Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Kissing Mold After Drinking? Crazy Max Premiere!!

“Wait, what happened last night? I don’t remember. ”

Looking at Taylor Swift’s complicated eyes, Chu Xuan suddenly panicked.

Last night, should I have forcibly kissed her again?

Probably not……… After all, for Zhao Jinyao, with the previous preparation, the two did have a feeling of unclear and unclear.

But for the mold, Chu Xuan simply admired it, just like in his previous life, just looking at it from a distance.

But what if?

“You really don’t remember?”

“Yeah, what happened next was broken.”


Taylor Swift sighed softly.

She was originally a person who dared to love and hate, and she would not hold everything in her heart.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written my story into a song.

“Last night, we sat by the lake and talked all night.”


Mentioning this, Chu Xuan vaguely recalled some pictures.

He did sit by the lake with Mold, and he draped his down jacket over Mold

No wonder I woke up this morning with a headache, and in addition to a hangover, I also blew a cold wind by the lake for a night.

“What did we talk about?”

Speaking of this, Taylor Swift has a very strange face.

“You said you liked me for 10 years, but I didn’t debut for a few years. The weirdest thing is that you’re not joking, I can feel it, you’re serious. ”

The corners of Chu Xuan’s mouth twitched, “And then?” ”

“Then you mentioned a lot of my songs, but I didn’t write them, but they did look like I wrote them.”

“In addition to that, we talked a lot, the development of music, the perception of life, in short, I have never talked so much to a person.”

“Plus I drank a lot of wine too, so… At that time, I couldn’t help it…”

Speaking of which, the moldy face is rarely a little shy.

Chu Xuan slapped his head on the door.

Oh well, after all, it’s still A up.

A go up and that’s it.

The biggest loss is that I can’t remember anything! I didn’t feel the experience I should have at all.

It’s impossible to let the mold and mildew restore the scene together, right?

“Sorry, if there is an offense…”

Before Chu Xuan could finish speaking, he was interrupted by a musty smile.

“No, you’re not wrong. It was my own problem that I couldn’t control for a while. ”

“Over the years, although my music has been successful, no one has really understood me. Chu, you are the only one who truly understands me. ”

“Rest assured, we are still good friends. It doesn’t create distance, right? ”

The Icelandic morning sun shines on Chu Xuan’s face through Taylor Swift’s blonde hair.

This girl of true temperament, laughing is really beautiful.

“Yes, we are still good friends.”

The two looked at each other again, and then, as usual, returned to the villa together.

It was as if nothing had happened, and it was as if a lot had happened.

“That’s right…”

Before entering the house, mold suddenly stopped.

“Those songs you mentioned last night… Will you be free when you go back? I want to talk to you again. ”

“It’s no problem.”

“Hmm. Chu, thank you. ”

Mold smiled and pushed the door into the house.

“Wow, Liz, Adele, you made a delicious breakfast!”

Seeing that Taylor Swift had returned to the Sunshine Maiden for a second, Chu Xuan was stunned and entered the house.

Later, I really can’t drink anymore…….

“Interstellar” is still hot.

In the month of release, the weekly box office exceeded 200 million US dollars, sitting firmly in the position of box office champion, and none of them could play.

The previous Game Night was beaten badly by Interstellar.

Later, the media predicted that “Raging Monsters”, which was released in early March, should pose a certain threat to “Interstellar”.

Raging Monster is also a $100 million disaster film, starring Industrial Light & Magic’s top special effects team, plus Dwayne Johnson.

Theoretically, it should be able to grab the box office champion.

In addition, in early March, there was also the thriller horror film “A Quiet Place”, and the game IP adapted “Tomb Raider” two blockbusters!

A Quiet Place is a box office blockbuster film in which Warner Bros. pinned high hopes, starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

The whole film gives people a strong sense of suffocation from beginning to end, and the atmosphere is very good.

It is reasonable to say that “Interstellar” has reached its peak, and “A Quiet Place” also has the strength to compete for the box office champion.

“Tomb Raider” is a world-renowned IP adaptation, with hundreds of millions of game fans around the world.

Coupled with the starring Angelina Jolie, who has excellent box office appeal, it can theoretically compete for the box office championship.

Some media predict that the box office of “Tomb Raider” in the first week may exceed 100 million! However, after the box office in the first week of March, the predicted media were dumbfounded

“Raging Monsters” is $54 million, ranking 4th.

“A Quiet Place” won $61.5 million, ranking third. Tomb Raider is $86 million, ranking 2nd.

As for the box office champion, it is still “Interstellar”! $215 million!

Continue to dominate the list!

One month after its release, the North American box office has exceeded $900 million! Plus the global market………

“Interstellar” has a chance to exceed $1.3 billion at the box office!

In fact, this film is not a particularly thorough popcorn commercial film, and for the vast number of low-level people, too hardcore science fiction films are not particularly friendly.

In the past life, “Interstellar” only grossed $701 million worldwide, and it was only $799 million after its re-release.

Unexpectedly, it could exceed 1 billion US dollars here, and Chu Xuan was very surprised

He had only liked the story and didn’t expect Interstellar to make much at the box office.

The real box office monster is the Marvel series, the Avengers.

The tetralogy can even challenge $20 billion!

Coupled with the Marvel Heroes personal movie, the entire Marvel series can easily break through 20 billion and challenge 30 billion US dollars!

This is Chu Xuan’s real ‘printing machine’.

Other films are more of an emotion.

However, Chu Xuan had a premonition that the weekly box office champion of “Interstellar” would soon be lost.

Because in the second week of March, there is another god movie released! Chu Xuan was not worried, he was happy to hear it.

This movie is exactly the “Mad Max: Fury Road” invested by Infinity Pictures!

Due to the brutality of the film, it is rated R and is a Cult cult film with a strong personal style.

The local release of the Dragon Kingdom is completely out of drama, and the ticket warehouse is mainly the North American market.

After returning to Los Angeles, Chu Xuan accompanied Elizabeth Olson to the premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road!

At this time, George Miller was not as famous as in his previous life, but the premiere still attracted reporters from all over the country.

Critics and audiences flocked to the scene as well.

Mainly because, this is a movie invested by Infinity Pictures! The producer is Chu Xuan!

The co-writers are also Chu Xuan!

Driven by the fan effect of Chu Xuan, “Mad Max: Fury Road” has also attracted many fans from all over the world to Luo Shengdu.

The protagonist this time is Ao Mei, as Ao Mei’s boyfriend, Chu Xuan also accompanied her to the premiere scene.

Walking on the red carpet with Ao Mei’s arm in her arms, the flashes and cheers suddenly warmed up!

“Chu! Can I take a group photo? ”

“Chu! Look over here! ”

“Chu Xuan! Magic—Chu! ”

Chu Xuan also did not expect that he would accompany Ao Mei to walk a red carpet, and he would even make a fuss.

Ao Mei was actually very happy to see this situation.

“Chu, you have so many fans.”

“Obviously you are the protagonist of tonight.”

“I like it a lot, everyone likes you, I’m happier.” This shows that my vision is really good! ”

Ao Mei looked at Chu Xuan’s eyes full of admiration, and she smiled sweetly.

Chu Xuan was also touched, and he couldn’t care less about the public, so he pulled Ao Mei over and kissed her gently.



The media and fans were even more excited.

Chu Xuan and Elizabeth Olson are simply a pair that everyone in Hollywood envies.

Their intimate behavior also filled the mouths of countless melon-eating masses next to them with dog food.

In front of the billboard on the red carpet, Chu Xuan, Ou Mei, director George Miller, and male lead actor Tom Hardy all gave brief interviews.

“Hello everyone, welcome to the Oriental Theater in Hollywood!”

“This is the premiere of Mad Max: Fury Road!”

“The highly anticipated Cult blockbuster will finally meet the public!”

“Let’s applaud director George Miller!”

“Starring Tom Hardy!”

“Starring Elizabeth Olson!”

“And our legendary director, godfather, and talented producer Magic—Chu!”

“Chu, how do you feel tonight?”

Chu Xuan smiled: “I am very happy that this film can be released smoothly, when George Miller first found me, I was touched by the world he depicted.” ”

At this time, George Miller modestly said next to him: “Actually, my original version of the script was quite rough, and many of my ideas were not expressed. However, Chu read my script, which is equivalent to rewriting the script, so that the picture in my mind is completely realized! If this movie can succeed, Chu will take most of the credit! ”

Tom Hardy also excitedly said: “This is the second time I have worked on a film with Chu, the last time was the Godfather. When I heard Infinity Pictures calling, I didn’t even read the script and came straight over. ”

The reporter at the scene smiled and asked: “Then you are not afraid of being deceived?” In case George Miller’s play sucks. ”

Everyone laughed, but Tom Hardy said seriously, “Of course not, I trust Chu.” Even if it is not a film directed by him, as long as he invests in shooting, it must not be a bad film. As it turned out, my trust was correct. ”

The host was also a little curious: “Oh? In this way, we are all more interested. What kind of movie is this? ”

Director George Miller mysteriously said: “The movie, like the title, will make your adrenaline soar.” ”

With anticipation and curiosity about the film, the audience who had the honor of drawing tickets for the premiere entered the venue in turn.

The main creative team also came to the field.

This is Omei’s third film and her first major production film.

Ao Mei is actually a little worried, what if she does not perform well and drags down the box office of the movie?

The film cost $156 million!

Probably sensing Ao Mei’s uneasiness, Chu Xuan gently kissed her on the cheek again.

“Rest assured, your performance is outstanding. Either way, I’ll be with you. ”

“Well, it’s nice to have you.”

Elizabeth Olson’s heart was completely haunted by sweetness.

It is the opposite of the desolate and violent atmosphere in the movie.

The audience didn’t realize at this point that they were about to see a crazy world!

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