Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 16

A month after its release, the “ghost movie boom” continued.

Since winning the box office title in the second week, “Smart: Ghost Movie” continues to dominate the august box office title!

The third week box office reached a record-breaking 51.13 million! The fourth week box office fell slightly, also 50.65 million US dollars!

So far, the box office of “Ghost Movie” has approached 150 million US dollars!

Even if the special effects blockbuster “Prehistoric Giant Ape” created by the famous director Peter Jackson was released, it did not steal the limelight of “Ghost Movie”.

Such a terrifying dominance also allows more curious audiences to go to the cinema.

They want to know, what is the magic of this film?

To this end, after many investigations, the Los Sandu Times finally revealed the truth of the film:

“It’s really just a movie, and the so-called real events are completely fictitious. The San Diego Police Department also issued a statement that no similar case has ever occurred in the district. ”

After verification by this reporter, the director of this film is the male lead actor Xuan-Chu (Chu Xuan). He is a 21-year-old Man of Chinese descent. ”

According to interviews with Chu Xuan himself and the head of Legendary Pictures, the film’s DV-holding method is called a pseudo-documentary. This is the exclusive invention of director Chu Xuan. I believe that all audiences can feel the charm of pseudo-documentaries…”


After this report was forwarded by the major Media on the Internet, people finally recognized Chu Xuan, a new young director!

Subsequently, some media discovered the filming cost of the film.

“$6,000!” Can you believe it? Only 6000! ”

“According to the theater box office statistics, the current box office of “Smart: Ghost Movie” has reached 153 million US dollars!”

“I really don’t know how to describe this crazy movie, director Chu Xuan and “Smart Motion: Ghost Shadow Record” will go down in the annals of film history.”

Of course, not everyone is bragging about Ghost Movies.

Roger Ebert, a member of the North American Film Critics Association and a well-known film critic, wrote the film review saying:

“This playful home video is an insult to the word movie!”

“Whether it is the picture quality, shooting methods, story narration and the acting skills of the male and female protagonists, all dimensions are very bad!”

“Purely for the sake of scariness, the director played a family game!”

“I really don’t know why young people now pursue such films?”

“Cinema is an art!”

“Imagine the Golden Age of Hollywood! So many excellent films, every director creates for the sake of art! ”

“This kind of film has a soul and weight!”

“In contrast, in this film, we don’t see any artistry except for sensory stimulation.”

“The youngest director? I think he’s just lucky. ”

“In another 20 years, people will only remember the works that have stood the test of time, and this shoddy film will soon be forgotten!”

Roger Ebert has more than 6 million followers at Face, and everyone loves watching him lash out at the film with sharp rhetoric.

He also tends to show his professionalism, and the films he has criticized do have a lot of bad films.

As soon as this film review was published, it was quickly reprinted by Roger’s crowd.

Many middle-aged and older fans agree with him.

Many children of families have watched “Ghost Shadow Record” and have to argue to buy a DV to record supernatural events.

In the eyes of the majority of parents, this is simply nonsense.

Therefore, many parents have boycotted “Ghost Shadow Record” and reprimanded this film.

In the face of the pressure of public opinion from these parents, as well as the doubts of the older generation of filmmakers about Chu Xuan.

Elizabeth Olsen was very worried about Chu Xuan.

In fact, she has been having a lot of fun lately.

For several consecutive weeks, the 5% box office was divided, and Chu Xuan paid her in turn.

The two did not sign a contract, only verbally agreed.

Chu Xuan could completely deduct this money and enjoy it exclusively.

Because according to the actor’s contract, Elizabeth Olson’s salary is only $3,000.

Recently, she also moved out of her old apartment and came to the famous 400 square meter high-end apartment in Los Saints.

I also finally bought a favorite Porsche Paramela.

Of course, the improvement of these material conditions was one of the reasons why she admired Chu Xuan.

She is more because of Chu Xuan’s talent, because of her personality, because of her handsome appearance…

In short, Ao Mei herself didn’t realize that all she was thinking about was Chu Xuan.

Having seen so much negative news about him lately, Elizabeth Olson couldn’t resist calling him anymore.

“Chu, you haven’t slept yet, I didn’t wake you up, did I?”

Hearing that Ao Mei was so careful, Chu Xuan couldn’t help but feel a little distressed.

Obviously, he is a big star, and his social media fans on various platforms have exceeded 3 million.

She does not have the fan of a big star, and still looks like the girl next door.

“No, you know, I’m used to staying up late. Besides, I’m very happy to receive your call. ”

“Ah…” Ao Mei’s cheeks couldn’t help but get a little warm again, and then she remembered what she said.

“By the way, I’ve seen people denigrate you lately. That’s because they don’t understand you, don’t go to your heart. You know, I’ve always been your number one fan! You are creating with your heart, so you are not a family…”

Ao Mei hugged herself unevenly, and Chu Xuan was surprised and moved.

I didn’t expect this girl to be quite worried about herself.

“Rest assured, it doesn’t matter to me. What those old guys said didn’t hit me. You’ll see later…”

“Huh? What are you doing? ”

Soon, Ao Mei knew the answer.

It turned out that Chu Xuan used his own Twitter account to post a tweet and manually @ film critic Roger Ebert.

“Hello @ Mr. Roger Ebert, I am Chu Xuan, the young Chinese director you mentioned.”

“First of all, I’m glad you contributed to my film, and I’m sorry you didn’t have fun with it.”

“My original intention in making movies was not to be entertaining. Just had an experimental idea and was going to try it. ”

“Fortunately, the fans love this way of shooting, and I am happy to bring it to everyone.””

“After all, now the public goes to the cinema, mainly for entertainment, isn’t it?”

“Film is constantly evolving and progressive, always immersed in the glory of the past, how to develop innovation?”

“You should be clear about this truth, right?” After all, cinema was originally an innovative art form. ”

“In the 1920s, some people said that film tarnished the art form of theater.”

“Do you feel familiar with this?”

“Back to the point… Since you said that today’s films lack artistry. ”

“Then I am obliged as a young filmmaker.”

“For the next work, I’m going to try to challenge one of the representatives of Hollywood’s Golden Age— the song and dance film.”

“I want to prove that young directors also have artistic cells.”


As soon as Chu Xuan’s tweet was sent, it was quickly discovered by several media and quickly reprinted.

In just one hour, his tweets were on the hot list!

The horror film director who has won the box office for three consecutive weeks, the most mysterious and hot young Chinese director at present.

He actually wanted to shoot the song and dance film of Hollywood’s Golden Age!

Chu Xuan, this is declaring war on Hollywood’s veteran filmmakers!

In seemingly polite but sharp rhetoric, he harshly accused Roger Ebert of being self-absorbed and out of step with the times.

At the same time, it is also positive and hard, since you say that young directors like me do not understand art?

Then make a work for you in the way you do best!

Who in the end doesn’t understand art!

The film industry is in a collective uproar!

This oriental kid… How dare he?

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