Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Wang Zuxian Shows Love to Chu Xuan? “Interstellar” craze!!

“Interstellar grossed more than $130 million in its first weekend in North America! The global box office is expected to break 200 million! ”

“Not surprisingly, Chu Xuan’s movie is still dominant! Hardcore sci-fi films have taken the world by storm. ”

“30 years hard, this is a real science fiction movie!”

After the box office of “Interstellar” came out in the first weekend, various media reported it.

Not only in North America, Chu Xuan has set off a science fiction boom around the world! Dragon Country audiences are also the first time to watch such a shocking, hardcore sci-fi blockbuster!

For “Interstellar”, the Dragon Country audience also likes it more, because the protagonist’s family is their own, which is equivalent to CX saving the world.

Even state media reported on the phenomenal film.

“Huaxin Network News: Produced by Infinite Pictures, “City of Philharmonic”, “Iron Man” director Chu Xuan self-written and self-directed, post-00s xiaohua Zhao Jinyao, powerful actor Xia Yu, Wang Jingsong, Hollywood film star Anne Hathaway and other first-line superstars starring the sci-fi blockbuster “Interstellar” has premiered worldwide on February 9.”

“The film completely detonated the film market boom with its anti-heavenly reputation. As of the evening of the 11th, the first weekend of the release of “Interstellar” rolled up 260 million yuan INMB, reaching the top of the local box office weekly champion with a huge advantage! ”

At the same time, the film grossed $213 million worldwide. As the most anticipated ‘God of the Year’ in 2014, “Interstellar” set off a movie-going frenzy as soon as it was released! ”

“Director Chu Xuan’s sci-fi giant has created a new round of internet hot topics with its high reputation, maintaining a strong upward momentum, and even appearing a situation where the field is full of votes and it is difficult to find, and the fierce staying power is optimistic by all parties, becoming a ‘phenomenon-level blockbuster’ that is unique for a while.”

The British “Times” also reported on the movie boom triggered by “Interstellar” in The United Kingdom, as well as the national discussion of science fiction.

“Hollywood entertainment blockbusters that have always been whimsical and have amazing visual effects are not surprising for their strong ability to absorb money, but as science fiction films for the public, it is rare to attract the attention and hot discussion of the scientific community.”

The main plot of the film “Interstellar” is based on the theory of astrophysicist Kip Thorne. Kip Thorne even helped the film build mathematical models, and with the help of computers, eventually depicted cosmic wonders such as ‘wormholes’ and black holes. ”

“Stephen Hawking, a famous British physicist, praised “Interstellar”, saying that the film painted the most realistic black hole appearance to date, and the film had an impact on his life.”

“Regarding the most discussed question among netizens, the protagonist jumped into the black hole without being torn apart, is this really in line with scientific principles? Sir Hawking explained it this way…”…”

“A black hole consists of a central singularity and an outer event horizon, and according to the formula, the average density of the black hole is not necessarily large. The tidal forces on the surface of the black hole’s event horizon in the film become so small that ordinary people cannot even perceive it. The possibility that the protagonist is not torn apart by gravity theoretically does exist. ”

Stephen Hawking is a recognized god of physics, and his remarks have a certain authority on a global scale.

Many European viewers are still questioning that the protagonist of “Interstellar” jumped into the black hole and did not die, which is a huge bug!

But Hawking stood up and fought back against the skeptics.

Chu Xuan’s movie setting is indeed reasonable, there is nothing wrong with it!

This is indeed some of the peak audience’s cognition, but Hawking has said so, they can still be better than Hawking Bull Batch?

Coupled with the Nobel Prize winner Kip Thorne in the main creative team, the two physics gods behind Chu Xuan’s back, “Interstellar” is by no means casually fooling people!

The “Niuyue Times” also wrote an article that analyzed Chu Xuan’s “Interstellar” in detail, and made a profound interpretation of the content of his film.

Because “Interstellar” has been hotly discussed on the global Internet, this has become an Internet phenomenon.

Every time Chu Xuan’s film is released, it will trigger such a wave of discussion.

“Interstellar” has a lot of philosophical thinking and scientific knowledge, and the discussion is particularly lively.

In an article, the Niuyue Times wrote: “Chu Xuan is not the first director to explore the philosophy of life with the help of science fiction films, before him, many film masters have used it as a tool for philosophical thinking. A good science fiction movie is often also a philosophical movie. In modern society, scientists have replaced clergy and played the role of knowledge transmitters. ”

“Man comes from nature, so he can learn it in a way. In his endless search for truth, man blames his fears on knowledge itself. ”

Chu Xuan wanted to do the same, but his starting point was film and people. He eventually set the film’s theme on the purest human emotion, love. ”

“Only love and gravity can travel through galaxies, and that’s the ultimate key to Interstellar.”

“So Interstellar is not a movie that stays at the level of ‘hero salvation.'”

“According to an interview with Chu Xuan, he mentioned that you can escape the shackles of reality with the help of science fiction stories, but what we want to do is to observe these constraints and push them to the margins as much as possible.”

The analysis article of “Nyoyo Times” has also been liked and forwarded by celebrities from all walks of life on the Internet.

Of course, the “Interstellar” that triggered the boom has also been interpreted by different media and different audiences.

Celebrities from all over the world have also made remarks expressing their love for Chu Xuan’s “Interstellar”.

Spielberg: “Have to admit, I was taught a lesson by young people/laughs. Now it’s completely the world of Interstellar. Whether others say yes or no, it’s worth going to the cinema. Chu’s film has a hard shell, but inside it is a soft emotion. ”

Taylor Swift: “#Interstellar #Awesome!! The dimension of life lies in faith, bravery, and love! Chu Xuan’s movies are always so touching! What a shock! I want to brush it twice!!! #I love Chu Xuan#”

Nobel Prize winner mo yan: “Chu Xuan used “Interstellar” to make me cry in the movie theater. Dylan Thomas’s poems are the finishing touches, and daring to explore the big themes of the universe to flatter human feelings is crazy and wonderful. Loneliness has a theory of relativity, while love has no boundaries. ”

Wang Jing, a famous director of Hong Kong Island: “‘Interstellar’ is good-looking, the plot can be used as a script textbook, and the technology and feelings are infinitely combined, Oscar seeds!” Another masterpiece of Chu Zai! ”

Longguo post-80s writer, racing driver, director Han This: “I have been following Chu Xuan for a long time, and I really want to cooperate with him once.” Thanks to Chu Xuan’s “Interstellar” for bringing the vast world. This work gave me a deeper understanding of film. ”

Yin Hong, a professor in the Department of Physics at Huaqing University, said: “Watching Chu Xuan’s new film “Interstellar” was completely shocked. Tears, wisdom, shocks, laughter, wonderful, the end of the world, not them but human beings we save ourselves. We rely not only on quantum physics, the theory of relativity, but on the infinite communication of love. Themes, worldview assumptions, plots, graphics, rhythms, musical sound effects are all breathtaking. Should be a big hit for next year’s Oscars! ”

A well-known actor in Baodao Province, Zuxian Zuxian, the top of Baodao Province, also issued a public statement for the first time.

“I went to the theater at 9 a.m. yesterday, brushed “Interstellar” twice in one breath, and when I came out, it was more than 3 p.m., only to find that it was snowing outside. And when I went in in the morning, the sky was still very clear, and I was a little confused for a while, and it seemed that I traveled through time and space with Li Xiaojun for many years. ”

This news has also attracted some attention on the Dragon Country Internet.

As we all know, Baodao is currently the most beautiful and the most popular Huadan Wang Zuxian has rarely appeared.

She is the most promising of the post-90s actresses in Baodao, with a “Ghost of a Woman” 7 years ago, she was popular across the taiwan straits and three places, and her popularity was once on a par with Boss Yang.

Even Liu Tianxian, who is also famous for her appearance, has half a head lower popularity than her.

In recent years, Wang Zuxian has acted in several outstanding Hong Kong films “New Green Snake”, “City Hunter 2015”, “God of Gamblers”…

It’s just that Wang Zuxian rarely publishes information on social media platforms and rarely participates in variety shows and other announcements.

She always presents herself as a mysterious figure.

If it weren’t for her high looks and outstanding acting skills, other people would have been cold long ago.

As a result, today Wang Zuxian was unusual, and after 1 year, he actually released Weibo! And it’s about Chu Xuan’s “Interstellar”!

It can be seen that this film can indeed touch people’s hearts.

Even Wang Zuxian, who has never eaten fireworks in the world, has ‘moved his heart’.

The headlines of Treasure Island Media are even more sensational.

“Wang Zuxian showed love to Chu Xuan in the air, and there was no echo of the Austrian Award for Best Director”…

When “Interstellar” caused a boom, Chu Xuan was accompanying Elizabeth Olson on a tour of Iceland.

That’s right, he’s back in Iceland.

At this time, Chu Xuan was driving a 7-seat Land Rover off-road vehicle, driving in the ice and snow.

“Chu! You say you can see the aurora borealis in 627 days? ”

Ao Mei asked curiously.

Before Chu Xuan could speak, a voice came from the back row.

“Yes, I checked before I came, and I can see the aurora before April!”

It was Mold who spoke, Taylor Swift.

She was wearing a big red down jacket, and the whole person was curled up in it, revealing only a beautiful face and a small red nose.

“Hopefully, I didn’t expect to drive so far, I can’t bear it.”

Leaning against the window was the eldest cousin, Jennifer Lawrence, who showed signs of motion sickness.

“You can’t, I’ll give you that bag.”

Stone Sister Emma Stone spat dismissively.

“Wow! Chu is so powerful, “Interstellar” box office has broken $400 million Adele exclaimed. ”

Listening to the twittering behind him, Chu Xuan felt that his head was getting bigger.

Originally, after the premiere of “Interstellar”, Chu Xuan could temporarily rest for a while.

The rest of the channel publicity, as well as the production progress of other films, can be handed over to the company’s people.

Ao Mei happened to be idle, so she proposed to go to Iceland to play.

At that time, Chu Xuan was also surprised.

“Iceland? Why go to Iceland on a cold day? It was also good to go on vacation to Xia WeiYi Beach. ”

“No, I want to see where you were filmed.” I want to see the Aurora Borealis…”…”

There was another reason that Omei did not say.

Because Anne Hathaway and Chu Xuan had played in Iceland.

Omei didn’t want to lose to her, so she wanted to go to Iceland too.

Anyway, Chu Xuan didn’t care, he could go anywhere, so he arranged for someone to book a plane ticket.

Somehow, the news of Ao Mei’s trip to Iceland reached the ears of the girlfriend group.

Big Cousin, Adele, Sister Stone all wanted to go, and even Moldy Taylor Swift wanted to go!

Everyone unanimously said: “After watching “Interstellar”, I have an infinite yearning for Iceland! ”

And they want to have fun, and no one plans to bring an assistant or the people around them

Therefore, this trip to Iceland, there were only a few Chu Xuan and girlfriends.

“Three women have one play, how many plays are there for five women?”

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