Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 30

Chu Xuan hadn’t stayed in the Dragon Kingdom for a full week either, and he had to hurry up and fly back to Luo Shengdu.

In the past few days, accompanied by Zhao Jingmai, he has been busy dealing with some film companies.

The film company established by Long Guo is still called Infinite Pictures.

If you want to make your film more smoothly released in Dragon Country, setting up a company is really an essential step.

According to the current rules, Chu Xuan’s films in Hollywood are “imported films”.

The number of imported films every year is limited, and it is not possible to release them in the “Domestic Film Protection Month” from July to August.

At the same time, only two companies, China Film Group and Huaxia Film and Television, are eligible for import.

When the film enters the mainland market, it will inevitably be divided into a larger proportion of the box office.

The most important point is that China Film is the territory of Han Gangster….

Therefore, the best way for Chu Xuan is to set up a company in Longguo and make his film a “co-production”.

Co-production is divided into: co-production, collaborative filming, and commissioned filming.

The latter two are actually similar to the treatment of imported films, and they are not much better.

Only “co-production” can enjoy the treatment of domestic films.

Chinese investment needs to reach a certain proportion, at least 1/3 of the main Chinese actors, and get various licenses, after approval can be released.

There are no plans to kill back this year, but the company can run first.

High-paying digging some professionals, the distribution and the yard line is paved.

After a few days of busyness, Chu Xuan took the time to rush back to Rongcheng, visited his parents, and left a bank card of more than 6 million RMB, asking them not to save, the flowers should be spent.

Hurry back, hurry away.

Only the parents looked at the balance in the bank card with a confused face.

Chu Xuan’s mother, Zheng Huifang, was a little worried: “Should my son have committed something unclean?” ”

Chu Jianzhong, Chu’s father, did not think so: “Don’t make up for it, Xiao Xuan has said it, as a director in North America.” ”

“But when a director makes a film, can you make money so fast?”

“Your own son is still not at ease?” He knew in his heart that he would certainly not do anything illegal and disorderly. ”

“You yell at me? Worry about what’s wrong with your child? ”

“Don’t dare to roar, where dare you.”

“Ahem! I put away this card first, you are not allowed to move ha. For sons and daughters-in-law! ”


Thanksgiving, the city of Nyoyo has already snowed a little bit.

In a small detached 3-story building in the Villa District of Long Island, Elizabeth Olson lounged in bed, staring at the ceiling in a daze.

“The Silent Lamb” has been killed, but unfortunately, at the killing ceremony, she still could not see Chu Xuan.

Ou Mei knew that he had been quite busy lately and did not bother him too much.

After partnering with the film emperor Anthony Hopkins, Omei also learned a lot during the shooting.

If “Smart: Ghost Shadow Record” is just a small test, “The Silence of the Lambs” has obviously made a big breakthrough in her acting skills.

Even director David Finch couldn’t stop praising her.

At this time, Ao Mei and when they first entered the crew, they were completely judged.

Maybe she has been acting as an intern female agent for a long time, and her eyes are sharp.

Only when she thought of Chu Xuan, Ao Mei’s gaze would soften.

The more she delved into the plot of The Silence of the Lambs, the more Elizabeth Olson admired the man.

It starts with the appearance, the talent, the mystery… It’s a mystery everywhere.

“Liz! Come down and help me deal with the turkey! ”

“Liz, come down! Don’t lock in the house! ”


Downstairs, the whole family is busy with Thanksgiving lunch.

Rather than dinner, the Omei family prefers to eat a turkey meal at noon and go to Broadway in the evening to listen to an opera and spend a beautiful holiday.

After her parents divorced, she followed her mother, an older brother, and twin sisters.

His brother Robbie Olson is an outsider and has married and had children.

Twin sisters Mary Olsen and Ashley Olsen are not yet married.

They debuted earlier than Sister O, and played some TV snipers. As a result, a “Ghost Shadow Record” made Ao Mei the brightest star in the family.

Coupled with mother Janet and sister-in-law, the family of 7 people downstairs is very busy and very lively.

Unfortunately, Ao Mei seemed to have something on her mind, and she couldn’t shout down.

“What to do? Did Liz have any troubles making movies? ”

“No, she said the movie went well.”

“That’s weird, isn’t it… Is she in love? ”

“Is it possible that you weren’t very close to the Chinese director before?”

“Yes, the two are about the same age, and the young man is really handsome… If it wasn’t for Ao Mei’s eye on him, I would have wanted to chase him. ”

The twin Olsen sisters were gossiping about Ogi when they suddenly heard the doorbell ringing.

“Who are you two going to open the door?”

“Got it!” The twin sisters answered at the same time and came to the door.

The moment they opened the door, both were stunned.

In English, it is called “Speak_of_the_devil”, and the Chinese is “say Cao Cao, Cao Cao to”.

“You are… Clear! ”

“Wow! The big director is coming! ”

The twin sisters recognized the person outside the door at a glance, who else but Chu Xuan could be.

Because the twins watched “Ghost Shadow Record” and also watched Chu Xuan’s live dance.

They practiced every day.

“Come in, come in.”

“Come in and sit.”

Before Chu Xuan could react, he was taken directly to the living room by the sisters.

Good fellow, it looks like it should be Ao Mei’s sister.

Her family was simply more social than she was.

Chu Xuan was awkwardly pressed on the sofa, stuffed with a bottle of beer in his hand, and sat in front of the TV with a confused face.

The NFL Thanksgiving War, NFL, NYOT Jet vs Boston Patriots, is being broadcast on TV.

The whole family was busy in the kitchen, and only Chu Xuan and a baby under 1 year old were left in the living room.

“This should be Sister O’s brother’s child, right?” What about the Omei people? ”

Chu Xuan was also ready to call Ao Mei, but the people in the kitchen all came to watch him again.

“You are Chu, and you are indeed a talent.”

“Dude, I especially love to watch your Ghost Movie, it’s amazing! What time to shoot a sequel! ”

“Chu, you’re here for Liz, aren’t you?” I’ll help you call her down. ”

In the face of this enthusiastic family, Chu Xuan could only smile awkwardly.

Due to the urgency of walking from the Dragon Kingdom, it was impossible to buy a ticket to Luo Shengdu, so he could only fly to Niu Yue first, and then transfer back to Luo Sheng Du.

Chu Xuan pondered, since he had come to Niu For an appointment, he would go to Ao Mei’s house to have a look, and then go back together when the time came.

Ao Mei gently invited him to Thanksgiving that day, and Chu Xuan remembered it in his heart.

In fact, Chu Xuan also wanted to spend Thanksgiving with her.

The most difficult time was that Ou Mei came with him.

In Chu Xuan’s mind, Elizabeth Olsen was no longer the Crimson Witch of her previous life.

“Liz! Come down! You see who’s coming! ”

“Don’t go down! I don’t eat at noon! Ao Mei roared upstairs in disgust.

Mother Janet said helplessly: “This girl, there is no salvation.” ”

“I’ll go up and try it.” Chu Xuan smiled and went upstairs to a closed door.


“All said and done! I don’t want to go down, don’t argue… Hey! How are you? ”

Ao Mei was still very impatient, but the moment she saw Chu Xuan, she suddenly covered her mouth in surprise, but her eyes shone with joy and excitement.

“How? I’m not welcome? ”

“There is! I’m glad it’s too late! Didn’t you go back to your country? How did you suddenly come here? ”

“Tomorrow is the premiere of ‘City of Philharmonic’, fool. I’ve come to celebrate Thanksgiving with you and invited you to the premiere by the way, would you like to? ”

Elizabeth Olson waited for an invitation to premiere Philharmonic City.

I thought she wasn’t a crew member and didn’t deserve to attend the premiere ceremony, and I was sad for a long time.

Unexpectedly, Chu Xuan waited for her.

“Yes! Yes! ”

Excited, Elizabeth Olsen hugged Chu Xuan tightly and wrapped her arms around his neck.

It’s as if you’re happy to be proposed.

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