Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 285

The room!

From the window, a faint moonlight poured in, the faint sound of the waves, accompanied by the breath of the sea drifting in.

Fang Nan did not hide his fiery eyes in the slightest, and glanced at Yuriko Takagi without scruples.

“Fang Nan, how… Can’t I? Why you can do it, it’s not fair. ”

Yuriko Takagi stood by the bed, her face was flushed, as if she was blushing, and like a wine-colored red, a pair of watery eyes looked directly at Fang Nan.

Only to see her walk in front of Fang Nan, changing her usual dignified and calm, and her delicate face was full of resentment.

Even the words she said were full of sour vinegar.

I see!

Fang Nan laughed lightly, revealing a bad smile.


The movement on this side of the room, other people around naturally can not hear, although drink a lot of wine, but after washing must be a little sober.

In the rooms of Shizuka Jugawa and Nanrika.

“Too much deception, no! Rika I once I can’t stand it anymore! Shizuka Jugawa tugged at the quilt and gritted her teeth.

Next to her, Nan Lixiang, who was gradually falling asleep, had long been accustomed to this, saying that she was already accustomed to it, but her good girlfriend was the first time to show such an unhappy emotion.

“Rika don’t sleep first, what am I going to do?” Shizuka Jugawa pushed Nanrika’s shoulder.

Nan Lixiang did not open his eyes, and did not pay any attention at all.

Seeing this, Shizuka Jugawa reached into the quilt with both hands and grabbed it.

“Oh, do whatever you want, don’t be like a complaining woman all day, I’m so tired today, let me sleep well.”

Nan Lixiang closed her eyes and whispered, she was really tired.

“Do what you think in your heart?” I understand! ”

Shizuka Jugawa clenched her small fists and looked at Nanrika, who was already asleep, she drummed her face and left the bed, looked at her own outfit in the mirror, took a few deep breaths, and then opened the door and rushed straight into Fang Nan’s room.

It’s just that when she actually went in, she kind of regretted it.

“That… I’m here to cheer you on, do you believe me? ”


Next door, Nan Lixiang, who had just fallen asleep for a long time, couldn’t help but be woken up because of too much movement.

Then I remembered what she seemed to have said to Shizuka Jugawa.

Nan Lixiang suddenly opened her eyes, then got up, and looked at the bed of the original two people, only she was left, and she was even more confused with some brain confusion.

Soon, she glanced up at the wall, hindsight.

“Shizuka this guy won’t really…”

Nan Lixiang lay down, and the whole person was speechless.

I didn’t expect that my inadvertent act, a casual word, actually caused such a result, think about it is really absurd and beautiful!

“Fang Nan this guy will definitely not pity Xiang Xiang and cherish Yu, tomorrow she will have a hard time eating!”

Nan Lixiang gritted her teeth darkly, and then closed her eyes heavily, intending not to be upset.

But who would have thought that next door was the situation between the three countries, even if two of them joined forces, they would not be able to resist the domineering Fang Nanguo, and the triumphant song had already sounded loudly.

In this case, Nanrika collapsed and found that she was insomnia again!

I don’t know how many points it was, but she couldn’t hold on to her groggy sleep.


The next day!

Fang Nan got up early in the morning, washed and showered and changed clothes, and the mood was exceptionally comfortable, just as bright as the outside eyes.

Seeing that Fang Nan was gone, Shizuka Jugawa and Yuriko Takagi came out of the bed, and without exception, they were all flushed.

“Good morning Nanlixiang, I don’t think you’re in good spirits?” Did you sleep well last night? ”

As soon as he came out of the room, Fang Nan saw Nan Lixiang, who had also just walked out of the room.

It was only at this moment that Nanli Xiang actually made him feel like he was in a trance, because the dark circles under his eyes were too similar to the one he had seen before when he was in the Ziyuan Villa Area.

It’s almost the same!

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