Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Acquisition of MGM! Unlimited entertainment set sail!!

Mad Max: Fury Road didn’t beat Interstellar in its first week.

The road movie only grossed $80 million in its first weekend.

“Interstellar” is simply a monster, still maintaining more than 100 million US dollars.

And director George Miller’s appeal is still not as good as Chu Xuan.

The company’s promotional resources are more focused on Interstellar.

When the Internet publicity was fully rolled out, “Mad Max” finally ushered in an outbreak.

Major short video platforms have appeared movie promos, or concept breaks.

Just 15 seconds of footage can also be addictive.

In the second week of release, “Mad Max: Fury Road” exceeded $170 million at the weekly box office, surpassing “Interstellar” to win the box office.

After word of mouth among netizens, this extremely violent movie is also known to more people.

Major media have also reported on the film. “Spring First God Film: North American Word of Mouth”

“Produced and written by Chu Xuan and directed by George Miller, Mad Max: Fury Road ignited a national passion!”

“The freshness on Rotten Tomatoes is as high as 97%; The IMDb website scored 9.1; the metacritic score was 87 points, and five media outlets, including Empire Magazine, gave it a full score of 100! ”

“Mad Max is like a very refreshing metal rock concert!”

“The cars in the film are not the luxury cars common in Hollywood racing movies, but more of a splicing of different models, with crazy and bold shapes and full of imagination!”

“In addition to the cool vehicle styling, the film’s action scenes are more impressive.”

“George Miller’s video style may be old-fashioned, but the action scenes make the audience adrenaline rush the whole time11! This is something that no other commercial blockbuster has done now. ”

“Compared to this film, the past racing films have become ‘Driving for Miss Daisy’.”

“In addition to the performance of the well-known actor Tom Hardy, the North American sweetheart Elizabeth Olson has given a subversive performance.”

“The Nyony times, Time Magazine, The Los Santos Times, and many other media outlets have used greatness to describe Elizabeth Olson’s performance.”

“She’s the master of this film! It’s the highlight character of the whole film! ”

“In order to star in this movie, she shaved off her hair, and the whole crew admired it.”

“Films featuring powerful women have not been a minority in Hollywood in recent years, but the appeal of Fury Road is that it doesn’t just focus on a single savior-like heroine, but creates a brave, resilient group of women.”

“The film conveys the idea that when the world is about to be destroyed, women are not waiting and seeking male protection, but fighting with men for survival. Both genders have the same rights and responsibilities. ”

In addition to the comments of the professional media, netizens are even more admiring of this movie, even crazier than the war boys.

“I’ve watched countless movies and never had such a refreshing experience!”

“The visuals and action design are simply explosive! Go to the cinema, you will never regret it! ”

“Produced by Chu Xuan, it must be a fine product!” Even if you are not his director, you can see his shadow! ”

“Elizabeth Olson A burst! I was bent by her. ”

“Suffocated the whole time! I don’t know how many Holyshits I have meditated on! ”

“Best action movie ever, best road movie!”

“Baby, see no, everyone is praising you.”

“Hey, really?”

In the past, when Chu Xuan’s movies were released, Elizabeth Olson would lie on the sofa and tilt her feet, watching everyone brag about Chu Xuan in a beautiful way.

This time, the movie she starred in was well received, and Ao Mei herself did not read the film reviews

It was Chu Xuan’s turn to read the film reviews to her.

However, Ao Mei was not happy for long, and her small face suddenly collapsed.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Are you not happy when others praise you? ”


Elizabeth Olson smiled bitterly.

“It’s another film with someone else, not even directed by you. I just want to work with you…”

Ao Mei muttered a little aggrieved, and Chu Xuan suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

Originally, after “Iron Man” last year, he promised her to make a movie together.

As a result, I forgot about this stubble when I dragged it.

Later, he made “Interstellar”, and then supervised the production of “Mad Max”, as well as other film projects, and there was always no place for Omei.

Originally planned for Benjamin Button’s Wonders and Titanic, they were shelved because of other projects.

Speaking of titanic, James Cameron’s progress is much faster than he thought.

Half of the Titanic’s model has been built, and when the time comes, with special effects, it will definitely be a perfect restoration of the real giant ship.

Meanwhile, during the filming of Interstellar, James Cameron went to the site of the Titanic shipwreck and actually found the shipwreck on the ocean floor.

The preliminary preparations for the film are ready, waiting for Chu Xuan to start shooting.

Originally, Chu Xuan also planned to hand over the film directly to Cameron to take care of himself, but james Cameron still did not have much confidence.

Chu Xuan could only fight on his own.

When the time comes, you can consider playing the leading role of yourself and Ou Mei………

Of course, Titanic won’t be available until at least next month.

Chu Xuan first had to deal with the MGM acquisition.

After the box office contributions of the previous films, Chu Xuan’s funds have exceeded 2 billion US dollars!

Infinity Pictures can already open the acquisition!

The company has a professional team responsible for the entire acquisition negotiation, and Chu Xuan only needs to sit behind the scenes.

With the current strength of Infinite Pictures, it is simply not his turn to personally go out!

After just over a year of development, Infinite Pictures has changed from an insignificant ant in Hollywood to a force that cannot be ignored now!

Chu Xuan vaguely remembers that in a past life, Amazon spent $8.5 billion to acquire MGM Entertainment.

MGM claims to have more than 4,000 movies, 17,000 episodes of TV series, more than 180 Oscars, 100 Emmy Awards, and is one of Hollywood’s ‘Big Eight’.

In fact, MGM is not so scenic.

In 2010, they had declared bankruptcy and were looking for a buyer but no one cared.

Later, according to the restructuring plan, MGM was run by a private production company ‘Telescope Entertainment’.

The founders of Telescope Entertainment, Gary Barber and Roger Bienbaum, are also somewhat skilled.

From MGM’s IP film library, they dug into the old theme of ‘007’.

Successively launched “007 War Sky Curtain Crisis”, “007 Ghost Party” and other films.

“007 Vs. Sky Curtain Crisis” grossed $1.108 billion, instantly helping MGM out of the debt crisis.

They later caught up with the “Hobbit” trilogy and grossed nearly $3 billion worldwide.

MGM has come back to life.

At the time of Amazon’s $8.5 billion acquisition, MGM was actually in good health

Mainly Amazon is preparing to enter the entertainment industry, and MGM also wants to rely on the gold lord, and the two are just a hit.

The situation that Chu Xuan is facing now is somewhat similar to that of his previous life in 2010.

The “Agent 007” series, the last film was “007 Black Sun Crisis” starring Pierce Brosnan.

Everyone has long been aesthetically tired of this kind of action movie of car chase, gunfight, and secret agent beauty.

The pace of the film is also a bit delayed, except for the big beauty Sophie Marceau, there is no highlight at all.

So since “007 Black Day Crisis”, MGM has not touched the 007 series in 20 years.

At present, MGM has no resources at all.

They have long heard that they are going to go bankrupt and ‘sell themselves’, but no one has ever paid attention.

Everyone was afraid that the acquisition of MGM would involve themselves.

In this way, when MGM received the request for negotiations from Infinity Pictures, it was ecstatic.

They also couldn’t take care of the sky-high price, and they were eager to give it directly, for fear that the quotation would be too high and scare Chu Xuan away.

Chu Xuan’s team took the initiative, they were not in a hurry at all, and slowly lowered the price with MGM.

Finally, when the negotiations were almost in place, Chu Xuan received a call from the marketing director Mark Lawrence.

“Boss, $1.675 billion, that should be their bottom line.”

Digao International Entertainment is one of the most widely covered theaters in the world, with 6,070,300 theaters.

MGM Hotels are located in hundreds of cities around the world.

Comcast TV Network, Mandalay Resort, Dream Resort

And industries like MGM coffee………

Plus 4,000 movies, tens of thousands of TV episodes, ‘007’, ‘Tom and Jerry’ and other IP resources.

On the whole, $1.675 billion is already a conscience price.

“Yes. You can watch the rest. ”

“Okay boss, we’ll get it in place.”

Chu Xuan nodded and hung up the phone.

The business negotiation team led by Mark Lawrensen is elite, and Chu Xuan is of course very relieved.

Although 1.675 billion almost hollowed out Chu Xuan’s reserves last year, coupled with the production budget of Marvel movies, “Robot Wall-E” and other films, Chu Xuan has been unable to invest in more films.

However, when these movies are released, they will soon be able to return to the blood.

Chu Xuan didn’t even need a loan to easily complete the acquisition of MGM.

When MGM’s film library is in hand, its own online streaming media platform will be officially launched.

Breaking Bad will be a great weapon for drainage!

If “Breaking Bad” is not enough, films such as Iron Man, The Godfather, City of Philharmonic, and Interstellar will be launched on their own streaming platforms.

Before the acquisition of MGM began, Chu Xuan had already arranged to establish a streaming media company ‘Unlimited Digital Entertainment’.

The “Infinity—”streaming platform’s web page, PC client, and app client have all been made.

Just waiting for the day of the successful acquisition of MGM, it was directly announced that the streaming platform was launched and the first episode of the first season of “Breaking Bad” was also launched on the same day.

Everything is ready, only the east wind is owed.

After chu xuan waited for a day, he received another call from Mark Lawrence.

“BOSS, that’s it. MGM……… From now on it’s ours. ”

“It was good. Before preparing the plan, let’s start it. Our Second Phase of Infinite Entertainment is officially set sail! ”

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