Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 284

“That line, by the way, I don’t like people who are yin and yang, you know.”

After Fang Nan finished speaking, he directly cut off the signal.

On the other side of the video, Poison Island and Yuriko Takagi look at this scene with wide eyes.

“That’s how you talked to them last time?” Yuriko Takagi asked with some surprise.

Poison Island Tsunako also looked at Fang Nan with surprise, as if she knew him for the first time.

“Is it weird?”

“Isn’t that strange? They are all high-level people in various countries, and they usually talk about which one is not looking at people with their noses. Nanrixiang said.

“No more cows are not human? Putting the muzzle of the gun on the door of their heads is still frightening. Don’t say anything, go back first, Saya, they should be in a hurry at home. ”

Fang Nan waved his hand indifferently.

Leaving the military base, the group rushed back to the seaside resort center in an SUV before dark.

“We’re back!”

As soon as she entered the house, Nan Lixiang undid her coat without any regard for the image, revealing a thin vest with only one piece inside.

“Yikes! Rika, you are finally back! ”

Shizuka Jugawa was the first to run out when she heard the voice, followed by Saya Takagi and Makoko Shiroda.

“How’s it going? Are things still going well? Gao Cheng Shaye walked over to Fang Nan and glanced at Dao.

“Perfectly solved, you wait and pay attention to the computer, there will be something sent over, you receive it.”

Fang Nan said, I want to take a shower, after all, I sweated a lot today.

Makoto Shiroda prepared a change of clothes early in the morning.


Seven o’clock in the evening!

Everyone had dinner, and tonight to celebrate the victory, they specially scavenged a lot of good wine from around the resort.

During this time, Nanrika and Shizuka Jugawa have been talking.

Shizuka Jugawa asks about today’s process, and Nanrika talks impatiently on the side, and from time to time she also asks Poison Island Tsunako.

As he spoke, he pulled on the map, as well as Fang Nan’s methods of interrogating people, etc., and even in the elevator, the inexplicable success of breaking into the enemy’s interior was said.

“Really? It’s so funny, are the military people so stupid? Ha ha! Shizuka Jugawa smiled wildly, and Kumaji trembled.

After dinner, the women changed to the living room to continue chatting, and of course the wine could not be less.

Fang Nan sat in the middle, listening to the laughter of the women and the sound of the waves, and sniffed lightly, all the women’s refreshing body fragrance mixed with the aroma of wine, very comfortable.


At this time, the computer on the table in the middle suddenly made a sound.

“Is it a document, so much?” Takagi Saya looked at Fang Nan.

There are more than ten copies in the computer.

“It is the instruction manual of the Eden Plan sent from various countries, and they are all opened to see.”

As soon as Takagi Saya heard it, he immediately opened one of the instructions, and a large number of words were displayed.

The reason why Fang Nan asked each of them to issue a plan specification was because he was afraid that some of them would deceive and deliberately mislead him.

After reading these instructions, Fang Nan finally understood what this so-called Eden plan was.

To put it bluntly, in order to create an absolutely safe underground world, countries work together to carry all available resources together.

The instructions also tell in detail the beginning of the plan, to the final goal, everything is big and small, from the distribution of materials, the division of land where people live, to the designation of civilized order in the future.

“I didn’t expect that the ambitions of various countries would be so great!” Yuriko Takagi exclaimed in amazement.

“Yeah, but how big can they dig into the underworld, it’s impossible to fit everyone in, let alone all kinds of equipment and so on.” Shizuka Jugawa tilted her head.

“Can you think of it, will they not think of it?” Finally, it has been explained here that when the plan enters the completion stage, the list of personnel and the discarded parts will be allocated, that is, even those who are in their political department and military department may not be able to enter the underground world. Fang Nan shook his head.

If there is no inadvertent obstruction from them, how many people should be abandoned once the plan is completed? How desperate should it be?

“Okay, it seems they’re all keeping their promises, Saya, you count these coordinates and addresses, these are the locations where the nuclear bombs of various countries are stored, it’s important.”

Seeing the end, Fang Nan saw rows of numbers and geographical location names.


Takagi Saya had a serious little face and recorded all this information one by one.

And Fang Nan, who had done all this, lay down on the soft sofa with ease, picked up a bottle of vodka and took a sip.

With his physique, cephalosporin with wine is fine, not to mention the spirits.

The others were also very happy, and in any case, they would never be hunted down again, which was a happy news.

So happy, tons of tons of sounds come and go.

In the end, I don’t know how many points, even Fang Nan was a little drunk.

“No, I can’t drink any more, I’m going to take a shower and go to bed, let’s go Alice Sauce.”

Nanrika put down the bottle and pulled Shizuka Jugawa and Alice to take a shower and go back to the room.

Others are pretty much the same.

When he was finished, Fang Nan, the only one who was still awake, glanced at the living room full of wine bottles, and then looked at Hirano Toda, who was lying on the ground and asleep.

“It’s as if this guy just got drunk on the first drink, and it’s still beer!”

Fang Nan couldn’t laugh or cry.

Dragging Hirano Toda to the couch, he took a blanket and covered it, and went outside the house to check it out, before slowly walking toward his room, thinking that he would go to Takashi Miyamoto to continue playing tonight.

However, when he opened the door, he was shocked to find that someone had already been lying by his bedside.

Yuriko Takagi!

That’s right, this person is Yuriko Takagi, who is slightly drunk.

But Fang Nan could be sure that at this time, Yuriko Takagi was definitely not drunk, but why would a person who was obviously not drunk lie down on his bed as if he had walked into the wrong room?

You’re not right!

This question is somewhat intriguing.

“Fang Nan…”

Yuriko Takagi stood up, her delicate and charming face appeared a touch of red, and her confused eyes seemed to contain this sea of stars, a special sparkle.

And Fang Nan also noticed the dress of Yuriko Takagi at this moment.

A close-fitting red suspender skirt was draped over her body, showing her foul figure to the fullest, and on her snow-white incense shoulders, two red silks bore her abundant capital.

The plump legs swayed, and from the characteristic cracks of the edges, a white thigh like gel was revealed, which flashed from time to time because of the light, like a hooked little goblin.

The most damning thing is that it is bound by a layer of black wire suspender stockings, and the process of stretching can’t help but reveal a slight fold.

This kind of fold can make any member of the opposite sex crazy!

Tonight’s Takagi Yuriko, incomparably charming!

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