Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 110

Chapter 110 “Game of Thrones” is also arranged to?!!

When Walter White’s white briefs fluttered in the breeze, the blue sky of New Mexico was against the backdrop. A comical and peculiar scene unfolds before us. That’s when I realized: Maybe this is a TV series like no other. ”

Breaking Bad is gradually becoming popular in North America.

Chu Xuan’s Infinity – Platform in order to attract more users, the use of a daily release of one episode.

The first season of “Breaking Bad” is only 7 episodes, and it will be chased in a week.

There’s nothing ‘on demand’ disgusting here, and all episodes can be watched by both free and paid users.

It’s just that paid users support 2k and 4k resolutions, and it’s ad-free for the whole time.

Infinity+ members are very conscientious, and most users will choose to buy memberships.

In just one week, Chu Xuan’s streaming platform has added 17 million registered users!

Among them, the proportion of paid membership users is more than 65%!

Daily active users also exceeded 10 million, with an average online time of more than 45 minutes.

According to the data performance of the week, Chu Xuan’s Infinity+ platform just

It has become one of the top three streaming media in North America!

They’re on a par with Netflix, HBO, which has been in business for years!

Originally, Netflix CEO Hastings was not worried, but he panicked when he saw the increasing ratings of “Breaking Bad” and the extremely high rating of imdb’s 9.7 score.

However, optimistically, Chu Xuan’s platform is almost doing its best to create such a phenomenon-level divine drama.

Even if “Breaking Bad” can be filmed for five or six seasons?

As soon as Netflix’s “House of Cards” came out, it could also bring a wave of heat.

They then spent a lot of money to poach all the best Hollywood screenwriters and create them for Netflix.

At that time, Chu Xuan and they all have no screenwriters available, how many excellent original dramas can they create?

Hastings is well aware that in the previous 10 years, streaming platforms may still be an era of barbaric growth.

Now is the time when content is king!

Only by continuously producing excellent original content can we dominate in streaming media.

There are actually few excellent TV series screenwriters in Hollywood, all of which have been robbed by Netflix, what does Chu Xuan’s Infinity+ take to create?

Is he alone?

Hastings knew very well that Chu Xuan was a genius screenwriter, and the genius director was right.

But after all, his main business is still in film.

Creating good movies is tiring enough, how can you continue to produce excellent TV series?

Therefore, the future streaming media market is still Netflix’s!

Hastings also said on Twitter: “Chu’s infinite – platform is great, and Breaking Bad is also great, but a new drama is not enough to support the long-term operation of the platform.” Our new show House of Cards is coming online, and a host of excellent original series are on the way. No one knows more about streaming than we etflix. ”

Soon, a good media reporter wanted to interview Chu Xuan and ask him to talk about his views on the matter.

Chu Xuan just said indifferently: “Their new episodes are on it, who has no new episodes yet?” ”

“Does this mean that in addition to Breaking Bad, there are more TV series ready to go live after that?”

“Then, of course, who said we only had one play?”

The news spread, the Infinity+ platform ushered in a wave of registered users, and the number of paid users also increased significantly!

“Breaking Bad” is already so wonderful, is there more excellent original drama on Chu Xuan’s platform?

I have to say that “Breaking Bad” has ushered in a wave of craze in North America! The premiere episode was viewed by 16 million people and received over 35% viewership!

The ratings for each subsequent episode are not less than 30%! The number of viewers across the network has also gradually risen.

By the end of the first season, the ratings had reached an unprecedented 45%! 50.15 million viewers on the internet!

“I found that I may not be able to watch other episodes in the future, and this drama will directly fill the threshold!”

“After watching the end of the first season, my feeling is: Is there anything more awesome than this? SoDamnCool!!! ”

“Cool drama full of black humor! From a non-committal person, blackened into a big BOSS, I like it! ”

“The screenwriter is simply a textbook existence, looking at the list, sure enough, there is Chu Xuan!”

“The unfolding of the plot is reasonable, the characters are logically autonomous, and the sky is blown up!”

“It’s like a 7-hour movie, and the middle three episodes are perfect!”

“At first, I thought it was a mid-life crisis drama, but the more I saw it, the more orgasmic it became! Can’t stop at all! ”

“I have only one opinion: when is the second season out?”

Not only did the audience look good, but even the professional media also gave high scores to “Breaking Bad”.

“Almost every episode has a gripping ending, plus a few unexpected surprises, not to mention the end of every episode. A TV series about a midlife crisis that makes people so addicted is rare. ”

“The plot can’t be guessed, it’s impossible to predict what will happen next, and the audience is itching in the center of one suspense after another, and after unraveling the suspense, it suddenly realizes that this drama is one of the attractive places.”

In the language of the lens, it is also obvious that traces of Chu Xuan’s uniqueness can be found. He is one of the directors who is very good at using the lens to tell stories, and Vince Gilligan studied under Chu Xuan, and naturally learned one or two of them. ”

“In the series, the composition is used many times to show the relationship between the characters, such as when the relationship between Lao Bai and his wife Skyler is tense, there will always be obstacles in front of them to show the estrangement relationship between the two.”

“There are many foreshadowing designs in Breaking Bad, and it may be that some inconspicuous shot actually has a decisive impact on the plot later on. When you revisit the series, you can find more details about the devil, which is endlessly memorable. ”

“This drama is more three-dimensional in the shaping of characters, and the words “real and delicate” are not enough to praise the power of this drama.”

“The protagonist Lao Bai is a character who is very real, but not real, because he has brought together the miniature lives of thousands of people in our time, which is really too difficult to do.” 」

“Lead actor Brian Cranston’s previous influence was really limited, almost unknown. But his choice to star in “Breaking Bad” is definitely the highlight of his career. ”

“I believe that everyone can also deeply feel that Chu Xuan is really good at discovering the shining points of actors.”

“From the original Elizabeth Olson, to the once-famous movie star Martha Brando, to the current Brian Colonston…… Their careers will either take off or they will have a second spring. ”

“Maybe that’s magic of Magic-Chu.” We have reason to expect that the second season of Breaking Bad will be even better, and that there will be more excellent episodes on the Infinity+ platform. ”

“Because the person behind them is Chu Xuan!”


The success of the first season of Breaking Bad marks the triumph of Infinity-Streaming Platform’s first battle.

They successfully entered the market and quickly seized more than 1/3 of the territory!

At the same time, Chu Xuan’s decision to acquire MGM has gradually proved to be the most critical move of Infinite Entertainment.

Chu Xuan’s entertainment empire in Hollywood has gradually shown its rudiments.

One can faintly see a behemoth that seems to be rising at a high speed!

Even Joe Drake, the CEO of Legendary Pictures who had worked with him before, posted on Twitter with emotion: “I had a very pleasant cooperation with Chu Xuan before, and I have witnessed the gradual development of Infinite Pictures from 0 to the scale of Infinite Entertainment now.” ”

“In the future, we estimate that we will not cooperate, Infinite Entertainment is already a giant that surpasses us, and to cooperate is also my request for Chu Xuan/Laughing emoji.”

“But I also sincerely hope that Infinite Entertainment can grow bigger and bigger, and if they can continue to bring excellent works that are ahead of the times, they are qualified to stand on the highest stage and shine in Hollywood.”

Chu Xuan’s “Breaking Bad” was a great success, and he certainly did not expect this drama to support streaming media.

In fact, the planning of the next episode has been put on the agenda.

Since you want to launch a series, it is definitely not a mediocre commodity, it must be a king fried!

In addition to “Breaking Bad”, there are many excellent American dramas.

The Big Bang Theory, Shameless, The Walking Dead, Black Mirror, Love Death, Forces of Evil…

But one of the episodes that deserves to be called King Fried is of course “A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones”!

Chu Xuan had inquired a long time ago, there was Tolkien in this world, there was J.K. Rowling, but there was no George Martin.

No way, the A song of ice and fire series can only start directly from the TV series If “Game of Thrones” explodes, it can reverse the introduction of the novel.

In the past life, the fans who watched the original book only accounted for a small part, and most of the others also entered the pit directly from the TV series.

Chu Xuan directly launched a TV series without any problem.

Moreover, the second original drama of his own platform chose “Game of Thrones”, and Chu Xuan also had a certain selfishness.

In the past life, seasons 1-7 of “Game of Thrones” were extremely exciting, and the plot twists and turns were addictive.

Unexpectedly, after the end of season 8, the quality of the plot suddenly fell off a cliff, and at that time, it was simply exciting, which made the fans full of regrets.

Since Chu Xuan launched this drama, he is ready to completely rewrite the ending and strive to be consistent with the quality of the first 7 seasons.

To this end, Chu Xuan also invited the former Emmy Award for Best Director, the original director David Nutt to help take charge of the production of this drama.

When he received Chu Xuan’s invitation, David Nat couldn’t even believe it.

“Chu, are you really going to make a new episode?” Do you really want me to be responsible? ”

“Yes, the show is expected to shoot for 8 seasons, and there are many characters, the plot is more complicated, and there are scenes of a certain scale. I need to have good people to help me control it. You know, my focus is on movies, and I don’t have time to direct episodes. ”

David Nutt has also directed excellent American dramas such as “The X-Files”, “Superman Prequel”, “Emergency Room Story” and other excellent American dramas here, and he is also a senior director with a lot of experience and a lot of status in Hollywood.

But in front of Chu Xuan, he completely assumed a humble posture.

This man, who is at the top of the Hollywood pyramid, must not look down on him because he is 22 years old.

Look at Vince Gilligan, look at the Russo Brothers, and look at George Miller

As long as they had helped Chu Xuan, they would be taken to another level of peak by Chu Xuan.

David Nutt naturally didn’t miss this opportunity either.

“Of course, Chu! I would love to join this project! Very honored! ”

Chu Xuan nodded darkly.

Game of Thrones is basically fine.

Since you want to shoot a Western fantasy costume TV series, why not make the same type of movie by the way?

For example, The Lord of the Rings!

When “Titanic” is finished, you can arrange for Fan!

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