Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 114

Chapter 114 The Titanic is about to explode around the world!!

After the casting work was completely completed, Infinite Entertainment also quickly released the news that “Titanic” was ready to start filming on the whole network.

It was the first film after the recombination of Infinite Entertainment.

Production, publicity and distribution, and theater lines are all operated by themselves, and the pressure on Chu Xuan is much greater.

If it is the previous box office hit the street, the producer is not too lossy to return to the original slightly.

The ticket money of the theater line cannot be earned, and there is no income from the surrounding and dietary, and it is difficult for the theater to survive.

Now the pressure in this regard has also come to Chu Xuan’s side, and he must ensure that the film is hot enough to attract people to the cinema to consume.

This is more demanding for the film’s commercial ability to absorb money.

Although Chu Xuan’s previous films were all box office champions, there was no guarantee that they would continue to explode at the box office.

What if the films in the library and this era are not satisfied?

What if the adaptation of the script destroys the mood of the original version and causes the box office to be inferior to the original version?

These are both risks and challenges for Chu Xuan! He’s ready for all the challenges!

The news that titanic is about to start has also caused a wave of widespread discussion on the Internet.

Chu Xuan’s new movies can always become a hot topic in an instant, and this one is no exception.

Since the story of the sinking of the Titanic giant ship is well-known in Europe and the United States, everyone is still full of expectations for this new film.

“Restore the movie of the giant ship hitting the iceberg in history, think about it with feeling!”

“Wait, what is this film?” Disaster films? Historical biography? ”

“It must be a disaster movie, right?”

Fans and many outside media have been talking about it, and the most speculative is the disaster film.

In the concept of everyone, Chu Xuan probably wanted to use the cold way of “Interstellar” to perfectly restore the sinking of the famous giant ship in history.

Maybe it’s a suffocating disaster movie that keeps the tension and horror going

It is used to express the sinister nature of human nature, the social class at that time, and a part of the light of human nature.

Unexpectedly, not long after the announcement, Infinity Entertainment released a poster of “Titanic” on the official Twitter.

Chu Xuan and Ao Mei hugged each other, and below them was the magnificent giant ship.

This is a complete frying pan in the comment area.

“Wait……… Shouldn’t this be a romance? ”

“Obviously, the pair of Chu Xuan and Elizabeth Olsen have appeared on the screen again, and it must be a romance film.”

“It always feels like the pattern is much smaller, and it’s easier for romance to be cheesy than a disaster film that exposes human nature.”

“Two people in love on a boat, givemeabreak!” (Got it)”

“Emmm……… I always feel that the romance film seems to be a little low, I did not question Chu Xuan’s meaning, I just think that Chu can be a little higher. ”

“Most likely it is a tragic story that deceives people’s tears, how did the magical Chu become cheesy?”

“We want to see Interstellar, The Godfather, not Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Not only are many viewers controversial about Chu Xuan’s new film, but even the media expressed their views on “Titanic” for the first time.

“”Button Times” news, recently, the Oscar best director Chu Xuan announced the shooting of a new film “Titanic”, which has aroused widespread concern in the United States.”

“Since “Interstellar” led the wave of science fiction, Chu Xuan has not stopped, but has not stopped shooting new films. He is indeed the hardest working, most prolific, and most talented young director in Hollywood! ”

“This time Chu Xuan will shoot a love/disaster movie based on the sinking of the Titanic, a giant British cruise ship in 1912.”

At that time, the Titanic cruise ship was built by the British White Star Shipping Company and completed on 2 April 1912. It had the largest volume in the world at that time, the most luxurious interior facilities in the world, and was known as an unsinkable giant ship! ”

Unfortunately, the Titanic’s maiden voyage was doomed. On the way to Nyuyo, an iceberg was accidentally hit, causing the starboard bow to break through to the middle of the ship and five watertight cabins to enter the water. ”

“In the early hours of April 15, the Titanic broke in two and sank forever in the Atlantic Ocean. The wreckage of the Titanic can still be seen. ”

“This was the worst shipwreck in shipping history, with 1,517 of the 2,224 crew members and passengers killed.”

“In order to restore this giant ship, Chu Xuan deliberately spent a huge amount of money to build half a 1:1 Titanic restoration model in the early stage.”

“At the same time, people were also sent to the wreckage of the Titanic several times to investigate.”

“One of the most controversial points is that from the perspective of the poster theme, this film is most likely a love movie. Netizens have said that Chu Xuan’s focus on love depictions seems to make this disaster movie lose its style. ”

“Chu Xuan has just recently acquired MGM and is building his own entertainment landscape.”

“Maybe he’s thinking more about the box office than intention and word of mouth.”

“The inclusion of love elements is also one of the characteristics of commercial films, which can attract more young men and women to the theater.”

“Since his acquisition of Marvel, Chu Xuan has gone farther and farther down the road of commercial films…”

Seeing this report, Elizabeth Olson almost wanted to smash the tablet. The Nyonyon Times article is so hateful!

“Why are you really angry?”

Chu Xuan asked somewhat amusedly.

“They don’t know anything, they know to take the opportunity to denigrate you.” I haven’t even read the script, how do they know that the love element is not good? ”

Ao Mei has also seen a lot of scripts, this is one of the few scripts that can make her cry, how can it be a bad film?

“This situation was rare before, and I’m used to it.”

Chu Xuan smiled indifferently.

Omei thinks too.

Chu Xuan was dissed by media opinion from the very beginning, and just began to spray him that “Ghost Shadow Record” was an amateur work.

As a result, Chu Xuan’s cost of 6,000 US dollars won 200 million US dollars at the box office, shocking the whole network.

Later, everyone dissed him again to tarnish the song and dance film, and a “Philharmonic City” instantly shut up those Haters.

After the gangster film ceiling “The Godfather”, the comic book revival work “Iron Man”, the science fiction film top work “Interstellar”………

Which movie was not just hacked at the beginning, but was touted after its release.

Chu Xuan has long been accustomed to the diss of the people around him, after all, the films he personally directed, each of which is a new theme and a new field.

The distrust expressed by the crowd is understandable.

How they said let them go, Chu Xuan only needed to come up with good works

In the past life, “Titanic” can be described as one of the pinnacles of romance films, maintaining the highest box office in the world for 12 years.

It wasn’t until “Avatar” that the Titanic’s box office record was broken.

To what extent this movie is classic, even if it is taken out to watch it again after 25 years, even if it has been seen countless times, the lines in it are recited backwards, and it can still be enjoyed.

“Titanic” not only has a box office outstanding, but also occupies a high score on major rating websites for many years, and even the top three in the love category.

Jack and Rose’s love story earned enough tears from audiences around the world

People of different skin colors, different borders, and different faiths will fall in love with this movie.

Even in the budding Dragon Country of the 1997 film market, the release of “Titanic” has also caused a national movie boom.

Chu Xuan does not have many changes to the script, and his current lens language for the film, the shooting method is even more pure and clear.

Coupled with more advanced digital special effects technology, with the technical strength of matrix special effects, it is absolutely possible to make the new version of the “Titanic” special effects to the point of fake and real, absolutely perfect to restore the big ship!

Chu Xuan was full of confidence this time!

Just when the “Titanic” crew was ready to go to Belfast in Northern Ireland, England, to shoot.

The Hollywood media has once again exposed the blockbuster news!

“The 75th Academy Awards is about to restart! The Oscar nominations are officially out! ”

“On March 28, North American time, it was announced that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences AMPAS officially restarted the 75th Academy Awards after a one-month extension.”

“Three days after the nominations were announced, on the evening of March 31, the Oscars ceremony was held at the Hollywood Sheby Theater!”

Among them, Chu Xuan’s directorial work “The Godfather” led this year’s Oscars with 14 nominations: “The Godfather” won the nominations for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, etc., and everyone is looking forward to it!”

“This is followed by the 13 nominations for The Shape of Water! “Three Billboards”, “Black Hawk Down” is behind! ”

“This year, there are a total of nine candidate films in the ‘Best Picture’ section, many of which are independent films. Including “The Godfather”, “The Shape of Water”, “Three Billboards”, “Escape from Desperate Town”, “Miss Bird” and so on. ”

“Since the Oscar selection work ended as early as the end of January, Chu Xuan’s other high-scoring science fiction film “Interstellar” will not be able to participate in this year’s competition, and it is expected to be nominated for the Oscar next year.”

“Since ‘City of Philharmonic’ won the Oscars, this is also the second consecutive time that Chu Xuan’s films have led the Oscars.”

“Last year, “City of Philharmonic” lost to “Twelve Years of Slavery” in the competition for best picture, I wonder if this year’s “Godfather” can win a Grand Slam? Won Best Picture? ”

“The Godfather’s opponents are not weak, and the suspense is still there. The answer will be revealed at the Oscars Dinner in 3 days! ”

After receiving the official invitation from the Oscar organizing committee, Chu Xuan’s “Titanic” crew will also temporarily shelve for a week and wait for the Oscars to be completely over

This year’s Oscars were originally scheduled for the end of February, but in North America at the end of February

A shooting that shocked society broke out.

In the Atlanta area of Georgia, multiple people have been killed and more than 30 people have been injured.

To mourn the event, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the host of the Oscars, announced that the Oscars gala would be postponed for a month and held at the end of March.

There has been no news from the Oscars, and there are rumors that this Oscar will be canceled.

Chu Xuan also didn’t bother to take care of this, busy preparing for the establishment of the crew.

Unexpectedly, the Oscar official suddenly appeared again, temporarily issuing a notice of recovery.

Since this was the case, Chu Xuan still decided to participate in this Oscar.

Last year he lost to Twelve Years of Slavery in the most important award, Best Picture.

And it’s not because the other person is crushing or too weak.

If it is only the factor of the movie itself, Chu Xuan absolutely has no second words, and he is convinced.

But the Oscars’ consideration of more off-site factors does call into question their fairness.

This year, there are “The Shape of Water”, which won awards in previous lives, and there are also excellent films such as “Three Billboards”.

Even if the film quality of “The Godfather” is crushed throughout the year, whether it can win the award is still not 100% certain.

Chu Xuan has already boasted about Haikou last year, and this year he will definitely win the best director.

If you lose the election, I am afraid that the whole network will see Chu Xuan’s jokes.

Soon, 3 days passed.

The 75th Academy Awards officially opened!

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