Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 25

At the last glance of “Philharmonic City”, Sister Stone NG more than 20 times, and finally found the feeling.

Ryan Gosling is so handsome, the emotional experience is naturally quite rich.

He initially had a sibling relationship with Sandra Bullock, who was 16 years older than him.

The other party is the heroine of “Life and Death Speed”, “Weakness”, and “Gravity”, and indeed has a certain charm.

After the two broke up, The High Commander broke up with Rachel McAdams of “Love Notepad”.

He has a lot of experience in the complicated mentality of regret and blessing each other after the breakup.

But Emma Stone hasn’t even been in love yet?

Later, I learned that Sister Stone in the parallel world has made many movies, but they are all grinning, and it is easy to become brothers with boys.

And the parallel world is completely blank in terms of comic book movies!

Obviously, DC and Marvel comics exist, but no one dares to try comic movies.

The only comic adaptations are “Superman” and “Superman Returns” released in the 80s.

The response of the two films was mediocre, and comic films became taboo, and the six major Hollywood films did not dare to invest in filming.

So “The Amazing Spider-Man” does not exist, and Sister Stone will not fall in love with “second-generation Spider-Man” Andrew Garfield.

For Ryan Gosling, Sister Stone just treated him like a good brother.

Even in order to enter the play, Sister Shi simply looked through the shoulder of the High Commander and looked at Chu Xuan.

After some brain patching, she finally found the feeling through the shooting of this set of shots.

Chu Xuan also wiped his sweat hard, and filming was indeed a hard job.

As a result, he found that after the shooting, all the actors in the crew, including the staff, looked at themselves in unison, and no one moved.

Only then did he react and take a deep breath.

“I declare! “Philharmonic City” is officially completed! ”


“Yeah! That’s great! ”


The entire crew boiled over and hugged each other to celebrate.

Then Qi Qi gave the warmest applause to director and producer Chu Xuan.

Although the shooting process of these 30 days is compact, it is not painful.

Everyone has gained a lot from Chu Xuan’s works, and everyone is very happy to collaborate on such an excellent film.

“It’s a pleasure to work with, Chu, you’re an excellent director!”

“To be honest, I was a little uneasy when I first came to the company, but I was really impressed with you later.”

The two photographers signed by the company, Wally Pfister, went to the “Silence of the Lambs” crew to take charge of the main camera.

Van Houmatt followed him to the end as chief cinematographer of Philharmonic City.

Chu Xuan also shook hands with him: “It’s also hard for you, and the success of this movie is inseparable from your credit.” ”

Van Houmat’s level is comparable to that of his previous life, Interstellar, perfectly realizing the extremely colorful picture of “Philharmonic City”.

Chu Xuan turned out the microphone at this time, looking at the stars of the crew gongyue looking at himself, he couldn’t help but smile and laugh

“Oh? It feels like I’m going to have another solo concert. ”

The whole crew laughed heartily, and there was applause and a little mouth.

“Director! Let’s take a song! ”

“Okay, then remember to shoot this footage of mine as a promotional video for ‘Philharmonic City.'”

After making a joke and adjusting the atmosphere, Chu Xuan then said seriously:

“Seriously, the smooth end of ‘City of Philharmonic’ is inseparable from your sweat and dedication.”

“Even if Emma NG countless times, everyone silently accompanied her to complete the shooting.”

The stone sister who was cue covered her face in embarrassment, her NG was the most numerous, fortunately Chu Xuan’s temper was good and did not get angry.

“Van, and Ryan, Emma, Vasco… In the near future, you may pick up the little golden man, and start preparing the award speech now. ”


The crew was full of laughter again, and they thought That Chu Xuan was joking.

In fact, in the past life, “Philharmonic City” won six awards: Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best Original Song, Best Director, and Best Actress.

The original highlight, the best picture award was also awarded to “Philharmonic City”.

But then there was a oolong.

The main creators all took the stage to deliver the award speech, and as a result, the organizing committee suddenly announced that the award guest just now made a mistake.

Best Picture for Moonlight Boy?

Chu Xuan had a premonition that because of his Chinese identity, the Oscar awards in the parallel world might be more difficult.

Actually, he didn’t care about Oscar.

As long as fans like his films, it is enough, and Chu Xuan is not rare in the recognition of the North American academic school.

They often disregard the level of the film itself, and the vote is mixed with many other factors.

Whenever the Oscar for Best Picture is released, it will be questioned by many people around the world.

And to be honest, “Philharmonic City” is a good movie, but it’s not enough to let people put aside their prejudices.

Perhaps “City of Philharmonic” can only win some technical awards.

But sooner or later, Chu Xuan will throw a good enough movie in the face of those academic judges.

Let them be completely convinced!

“Guys! Finally, thank you all for your efforts! The concert is over, let’s make the next movie, and keep working hard! Now, enjoy your holidays to the fullest! ”

The crew went crazy again, and the applause was thunderous.

Everyone hugged and clapped to celebrate the film.

However, the filming part is over, the crew is disbanded, and the post-production team is about to start busy.

As a producer and director, Chu Xuan does not have a holiday time, and he needs to control the film as a whole from beginning to end.

At some point, even Elizabeth Olson of the “Silence of the Lambs” crew got the news that it was over there.

She sent a voice message to Chu Xuan for the first time.

“Chu! Congratulations! I’m really proud of you! ”


The official social account of “Philharmonic City” also released the news in time.

It also contains many stills, which instantly attracted the attention of North American film fans and media.

Compared to starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, director Chu Xuan has recently become more popular.

Everyone is also discussing whether the second movie of “Magic-Chu”, the first big-budget film of the regular crew, can achieve good results again?

Can his challenge to Hollywood song and dance be successful?

The Los Sandu Times wrote about this:

“Before that, magic-chu, a magical 21-year-old, conquered the North American film scene with a DV.”

“He boasted about Haikou to make song and dance films to challenge the golden age of Hollywood.”

“Now that his films have been completed, both fans and the media can’t wait to watch them.”

“At present, the release schedule of ‘City of Philharmonic’ has not yet been determined, and it is predicted that Chu Xuan will not be released in the cold autumn file, and their post-production will also take a certain amount of time.”

“The most likely release time is the Thanksgiving slot at the end of November, and the Christmas slot in December.”

“Both slots have plenty of holiday time, and the song and dance film is also suitable for this stage.”

“I hope that Chu Xuan can bring us a surprise at that time!” (Although the high probability will be disappointment)”

The brackets at the end of the Los Santo Times article also represent the views of the mainstream media in North America.

They still don’t believe that Chinese directors can get the essence of Hollywood’s golden age.

In the golden age, Chu Xuan was not even born, how could he possibly understand the charm of song and dance films?

Fans are also a little curious, and even many fans leave messages under Chu Xuan’s Twitter to let him shoot another horror movie, or shoot “Ghost Shadow Record 2”.

Chu Xuan was busy staring at the later stage, and there was no time to pull with the media.

Anyway, it is useless to explain too much, it is a mule is a horse, pull out and slip out.

In the end, he just posted a poster of the City of Philharmonic on his own Twitter, along with a simple line.

“See you after Thanksgiving on November 25th!”

“Philharmonic City” is officially finalized!

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