Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Omei, do you want to be unspoken by the rules!!

Chu Xuan’s mood was a little restless, but his sanity was always on the line.

He knew that if he gave his eldest cousin a chance, she might climb up the pole and ask for more resources.

The eldest cousin in the past life was a celebrity who quickly became famous after climbing the capital side Harvey Weinstein and won the Oscar in one fell swoop.

When Harvey Weinstein fell in prison, Jennifer Lawrence starred in the films “X-Men: Apocalypse”, “Space Traveler”, “Mother”, and “Cardinal” directly at the box office diving, successively hitting the streets.

Among them, “Cardinal” is even a movie that is not suitable for children.

She also quickly degenerated from an Oscar queen into box office poison and was forced to star in large-scale films.

It turned out that the big cousin with unlimited scenery was also shouted and beaten by everyone, and gradually retreated from the top stream to the second line.

Although the big cousin of the parallel world did not expose these black materials, her personality was the same.

Chu Xuan wouldn’t be pinched by her for a little fun.

Wanting to have fun, Chu Xuan’s choices went more.

“Excuse me, Jennifer. We’re friends, so I should be more on business. You should also know this. ”

The eldest cousin was a little depressed, and smiled bitterly: “Well, I’m sorry Chu, I’m a bit abrupt.” Also, Liz is also our friend and shouldn’t do anything to be sorry for her. What just happened, as if it hadn’t happened, could it? ”

“Well, you get it.”

But after all, it was Elizabeth Olsen’s friend, and Chu Xuan might as well give her a chance.

Lest she gradually twist and follow the old path of her past life.

“Although you don’t have a chance with this film, I still have a script you can try.”


“Well, you go back first, and I’ll contact you later.”

“That’s great!”

The eldest cousin subconsciously wanted to go forward and hug Chu Xuan, but Chu Xuan silently took a half step back and avoided the eldest cousin.

The other party could only smile and casually chatted with two words of resignation and left.

In fact, Chu Xuan’s decision did not contain any personal feelings at all, and was purely for the sake of interests.

Chu Xuan’s plan is exactly the commercial film “The Hunger Games” trilogy!

The third “Hunger Games: Mockingbirds” can also be broken down into two movies.

That’s 4 box office hits.

Word of mouth is not bad, so-so can be watched, but also the standard popcorn commercial movie.

But the ability of this IP to absorb money is indeed very strong, creating a total of 3 billion US dollars at the box office.

For Infinite Entertainment, investing in the production of such a film is also an objective income.

Anyway, Chu Xuan wouldn’t make it himself, he threw it out and handed it over to others to do, no matter how bad the reviews were, it couldn’t fall on his own head.

After dealing with the eldest cousin, Chu Xuan had just walked around the corner when he found a back that had hurriedly left.


Hearing Chu Xuan’s shout, the person in front of him shrank sharply and obediently stopped so embarrassed, who else but Ao Mei could be.

She must have been peeking in the corner of the wall just now, and found that Chu Xuan had not had time to slip away.

“Chu, what’s wrong?”

Ao Mei looked at Chu Xuan with a pair of ignorant eyes.

“What to pretend with me, you look at it generously, why sneak around.”

Exposed on the spot, Ao Mei smiled embarrassedly: “I saw you talking to Jennifer, I didn’t want to disturb you.” ”

Chu Xuan was glad at this moment, fortunately he didn’t go up.

Otherwise, if you are caught by Ao Mei, you will be in big trouble.

Chu Xuan also smiled unashamedly: “We just talk about some serious things, she still wants to talk to me about this failure, but unfortunately there is no way to take care of her.” ”

Somehow, Ao Mei was slightly relieved.

She felt that she had enough ‘opponents’.

Anne Hathaway, the lovely little girl Zhao of the Dragon Kingdom, even mildew, is something wrong.

However, Chu Xuan has not ‘crossed the line’, and he has always hurt himself.

Elizabeth Olson simply closed her eyes and didn’t delve too deeply into it, if Jennifer Lawrence was involved again, O’Mei would really tie Q!

Fortunately, her dear Chu Xuan knew a lot about the sense of proportion and refused Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘throwing hug’.

Ao Mei secretly praised Chu Xuan, and at the same time left a heart eye for the eldest cousin.

Adele, Mold, Sister Stone are very righteous, is a real girlfriend.

The eldest cousin is a plastic girlfriend at best.

However, Ao Mei is also kind-hearted.

In the girlfriend group, she, Mold, Adele, and Sister Stone are gradually shining in their own fields, and their careers are on the rise.

And the eldest cousin Jennifer Lawrence never had a particularly good chance.

She couldn’t bear to say, “Chu, is there anything a supporting role that can be given to her?” Jennifer hasn’t had easy years either.”

Chu Xuan shook his head amusedly, “You, you’re not even there, and you’re worried about others.” Rest assured, I have another plan, and the role is more suitable for Jennifer. ”

“Really? That’s great. ”

Ao Mei believed that Chu Xuan’s plan was definitely not ordinary!

At that time, Jennifer Lawrence’s career, if not to the peak, at least will not go downhill.

“By the way, how are you prepared?” If the performance is not in place, I will not take care of you. ”

Elizabeth Olsen is also one of the female lead candidates, and although Chu Xuan feels that she can try, she must also uphold a principle of fairness and justice.

If the actress who is auditioning on the scene, the acting skills are better and closer to the heroine.

Chu Xuan would not abolish the public for personal gain.

He hopes that Ao Mei will get this role with his hard strength, so that he can also communicate with the entire crew and the majority of fans.

“Of course! We’re just ordinary audition actors and directors right now! Business! ”

Elizabeth Olson is on the right track.

She has honed her acting skills through “The Silence of the Lambs”, “Border Killer”, and “Mad Max”, which is not the same as the original “Ghost Movie”.

Even Chu Xuan had to admit that the current Ao Mei’s acting skills really hung the Red Witch period in the previous life.

At this time, Chu Xuan suddenly raised a bad smile and leaned into Ao Mei’s ear.

“This lady, I’m the director of this film, if you want to get a role, you can sneak rules.”


Ao Mei’s pretty face suddenly turned a little red: “Hey, let people see it.” ”

Chu Xuan was straight-forward: “I am intimate with my girlfriend, so what about people seeing?” ”

“No, we can only have a working relationship now, and I don’t want to let people gossip behind their backs.”

Ao Mei said firmly.

“If my acting skills weren’t in place, I wouldn’t have the face to grab the role.”

“To put it that way… Well, Ms. Olson, look forward to your next performance. ”

Chu Xuan was also on the right path.

“Okay, Director Chu Xuan, I’ll try.”

The two looked at each other and smiled and separated.

Chu Xuan continued to return to the house to audition for other actresses.

In the hallway, Emma Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, and Meg Ryan were all waiting.

Some people still hold audition scripts and silently recite lines.

It can be seen that these well-known Hollywood actresses are still very interested in this opportunity.

After discovering Chu Xuan, they all smiled at Chu Xuan with different styles.

Chu Xuan also had to nod politely and look at the audition sequence.

“The audition continues, next… Meg Ryan, are you ready? ”

The once recognized ‘North American sweetheart’ is now in his 30s, a little younger than Kate.

The time and space of the parallel world made Chu Xuan simply confused.

But Meg Ryan is well maintained and looks like a girl in her early 20s.

“Thank you director, I’m ready.”

“Well, come on, let’s go in and get started.”

Seeing the audition continue, the other actresses couldn’t help but get a little nervous.

Just now the eldest cousin Jennifer Lawrence walked out of the room with a dignified face, and it was most likely eliminated.

It is said that Chu Xuan’s auditions have always been more stringent, and other actresses are a little nervous.

Experienced Emily Blunt, Meg Ryan, Scarlett Johansson they were fine.

Singers and actresses like Selena Gomez are obviously struggling.

Several audition candidate actresses got together and chatted.

“Selena, are you sure?”

“There’s no confidence. Actually, it was the broker who signed me up. ”

“I don’t have much confidence.”

Emily Blunt sighed.

“No, your acting skills are very good.”

“I’ve been in contact with Chu, auditioned for Border Killer, and was beaten by Liz last time. He’s really strict in casting. ”

“Yes, Chu is very good at talking in private, but when it comes to business, he is actually very difficult to deal with. You have to do your best to get a chance. ”

Scarlett Johansson commented from the side.

“Scarlett, aren’t you starring in Iron Man 2?” How did it come? ”

“Iron Man 2 doesn’t have a lot of scenes, I want to try it.”

The widow smiled slightly.

They then talked a lot around Chu Xuan, and when they didn’t know, they found that all the people present were Chu Xuan’s fans.

No wonder you came so actively to audition!

It wasn’t long before Sweetheart Meg Ryan walked out of the audition room.

“How?” Does it feel like a play? ”

Meg Ryan smiled wryly, “I guess there’s no hope.” The role of Ruth looks simple, but it’s actually not easy to play. ”

Chu Xuan arranged 3 scenes for the female lead audition.

One is Ruth, who was imprisoned when she first boarded the ship, sullen and unhappy, and longed for freedom at the same time.

The second segment is Ruth, who has just met Jack, cautiously probing, and walking on the edge of danger.

The third segment is a complete release of herself, confident and beautiful Ruth.

In a short period of time, the transformation process of the whole person is performed, which seems simple, but in fact, it is a test of acting skills.

Meg Ryan doesn’t think she’s doing a good job.

It was a pity to miss Chu Xuan’s movie.

However, Chu Xuan also exchanged contact information with her in a friendly way, hoping that there would be opportunities for cooperation in the future.

Listening to Meg Ryan’s description, the other audition actresses were also a little nervous.

Sister Ao listened silently next to them.

Although she was not sure, this was Chu Xuan’s movie.

And it is said that Chu Xuan is also considering playing the male protagonist.

Ao Mei was soon full of confidence again!

“Chu, I will take this role and impress you!”

Soon, when other actresses auditioned one after another, the staff finally called her name.

“Next, Miss Olsen, are you ready?”


Ao Mei’s eyes were full of determination!

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