Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 27

Chu Xuan found that the timeline of the parallel world seemed to have some signs of convergence.

Whether it is DC or Marvel, there have been no comic adaptations for more than 20 years.

Didn’t expect the Christmas stall to suddenly kill a Cheng bite gold?

Chu Xuan giggled in his heart at that time, afraid that Marvel would unite with Disney and start the “first decade of Marvel”.

Fortunately, it turned out that he was overly worried.

This film is equivalent to the 2003 version of Hulk.

Coincidentally, the director is really another Chinese director Li Yu.

The “first comic book movie in 20 years” invested $160 million and is one of Disney’s most important projects this year.

Disney and Marvel are confident in Hulk!

The media predicted that the film started with a box office of 1 billion US dollars! Absolute word-of-mouth box office double harvest!

In parallel worlds, Li Eucalyptus has also accumulated a certain fame in Hollywood.

10 years ago, director Li Eucalyptus broke into Hollywood with “Eating Men and Women”, was nominated for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

After that, Li Yu successively directed many high-scoring films such as “Forbidden Mountain”, “Quit Color”, “Reason and Emotion” and so on.

Three years ago, he directed “Young Pi Fantasy Drifting”, which was nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture, Best Director and other awards.

The film was also quite popular in the Dragon Kingdom, causing a wave of wind.

Chu Xuan’s predecessor even went to the cinema to brush it twice.

Therefore, Li Eucalyptus’s directing of “Hulk” is a matter of ten to nine in the eyes of North American filmmakers.

He is also one of the few Chinese directors respected by Hollywood.

For someone else, Chu Xuan might still worry about it.

But Li Eucalyptus’s “Hulk”, he has already experienced it in his previous life.

The depth is there, and the film is not a bad film… But the box office poison is also true.

The 160 million investment only gained 240 million, which is enough to protect the capital.

Because of this movie, Marvel has been silent for many years again. It wasn’t until Iron Man appeared that they began to rise.

Placed in a parallel world, if there is no accident, the result will not be unexpected.

However, this also reminded Chu Xuan that he would wait until the completion of several projects at hand.

He is also about to start the “Avengers” project.

There are also many global Marvel fans here, Marvel’s IP copyright is put there to rot, no one dares to try?

I’m sorry, but since that’s the case, I’ll do it myself first.

If “Hulk” fails at the box office, it can just deter other watchers.

Chu Xuan just took advantage of the void, perfect.

The only thing that is hard to determine is Dune.

This sci-fi blockbuster is adapted from the novel of the same name and invested 175 million.

Claim to lead the great revival of science fiction movies!

Since “2001: A Space Odyssey”, no science fiction film has been well-received at the box office and reached the level of global impact.

Sci-fi was completely reduced to a niche field, and horror movies were treated as a treat.

In the past life, “Dune” was cold in the Dragon Country, but it was a wild box office of 1 billion worldwide.

Chu Xuan was not too worried about this, and he would not escape to other schedules because of this movie.

He believes that “Philharmonic City” can be played very well!

In the past life, “Philharmonic City” was well received in North America, and the reason for the dismal box office was that the filmmakers were not confident.

On their debut day, they were released in only 5 theaters in Los Santos, earning $855,000.

This has set a box office record for limited theatrical releases!

Unfortunately, later, I wanted to spread the theater line, and I met strong opponents such as “Star Wars: Rogue 1”, “Doctor Strange”, “Ocean Edge” and so on.

If you are confident of releasing more theaters, the box office of “Philharmonic City” can at least be one or two hundred million more.

This time, Chu Xuan united with Legendary Pictures, and the number of theaters on the day of the premiere exceeded 3,000!

After that, looking at the box office and word-of-mouth situation, it will expand to more theaters.

Chu Xuan was already ready to fight a hard battle!

Thanksgiving schedule? Let the horses come!


Drawing on the successful experience of the viral marketing of “Ghost Shadow Record”, Chu Xuan decided to continue to carry out marketing activities for “Philharmonic City” through the Internet!

During this time, whenever the post-production supervision of the film was completed, he would call the marketing department to brainstorm.

“Guys, our mission is to beat Dune and Hulk, are you confident?”

“Boss, we’re on the same day, it’s hard to win the first week.”

An employee weakly asked.

“So, what are we meeting for?” It is to discuss the way to win, each person has an idea, starting with you. ”

“Eh?” The employee who asked the question did not expect to hit the muzzle of the gun himself.

“Or shall we fry cp?” Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone…”

“No, change it.”

Ryan Gosling and actress Eva Mendes are in love, and making a scandal is simply the stupidest strategy.

And this technique is too low-level, it may affect the fans’ favorability, and the gain is not worth the loss.

Chu Xuan’s sharp eyes made the employee shudder, and he didn’t know when he already had the power of the superior.

No one would look down on Chu Xuan because he was 21 years old.

Subsequently, other employees also made suggestions.

Some people say that posters are put up on college campuses, there are people who say that they buy traffic for short video platforms, and some people say that they participate in variety shows….

In short, the ideas are either too inefficient or nothing new.

Then marketing manager Mark Lawrence laughed

“Boss, the biggest star in this film right now is not Gosling, nor Miss Stone…”

“At present, the most talked about by fans is you.”

“Me?” Chu Xuan was a little curious.

He has tried to keep a low profile as much as possible, trying to transform the role of the manager behind the scenes, but everyone talks the most about the film “City of Philharmonic” is Still Chu Xuan.

As the youngest chinese emerging director, he often breaks out shocking moves, and if he is not careful, he will become the focus of everyone’s attention.

Especially fans of “Ghost Shadow Record”, many young people brush this movie twice and three times.

Chu Xuan has become a star director admired by young people.

His fan base is growing dramatically every day.

Chu Xuan himself didn’t know that his influence was actually very large.

Mark Lawrensen continued:

“Yes, boss, if you can appear on camera and participate in the publicity, even if you sing a song or dance, there are countless people watching.”

Hearing this, Chu Xuan had an epiphany in his mind.

He suddenly thought of Liu Genhong’s live fitness on the Douyin platform in his previous life, and the cumulative number of viewers exceeded 100 million in half a month! Lead a wave of fitness boom.

Countless “Liu Genhong” girls insist on practicing with him every day, which has also become one of the hot topics in society.

He can completely replicate this pattern!

Parallel world live broadcasting is also very developed, whether it is the Dragon Country or overseas, there are countless young people around the world who spend several hours a day watching live broadcasts.

In addition to live game broadcasts, dance, music, looks, curiosity… All kinds of live broadcasts grab a big handful.

Chu Xuan’s current tiktok fans have accumulated to 7 million!

If you open a live broadcast to teach dance, even if you only appear on camera for an hour every day, you can have a great impact!

When the time comes to teach everyone tap dance, jazz dance, waltz, etc. in “Philharmonic City”, maybe you can also create an Internet hotspot event!

Everyone in the conference room was nervous, and they found that Chu Xuan was suddenly silent.

I thought I wasn’t saying the wrong thing.

In fact, Chu Xuan’s mind was racing, and the publicity plan was becoming clearer and clearer!

three-day summer promotion, charge 100 and get 500 VIP coupons!

immediately rushed (Campaign period: August 13 to August 15)

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