AnotherDay OfSun,” is nearing its end.

The songs and lyrics sing the heartache trivia of the little people with the most sunny mentality, and hint at the theme of the whole movie, dreams!

The words “LALALAND” appear on the screen with musical notes!

Cheer up all the audience!

Lucky audience Monica just looked at the beginning, already in tears, clutching her girlfriend’s hand.

“I love this title so much!”

Immediately after, the song ends, and all the dancers jump out of their dreams and return to the car and become ordinary sentient beings.

The story of the protagonists Seb and Mia has only just begun!

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