Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Chu Xuan, do you like me?!!

“Baby, what happened last night?”

“Didn’t you bring me in?” You should be more sober than I am. ”

“That’s true.”

“What, you drank too much?”

“Yeah, I broke it last night, I can’t remember what happened.”

“Well, you’re drinking so much wine again.” Wait, I’ll go to the kitchen and get you some milk, and there seems to be oranges in the fridge. ”

Elizabeth Olson caressed Chu Xuan’s face in pain.

Her head hurts, but she has not drunk too much, and it is not uncomfortable now. When Ao Mei mentioned milk and oranges, Chu Xuan suddenly remembered Zhao Jinjie.

I remember being in the capital at that time, I kissed her after getting drunk.

The next day, Zhao Jinbiao also prepared milk and oranges for himself, and left a note how can Ao Mei also do this hand?

Chu Xuan was more touched at this time, and there were also some miscellaneous tastes.

Of course, none of this matters.

The important thing is that last time, I was not completely drunk, and I dared to kiss Zhao Jinyao directly.

Last night I actually drank a broken piece, and the ghost knows what happened?

Chu Xuan sat down on the bed and began to reminisce carefully.

They drive from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, and head directly to the vicinity of Lake Jagusárlón.

This ice lake is one of the filming locations of “Interstellar”, and Chu Xuan is already familiar with the vicinity.

He chartered a lake-view villa directly near the ice lake.

All kinds of equipment for eating, drinking and having fun were readily available, all of which were arranged by Chu Xuan’s people.

Their plan is to stay here for one night and then drive to Waltner Glacier, Blue Ice Caves and other well-known attractions in Iceland to play around.

Come back in the evening and wait for the aurora, and if you don’t see it, stay a few more days: after arriving at the villa, the crowd first makes a table of food.

Adele has been cooking her own food since she was 18 years old, and she is very good at French and Italian dishes.

Sister Shi’s cooking skills are average, and she is next to help lay hands.

Ao Mei’s cooking skills are more inferior, in the past life she participated in many food variety shows, but in the show she was a bit clumsy in cooking.

“Moldy” Taylor Swift is quite surprising, she and Michelin chefs have learned cooking skills, and she is very good at dessert baking, so desserts are completely responsible for her.

Chu Xuan did not give in, revealing a hand of chef-level Chinese food for several ladies.

After dinner, at Adele’s suggestion, the crowd played a party game, glass ping-pong, NeverHaveIEver (I’m from.)

Not……… ), KingsCup (King’s Game)…

Things seem to be getting out of hand from this point on.

Chu Xuan rubbed the aching brain shell and walked out of his room.

Just happened to see ‘Sister Stone’ Emma Stone coming out of the room.

The moment she saw Chu Xuan, her expression was suddenly a little embarrassed.

“Chu, thank you yesterday for helping me out, just… There’s no need to do that much for me. My acting experience is not rich enough, and I do need a certain accumulation…”

“Wait, what’s going on?”

Sister Shi also thought that Chu Xuan regretted it, and her expression was suddenly a little bleak, and she was a little relieved.

“I can also understand, after all, if it is drunk, it really can’t be counted.”


Chu Xuan was still confused.

However, seeing that Sister Shi’s mood seemed to be a little low, Chu Xuan was a little unbearable.

“To be honest, I drank the fragments. But whatever I promise in any situation counts, you can rest assured. ”

Chu Xuan also secretly reminded himself that he would never touch the wine in the future, not for example.

Otherwise, next time I will stage the real “Hangover”, it is not surprising that Tyson’s tiger is stolen.

Emma Stone was also a little embarrassed at this time, knowing that she did not want to become popular by Chu Xuan’s strength.

But she never had many suitable film appointments.

As the youngest Oscar-winning actress, she has only starred in one feature film so far.

The other films are basically some clichéd scripts.

Adhering to the principle of preferring to be absent rather than indiscriminate, Sister Shi did not choose food without hunger.

Perhaps she was also vaguely waiting for Chu Xuan’s call.

After Emma Stone patiently explained, Chu Xuan finally understood the situation.

It turned out that when playing the King’s Game yesterday, Sister Stone was punished and needed to read the bad reviews of herself on Twitter in public.

In fact, this is not a big deal, and it is nothing to have a mess between friends.

Sister Shi was fine at first, laughing and reading a few.

As a result, the back is getting more and more vicious, and it is obviously a little sad.

There’s even a Hollywood actor, Alec Baldwin, who once publicly commented: “Emma Stone is the most watery Oscar queen in history, and she will never have a high box office again, and there will never be an award-winning movie again!” ”

Speaking of this, Chu Xuan vaguely remembered that Sister Shi was indeed a little sad last night, and seemed to have cried.

Then, according to Sister Shi’s description, Chu Xuan directly hung up Alec Baldwin’s comments with a large trumpet, and then said in front of the world: “In 2 years, Emma Stone will take a shadow queen little golden man.” At the same time, he will star in a commercial movie with a box office of more than 2 billion! Done, you apologize in public to Emma Stone, and get out of Hollywood! Can’t do it, I quit Hollywood! ”

The North American Internet exploded in an instant, and Chu Xuan and the veteran movie stars openly tore up! This is simply the biggest melon in the entertainment industry recently!

Alec Baldwin starred in “I’m a Comedy Maniac” and “StreetCar Desire” and is one of the more famous male stars in North America.

But he has frequently exposed domestic violence scandals and has also caused death by negligence.

His blatant denigration of Emma Stone on Twitter was already disgusting

Chu Xuan stood up for Emma Stone’s appearance is really handsome, and he also has the support of many netizens.

Chu Xuan, who has just finished filming “Interstellar”, has reached a new peak in popularity again.

However, neither netizens nor the media were optimistic that Chu Xuan could fulfill his promise.

The box office exceeded 2 billion, although it was difficult, it could also be achieved.

Just patting your chest to guarantee the Oscar for Best Actress?

No matter which director can’t do this, the Oscars are not just what they want.

Otherwise, the little plum would not have been able to accompany him for so many years.

Alec Baldwin just happened to be worried about no traffic, he must be able to make a steady profit, so he tweeted: “No problem, we have an appointment!” 2 year term, from this moment on, this tweet proves it! ”

Chu Xuan’s 2-year bet with Alec Baldwin has officially begun! By the time he had a hangover, the North American internet had exploded.

“Actually, you don’t have to do this for me, there are a lot of people in Hollywood who stink, just ignore it.” You have to reply with your own large number… Oh, there’s no need. ”

Emma Stone was also guilty.

Because of his own reasons, he pulled Chu Xuan out of the water.

In case Chu Xuan lost the bet by then, he would be humiliated throughout North America.

Chu Xuan casually brushed the hot list on Twitter, coupled with Sister Shi’s explanation, he finally understood the cause and effect.

At this time, he smiled freely: “Rest assured, even after drinking, I will do what I say.” ”

“Eh, really? Do you really have any hope of winning an Oscar? ”

“Well, of course, you’re ready!” The heroines of the two movies are waiting for you too! ”


Chu Xuan smiled and patted her shoulder and walked downstairs, leaving only Sister Shi stunned on the spot.

Originally, she still wanted to gradually forget Chu Xuan.

Now it seems that she can’t forget this man at all.

In fact, Chu Xuan didn’t casually talk about it.

Even if he was drunk, he was sure to bet like this.

Before that, he had planned to give Emma Stone a role.

One of them is ‘Spider-Man’ Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man.

In the “Spider-Man” trilogy, Chu Xuan decided not to shoot according to the routine of his previous life.

The story of the ‘three generations of Spider-Man trilogy’ in the Marvel Universe is actually quite weak, and it is ruthlessly abandoned by Chu Xuan.

He loves The Amazing Spider-Man, but doesn’t plan to adopt it right away.

I can put it aside later.

Therefore, Chu Xuan’s “Spider-Man” is still based on the classic original Spider-Man.

Of course, Peter Parker’s character will be more talkative and humorous than The Maguire version, which is more in line with the original comic book.

The plot is still the plot of “Spider-Man 1” and “Spider-Man 2”.

As for Spider-Man 3, Chu Xuan intends to adopt the plot of the animated film Spider-Man: Parallel Universe.

Among them, the female Spider-Man Gwen Stacy is naturally Sister Stone!

Finished filming the Spider-Man trilogy in 2 years? Maybe it’s not that hard!

At that time, it will be easy to break through the $2 billion box office.

The second task, the Oscar heroine, is indeed difficult.

So Chu Xuan simply carried an Oscar-winning movie.

Comedy/romance film “The Happy Line Behind the Dark Clouds”!

The original heroine Jennifer Lawrence won the 85th Oscar queen.

Sister Stone’s acting skills are stronger than her big cousin, so she loses it, and she has every hope of winning the Oscar!

As a result, there is not much problem in completing the bet!

Just give Sister Stone two Oscars, and you should also consider letting Sister Ao also take an Oscar.

You’ll have to pick a good movie.

In the downstairs living room, Chu Xuan also saw Adele and her eldest cousin.

When Adele saw Chu Xuan, she immediately blew a whistle.

“… Handsome! Chu, you are so handsome! You made such a big bet for Emma……… I admire you! ”

The eldest cousin Jennifer Lawrence had a somewhat complicated expression and said sourly: “Emma is really lucky, liz will not be jealous to meet you like this, right?” ”

In the face of the big cousin’s yin and yang weirdness, Chu Xuan just smiled dryly and didn’t bother to pay attention to her.

In the past life, the eldest cousin relied on the gold lord and obtained many resources.

Later, her personal set collapsed, and she was even suspected of RH, which was almost shouted and beaten by everyone.

Chu Xuan didn’t have any good feelings for her, so he had known her for so long, and he had never been salty or indifferent, nor had he agreed to give her a film appointment.

Fortunately, at this time, Ao Mei came over with milk and handed it to Chu Xuan with a smile: “I will not be jealous, Chu inserted a knife into the ribs of his friend like this, it is simply handsome, it is my idol!” Emma is so strong, she deserves good resources. ”

Ou Mei is also very kind, and she is happy for her good sister Shi Jie.

The eldest cousin just skimmed her lips and did not speak enviously.

When Adele saw Chu Xuan get up, she volunteered to make breakfast.

Sister Stone was in a daze in the upstairs room, and Sister Ao and the eldest cousin went to help with breakfast.

Chu Xuan suddenly found that there was one less person.

“What about Tay?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s outside.” Baby, you help shout her by the way, breakfast is good soon. ”

Ao Mei instructed.

Chu Xuan raised an eyebrow and had to go out to look for Taylor Swift.

Sure enough, at the edge of the glacial lake in Jagu Sharon, Chu Xuan found Taylor Swift standing quietly.

In the early morning sun, the mold seems to glow all over the person.

Chu Xuan also had to sigh again, she was really beautiful.

“Tay, ready for breakfast!”

Hearing Chu Xuan’s cry, Mold was obviously stunned, and then bit his lower lip lightly and looked at Chu Xuan with a complicated look.

“Chu, do you like me?”

Chu Xuan’s face was confused!

Isn’t it, what happened last night? Drinking really miscalculated!

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