Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 29

Chu Xuan spent almost a month in the editing room for a day.

Busy with live broadcasts at night, he also has to take care of the company’s two movie promotions in his spare time.

In short, his life is quite fulfilling, watching the two works gradually polished and formed, this sense of achievement is irreplaceable.

Chu Xuan has argued with editor Tom Cross countless times in the post-production studio.

A fleeting shot is worth arguing about for a long time.

This Tom Cross is none other than the editor of the original Philharmonic City.

He is also the editor of “Burst Drummer”, “The First Man on the Moon”, and “King of the Circus”.

With his brilliant performance in “Burst Drummer”, he also won the Oscar for Best Editing.

Tom Cross is very good at telling stories through some quick-cut shots. The same material, cut out through different rhythms, is two completely different films.

Most of the time he agreed with Chu Xuan’s opinion, and some of the shots he had his own ideas.

In short, after repeated pulling, the editing work of “Philharmonic City” has finally come to a successful end.

Watching the finished film, Chu Xuan found that there were still some obvious differences between his filming of “City of Philharmonic” and the original version.

However, this does not affect the quality of the film, and Chu Xuan even prefers his own version to the original version. He had the confidence to meet the challenges that followed.

After the editing was completed, Chu Xuan recalled the main actors and soundtrack artists to record the songs in the film in the studio.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are professionally trained in vocal music, and their singing is enough to feast the audience’s ears.

Chu Xuan is also supervising special effects and color grading, making the film more vivid and beautiful.

After another week, the film was finally completely completed. Infinity Pictures immediately took the finished film to the NPAA for rating review.

At the same time, the first trailer was also launched on the official social accounts of the film, major video websites, and mainstream TV media.

Fans can finally see the tip of the film’s iceberg.

When the prelude and whistle of “City_of_Stars” sounded, everyone’s attention was instantly captured!

“Sister Stone” Emma Stone walked out slowly in a long blue dress.

A line of subtitles appears in a prominent position: “Chu Xuan – Director’s Work”.

This is followed by the beautiful purple night sky of The Los Saint Pier and the handsome back of Ryan Gosling’s white shirt.




This song alone has raised the audience’s expectations in an instant!

Beautiful graphics, beautiful music, plus a hazy love story in the trailer.

Fans and the media who were originally skeptical have a 180 reversal in an instant.

Along with this, the official account of the movie, Chu Xuan’s personal account, and the fans of the two starring actors are rising steadily.

So that every night during the tap dance live broadcast, everyone began to discuss the movie.

“The quality of the trailer is not bad, maybe Chu can really make an excellent song and dance film.”

“The music is definitely well crafted and superb!”

“The color of the picture is so beautiful, it has the charm of the golden age.”

“When the time comes, be sure to go to the cinema!”

With Thanksgiving still a month to go, the premiere of “Philharmonic City” has also entered the countdown.

The premiere ceremony was arranged at one of Hollywood’s famous attractions, the TLC Oriental Theater.

This is one of the largest cinemas in Los Santos, just off the bustling Walk of Fame.

The architectural style is full of strong dragon country style, there are many Hollywood blockbusters, and the Oscar ceremony is held here!

I wanted to premiere “Ghost Shadow Record” at the beginning, but Chu Xuan and Ao Mei secretly sat in the back row to watch.

No creative team, no reporters, no flowers and applause.

And his second film, “Philharmonic City”, can finally hold a decent premiere.


Time flies by quickly, and it’s mid-November, and Thanksgiving is getting closer and closer.

“Philharmonic City” has everything in place, only the East Wind is owed.

“The Silence of the Lambs” was also filmed and began to enter the post-production work.

Chu Xuan experienced a journey of more than ten hours and finally landed at the Capital International Airport.

In the past, when disembarking from the plane with ESO boy band members, they often encountered a fan group containment pick-up.

The densely packed young girl, holding up the answer card, let out a piercing scream.

After a little more than half a year, I came to my homeland again, and those fans at the beginning were long gone.

Internal entertainment is changing, no matter how popular it is, it has long been too late to not appear for such a long time.

Chu Xuan did not wear a sunglasses mask or a duck-tongue hat, so he appeared in front of everyone in a generous manner, and no one would come to him for autographs.

At most, some girls will look at him a few times because of their handsome appearance.

Chu Xuan did not hesitate, but relaxed a lot.

“Chu Xuan! Chu Xuan! ”

Just then, he suddenly heard a little girl shouting to himself!

“Isn’t it? Banned also have fans pick up? ”

Following the direction of the sound, there was only one girl with sunglasses waving at herself.

“You are… Wheat! ”

After getting closer, Chu Xuan felt familiar. It turned out that Zhao Jingmai personally came to pick himself up!

She didn’t pretend too much, and it was easy to recognize.

“Hey hey, Chu Xuan, I can’t imagine it.”

“Why did you come by yourself?”

“Pick up your friend, why don’t you come by yourself?” Zhao Jingmai smiled sweetly.

“Okay, where is your car parked, let’s go quickly, lest you be recognized.”

“Not really.” Zhao Jingmai shook his head, “I’m just a small role, who will recognize me?” ”

“Then you have to cherish the time now.” Maybe next year, you will be very popular. ”

“Hey, then I can borrow your words.” Zhao Jingmai also thought that Chu Xuan was joking and encouraging her.

In fact, Chu Xuan was serious.

He was already planning a movie in his heart, and the female lead originally wanted to contact Liu Tianxian….

But if you think about it, Zhao Jingmai may be more suitable for this role!

The two talked all the way in the car and talked about their recent situation.

Since the conflict with Han Dagang, they have also become very good friends.

Last time Chu Xuan gave her a hundred million, Zhao Jingmai refused to ask for it.

She simply invested directly in a film and television company in the capital, and 90% of the equity belonged to Chu Xuan.

That’s right, she used the same starter to ask for a lot of Chu Xuan’s identity information.

Chu Xuan also gave it to her without any defense, and as a result, he was taken by Zhao Jingmai to secretly set up a company.

This time, When Chu Xuan came back, on the one hand, he went home to see, and on the other hand, he took care of some necessary procedures.

“I said, why don’t you use it yourself and set up such a company for me?” What a fool. Chu Xuan said helplessly.

“I’m not short of money, that 100,000 is meant to help you.”

Zhao Jingmai pouted his small mouth and said stubbornly: “Talking about money hurts feelings.” ”

“Okay, okay, what’s going on with this studio?”

“I searched for your development in North America… Good guys, now a well-known big director, this is not to tell the brothers? ”

Zhao Jingmai gave Chu Xuan a very cute look.

“Well, make a horror movie, there’s nothing to be proud of.”

“You must have more than one movie, right?” At that time, these films will have to break into the domestic market. Instead of making money for others, it is better to earn it yourself. ”


“What am I?” Zhao Jingmai saw Chu Xuan’s surprised expression and couldn’t help but raise his chin triumphantly.

“Righteous enough, good brother.” Chu Xuan gave a thumbs up.

He really plans to enter his country after that, after all, the Dragon Country Film Market will surpass North America and become the world’s first market.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Jingmai prejudged his prejudgment and took the lead in helping him pave the way.

“Well, it’s just brother.”


“Nothing… I’m righteous enough. ”

Zhao Jingmai sighed lightly, and for some reason, she suddenly cried and laughed.

How did she and Chu Xuan become brothers?

Don’t funny women deserve love?

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