Entertainment: Banned for five years, became the godfather of Hollywood Chapter 100

Chapter 100 “Interstellar” shocked the world for an entire year!!

The life and death of human beings may be just a thought.

Li Xiaojun and Dr. Brand argue.

Dr. Mann’s planet is closer, and there is always a distress signal.

The planet Edmond is even more distant, with no letter for decades.

Dr. Brand insisted on choosing the planet Edmund because he was Dr. Brand’s brother-in-law, and the two were more familiar.

Li Xiaojun said that Dr. Mann was the most comprehensive of the astronauts in the previous batch.

Maybe he made a big discovery.

Eventually, they decided to fly to Dr. Mann’s planet.

At this time, the earth also underwent a major turn.

Old Dr. Brand’s body finally could not hold up, and before he died, he called Lee Murphy to the hospital bed and told a shocking and dark truth!

Plan A, chaired by Dr. Brand, is a complete hoax.

The gravitational formula that can make the entire space station launch into the air is completely in an endless cycle, and the human level cannot be deduced at all!

The purpose of all this is a pretense, the purpose is to make the astronauts more willing to embark on the journey.

The only plan of the global joint space agency is only plan B.

Rely on those embryos to reproduce humans.

As for the people on Earth, the only end is to coexist and die with The Earth!

The most shocking content of the film is not how grand and spectacular the scenes are, but the information revealed by these bland dialogues.

The audience always thought that they could not be more shocked, but at this time they could not help but take a breath of cool air.

For the sake of illusory exploration and reproduction, pull global human beings as a cushion.

But the problem is, even if there are no astronauts who go out to explore, humanity still faces extinction.

In the vastness of the universe and the changes of the planets, human beings are simply the smallest and most insignificant existence.

That’s the most desperate thing.

At this time, the space party and arrived at Dr. Mann’s planet. It’s a frost planet, and even the clouds are frozen into ice cubes. The surface of the planet is a vast permafrost, only the cold blizzard rages. The spectacular sight of iceland’s Swinner Glacier is perfectly displayed on a giant screen.

Although the major cinemas are fully heated, the audience cannot avoid feeling a chill.

They soon found the research station that Dr. Mann had set up and woke him up from the sleeping capsule.

Prior to this, Infinity Pictures had never announced the character of Dr. Mann, as well as any stills.

So when North American audiences saw that Dr. Mann was actually played by Matt Damon, they couldn’t help but smile.

Saving Private Ryan, The Martian Rescue, Frozen Planet, Life and Death Pride, Elysium Space………

In many classic films, Matt Damon has also become a “rescue professional” and “the hardest person in Hollywood to save”.

Who would have thought that in “Interstellar”, Chu Xuan also buried a small Easter egg.

The tension eased up a little.

This also paves the way for the final climax of the next story.

Through Dr. Mann’s description, the planet seems really promising.

Gravity is 80% of the Earth,130 hours in autobiographical circles, there is a lot of ammonia in the air, and the surface is extremely cold, which seems unsuitable for human habitation.

But according to Dr. Mann, there’s an underground world here that’s suitable for human habitation, and possibly even life.

It seems that the expedition’s goal has been achieved, and they have really found a suitable home.

But Dr. Mann’s robot is scrapped.

And Dr. Mann knew that Plan A was unlikely to materialize and lacked a key number.

Critical data can only be obtained inside a black hole.

The truth broke Down Li, and he made the decision to return to Earth immediately and accompany his family to meet the end of the world.

On Earth, Lee Murphy has not given up, and she still wants to work hard to crack the formula one last time.

She remembered the ghosts of her childhood, perhaps somehow related to cracking formulas.

On the other side, Dr. Mann leads Li Xiaojun to make a final exploration of the planet.

Romilly is working on how to get robots into a black hole and transmit data

However, when Li Xiaojun and Dr. Mann are alone, Dr. Mann suddenly pushes him off the cliff!

The werewolf suddenly blew himself up!

There is no underground world at all, and Mann summons the crowd to come, just to leave here and head to the next planet.

Seeing that Li Xiaojun planned to drive the spaceship back, he could only kill Li Xiaojun with a killer, but Brand arrived in time to save Li Xiaojun.

But On the other side, Romeli also discovers Dr. Mann’s plot and is killed on the spot by Dr. Mann’s trap!

By the time Lee arrives, Mann has already set up a separation capsule to leave the planet and head to the space station.

The two chased each other, and Mann activated the air valve in a hurry without fully docking the separation compartment.

Under the action of air pressure, the spacecraft exploded violently! Dr. Mann was killed on the spot.

The broken ship is constantly spinning at high speed, about to get out of control.

If only this small separation capsule is not enough to support their survival in the universe.

Li Xiaojun decided to gamble!

He can allow the separation capsule to accelerate its rotation, in line with the speed of the spacecraft, thus forming a docking.

As long as there is a half-point error, the final outcome of mankind is destruction! Cooperate with the

TimeForCaution” tight

Zhang’s pipe organ melody, all the audience for the male protagonist Li Xiaojun pinched a sweat!

The average pilot will be overloaded with shock when it withstands 9 G’s acceleration.

Faced with such a high acceleration of gravity, Dr. Brand had fainted.

Li Xiaojun completely relied on the support of strong willpower to forcibly dock with the spaceship! In front of the huge planet, the high-speed rotating spaceship looks incomparably small!

This spectacular and thrilling picture also continues to shake the audience’s heart!

“Push harder, TARS!”

“Come on! TARS! ”

“Exactly match!”

“Locked! Reduce the speed! ”

With the help of the artificial intelligence TARS, the spacecraft successfully completed this almost impossible docking!

After watching this period of rapid heartbeat, the audience couldn’t help but burst into applause and cheers!

Apparently, everyone is so dedicated to the movie that they have forgotten that it’s just a fictional story.

Everything is so real!

The protagonist, Li Xuanjun, has no time to celebrate, and the spaceship has been captured by the powerful gravitational pull of the black hole after this farce.

They need another miracle!

Li Xiaojun decided to use the ‘slingshot effect’ to suck the spacecraft into the black hole.

Then use the reverse thrust of the two separation capsules to bounce the spacecraft directly towards Edmund’s planet.

This means that Li Xiaojun also has to sacrifice himself and go deep into the center of the black hole.

“Lee! What are you doing? ”

Dr. Brand couldn’t believe that Li Xiaojun had left her the chance to survive!

Li Xianjun showed a handsome and charming smile: “Newton’s third law, you have to leave something behind.” ”

“You said that fuel is enough!”

“We said yes, keep 90 percent honesty with each other.”

“Don’t go…”

“Start separating.”

On Earth, daughter Murphy returned home.

His son, Rittentown, was angry with her and wanted to drive his sister away.

In order to get the family out of here, Murphy set fire to the cornfield and delayed time.

While his brother goes to rescue Corn, Murphy also searches the bedroom for information left by the ghost.

After Li Xiaojun fell into the black hole, there was endless darkness in front of him.

His separation cabin seemed to have disappeared, and the whole person began to fall continuously! Finally, here, the audience saw the most incredible scene! After Li Xuanjun fell, he fell into a strange space!

He fixed his eyes on the fact that this was the earth, behind the bookshelf in Murphy’s bedroom!

To be precise, there are countless homes, each corresponding to a different time node!

He could see both Murphy as a teenager and Murphy as an adult! This is how five-dimensional space behaves in three-dimensional space!

At this moment, people who have studied physics or those who have not studied physics are stunned!

The dimension of time and space is obviously a very abstract concept, and Chu Xuan actually showed it in front of everyone in this way!

The thinking of countless viewers has been completely subverted at this moment!

Lin Lei, who had previously dismissed science fiction films, simply wanted to put Chu Xuan on the altar at this moment!

He had a thousand words, which could only be combined into one sentence: “Sleeper! ”

I have to say that this scene is really shocking!

And the protagonist Li Xiaojun also understood at this time that the ghost that her daughter said when she was a child was actually herself!

He hurriedly pushed down the book to get his daughter’s attention.

At the same time, in the wind and sand, the coordinates of the space base are marked by binary.

When his daughter cried to keep him, Li Xiaojun couldn’t bear it any longer and sent out the signal of ‘STAI stay’!

Unfortunately, he could not understand this meaning in the original time and space, and still left Li Xiaojun desperately to find that no matter what he did, he could not change the past, nor could he change the future.

Could this be his destiny?

Is this the fate of mankind?

At this moment, the robot TARS in the depths of the black hole actually obtained key data!

He hurriedly manipulated gravity, affecting the hands of the broken watch, entering data, hoping to be noticed by his daughter!

Meanwhile, Murphy, the daughter of Earth, can’t find information about the ghost.

My brother had returned from rescuing the cornfield.

She had to leave quickly, and before leaving, she found the watch her father had left behind.

Despite the broken dial, Murphy chose to take it with him.

It’s just that when she saw the dial hands, she finally realized!

The “ghost” did not leave!

The “ghost” is always by her side!

Ridon returned, and Murphy excitedly hugged his brother.

“The ghost is him!” It’s always him! Dad will save us! ”

After breaking through hundreds of millions of codes, Murphy finally solved the unsolvable equation.

The world can finally get on the space station and leave this devastated earth!

At the same time, Li Xiaojun, who completed his mission, also saw the convergence of the five-dimensional space.

It’s over………

I don’t know how long later, when Li Xuanjun woke up.

He found himself lying on the space station, and the real time had passed decades, and Li Xiaojun’s theoretical age was 124 years old.

The space station has successfully floated in space, and humans seem to live in space without obstacles.

It was named Lee’s space station.

Daughter Murphy has become a hero for the whole world.

When the two saw each other again, the father was still young, but the daughter was white-haired and full of children and grandchildren.

It’s a shame.

“That ghost is me, I am your ghost.”

“I know.”

Seeing his father, Murphy could finally die without any worries.

“Parents shouldn’t watch their children die, I have my offspring. Go find Brand…”

Father Li Xiaojun is still young, and he can still open a new chapter.

On the other side, Brand also found the right planet.

The previous astronaut Edmund was dead. Brand is alone and waits here silently.

Perhaps, Li Xiaojun will arrive soon.

When the movie ended, the audience fell silent.

Everyone was immersed in the story.

Everyone with tears and quietly watched the end credits.

George Lucas sighed lightly and smiled at Spielberg: “I am very grateful to Chu Xuan, in this era, let me see a great science fiction movie.” ”

Spielberg would smile too.

“Me too.”

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