Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Divine Drama Is Born! Chu Xuan’s “Breaking Bad” killed indiscriminately!!

Users of Tiktok, Facetwitter, Youtube and other platforms suddenly found that this day can always brush a very special American drama trailer.

“Midlife crisis? No, this is just the beginning of your life! ”

“In fact, I have always known that the good life is just an illusion, and my past life has long been full of holes.”

“Since there is no peace in the face of obedience, then I will give God a middle finger, and then say go to nm!”

“There are new players in the town, extremely dangerous!”

“I’ have become enlightened!”

Ordinary middle-aged people who were originally kind and kind-eyed suddenly became bald uncles with fierce and domineering eyes!

This sense of visual impact hit a lot of viewers.

Kevin Chandler is one of them.

He is an ordinary office worker in Shibakaku City, barely next to the middle class.

Compared with the poor people in the south of Zhijia Gecheng who live in 1 house with a family of 10 people, he has at least a beautiful 2-story building and a stable job.

There is also a beautiful wife, and a son and a daughter.

On the face of it, Kevin Chandler is a life winner.

In fact, all suffering, only he himself knows.

Beautiful 2-storey building, the monthly mortgage is a big expense.

The wife is a housewife, and usually she often attends yoga classes with the wives next door, does spa, does beauty and skin care, and secretly compares.

These all cost a lot of money.

Coupled with the son’s disobedience during the rebellious period, the grades were counted down in the class, and he knew all day that he was going to the party and fooling around, and almost made people’s stomachs bigger.

He had no hope of getting a college scholarship, and the cost of college would be astronomical.

The daughter is well-behaved, but suffers from asthma, and the annual cost of treatment is also very worrying.

At work, the company has been ineffective recently and is said to be preparing for layoffs.

Kevin Chandler was terrified at all times, afraid that he would not be able to find a job after being laid off.

Although he is the head of the department, the top marketing director is a young man in his 20s.

He teased his age in various ways all day long, and he was speechless and made a lot of excessive jokes.

Because he knew that in order to support his family, he would never easily resign.

Whatever happens will go your way.

Countless pressures piled up, almost causing Kevin Chandler to explode.

He sometimes stood on the roof of the company and smoked, and countless times fantasized about jumping straight down, a hundred times.

Every day before he got home, he would stop a block away and quietly stop in the car for a while to play music.

Only this short 20 minutes, the world belongs to only itself.

This is probably the so-called midlife crisis.

On Friday, Kevin Chandler was sneaking a fish at the company.

Suddenly, I saw an advertisement for an American drama on Twitter.


This is a slang term from the south, meaning a person who wanders between good and evil.

At the same time, there is also a sense of complete collapse.

In Kevin Chandler’s view, he was also on the verge of collapse, and even wanted to be completely blackened.

This American drama simply poked his heart!

So on this weekend, he rarely went to the bar with his colleagues, but returned home early.

“Oh, Kevin, there’s something wrong with you today, why did you come back so early?”

As soon as I entered the house, my wife who was busy in the kitchen had a strange airway.

“Nothing, I’ll help you.”

“No, dinner was fine right away. You go and shout them both down. ”

At the dinner table, Kevin Chandler ate in silence while his wife interrogated her son about his condition at school.

No different from usual, it was a walking dead life.

After dinner, Kevin Chandler quickly downloaded the Infinity app on his TV.

“What do you do?” The Vampire Diaries is about to start, don’t stop me from watching TV. ”

“I also have a play to watch.”

“Why? You never watch TV! ”

“This is a new drama produced and written by Chu Xuan, and I am a little interested.”

Hearing Chu Xuan’s name, his wife gave up the fight for the remote control.

Their family were all fans of Chu Xuan.

Not long ago, “Interstellar” was watched by a family in the cinema.

After watching the movie, the son and daughter have a much better attitude towards themselves, and Kevin Chandler is also grateful to Chu Xuan.

His wife started from “The City of Philharmonic Music” and was also infatuated with Chu Xuan.

Since it is Chu Xuan’s screenwriter, it should not be bad, right?

So for 10 years, the couple rarely sat together and watched a TV series together.

At the same time, tens of millions of people across the United States and overseas regions opened the Infinite platform at the same time to watch this new drama produced by Chu Xuan.

The beginning of the episode is a bit confusing

A naked man in a gas mask drives a motorhome like crazy! Inside the car were corpses lying on the ground.

In a panic, the driver rushed the motorhome off the road and plunged headlong into the mound.

He put on his shirt in a panic, but his pants were gone.

He couldn’t take much care of it either, finding a pistol from the glove box and DN recording his last words.

“I’m going to tell all law enforcers that this is not a confession video…”

“……… Whatever happens, I will worry about you. ”

“Farewell forever.”

Then he stood barefoot in the middle of the road in a strange shape, raising his gun and pointing it forward.

Such a strange shape makes people unclear, but they are very curious to continue to watch.

Immediately after everything in the picture, it turned to the opening of the TV series.

Along with the opening credits of the periodic table, as well as the eerie melody, the title “BreakingBad” appeared.

Subsequently, the initials of the creators were also cleverly fused with the periodic table.

【Directed by Vince Gilligan】

【Co-writer Chu Xuanwens Gilligan】

【Chu Xuan Productions】

【Unlimited Entertainment Unlimited-Produced】

“Happy 50th birthday!”

“Old White” Walter White is an ordinary high school chemistry teacher. Today is his 50th birthday.

As can be seen from the medals in the room, he once had some outstanding achievements in chemistry.

Unfortunately, for some reason, life is still very mediocre.

Wife Skyler is a typical North American housewife who is currently pregnant with her second child.

My son has some mild cerebral palsy and needs to walk on crutches.

As a high school teacher, Lao Bai’s salary is meager, and he is unable to support the whole family

So he could only work part-time as a cashier at a car wash shop, and he would even be arrested to wash cars.

The owner of the car wash shop is a strange-eyed profiteer who often oppresses lao bai.

Forced by life, Lao Bai can only resist all the pressures and carry the weight forward.

Originally, Kevin Chandler watched this drama with a relaxed mood, but seeing this, he inevitably felt some empathy.

Especially when I saw the old white car, I was recognized by my own students and was ridiculed by the photo.

It was a scene of social death.

Kevin Chandler’s originally depressed mood was even more angry.

He had fully brought himself into Lao Bai’s perspective.

At the same time, countless men in deep midlife crisis have also noticed the show.

The first half of the series is almost a true portrayal of their lives.

Therefore, at first, it was only a part of Chu Xuan’s fans watching, and later more and more people watched “Breaking Bad”.

AMC tv director Bob Henderson was dismissive of Breaking Bad.

Looking at Chu Xuan’s face, he agreed to arrange for this drama to be played: “The rating of the first episode of this drama is definitely not more than 0.5, and it is estimated that there are not even 1 million people.” ”

Two male protagonists with no fame, no beautiful girls, and no fancy settings.

What can a middle school teacher’s story look like?

As the plot continues to play, more and more viewers empathize with the situation of the protagonist Lao Bai.

They looked very depressed, but they continued to watch.

Because from the trailer and the title of the play, the protagonist Lao Bai seems to be going to do a big thing! Lao Bai is bullied outside, and he is bullied at home.

Hank, the husband of his wife’s sister, is a DEA anti-drug police officer.

He has a more flamboyant personality and especially likes to show off in front of Lao Bai.

The whole family’s attention was drawn to Hank, and no one paid any attention to the birthday of The Old White.

That night, Hank was still bragging about his glorious deeds.

The stolen money seized on television attracted the attention of the old whites.

“Can drug dealers make so much?”

Hank said: “These are small scenes. If you are interested, take you to see it for yourself another day. ”

At this time, Lao Bai didn’t have much idea until a bad news came!

He suddenly fainted on the ground, went to the hospital to check and found that the lung cancer was advanced, and he was already dead!

This blow is like a thunderbolt on a sunny day!

Lao Bai is the pillar of the family, he must get enough money in the car wash before he dies, Lao Bai is still harassed by the boss of the treacherous businessman.

Lao Bai, who faced death, could no longer bear it and became angry on the spot.

“Lao Tzu is gone!” F××kyou! And your stupid eyebrows! ”

This eyebrow-raising line has hit the hearts of many middle-aged men in crisis.

How they wanted to say that to their boss! They also want to quit their jobs.

Unfortunately, the pressure of life has to make them bow their heads.

The old white brain resigned hotly, and he had one less source of income.

The question is, what about the money?

After a night of deep thinking, Lao Bai finally made up his mind.

He didn’t want to live any longer, and he didn’t want to be a good person anymore.

So he contacted Hank and wanted to go to the production site to see for himself.

The DEA raid captured some criminals, but Lao Bai saw with his own eyes that one of the main criminals jumped out of the window and fled.

He was his former student, ‘Little Fan’ Jesse Pinkman! So he found a small powder.

“You know business, I know chemistry, I think… We can partner. ”

Lao Bai took advantage of his identity as a chemistry teacher to take a bunch of bottles and cans from the school, and bought a motorhome, together with Xiao Fan, to make du in the caravan.

As the owner of a chemist, his work is simply a masterpiece!

“You’re such an artist!”

Xiao Fan was shocked!

With lao bai’s craftsmanship, they can definitely dominate the market!

The audience realized that the direction of things seemed to be gradually becoming interesting

An honest chemistry teacher who is only a promise, how can he evolve into a top-level generous owl?

I had to admire Chu Xuan’s imagination!

Even if his movie is excellent, even the launch of an American drama can perfectly poke the cool point of these middle-aged crisis men!

At AMC TV, the staff suddenly realized that something was wrong.

The first episode of “Breaking Bad” aired for 30 minutes, and the assistant screamed violently.

“Oh my God! The number of viewers exceeded 8 million, and the first episode is expected to exceed 15 million: the ratings are about to break 35%! ”


Bob Henderson couldn’t believe it…

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