Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 279

The whole control room was shooting with guns.

It’s just that no matter how fast their movements are, they are not as fast as Fang Nan’s.

“Give face no face!”

Fang Nan snorted coldly, and his expression also cooled down.

Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko began to act when they heard this.

Bang! Bang!


Bang! Bang!


The speed of Fang Nan’s three people was extremely fast, like a fierce tiger descending the mountain and rushing into the crowd of the control room.

A series of blood beads were raised, and in the midst of the gunfire, people kept falling, and the pungent blood filled the control room at once.

The five admirals watched this scene in utter horror.

This… It’s a one-sided slaughter!

However, even if the gunfire and bullets were stationed at the checkpoint, they could not hurt Fang Nan, so why would these dozen pistols threaten him?

It’s ridiculous!

Soon, the entire control room except for the five admirals and the three men in suits of the government department were lying on the ground, without any sound.

Just when Fang Nan wanted to solve the three men in suits at the same time, the man in the suit seemed to know something, and hurriedly knelt down, “Don’t! Don’t kill me… Please! I… I know the startup code for the nuclear bomb! Don’t you want to control a nuclear bomb? The password is a must, only me…”




Before the three men in suits could finish speaking, three bullets had already entered their heads.


Fang Nan looked at this scene, laughed softly, and then turned his head to look at the five generals who fired the gun.

“Yuck! Shameful stuff! He even knelt down to the enemy and begged for his life! ”

“There is no such breed in my island country!”

“Life and death are only a moment, there is nothing to be afraid of!”

The five admirals said that even if they were castrated, they would never frown.

“Then I hope you continue to persevere.”

Fang Nan shrugged his shoulders, then walked over and made the five people blue and swollen in three or two strokes.

In the process, the five people did not say a word, but Fang Nan did not expect that this would make them obediently cooperate.

“Ahem! Even if you cut off all my fingers and throw them down from here to feed the zombies! We don’t frown either! We won’t say that the password program is dead, and the people who know it are dead, see what else you can do! ”

The older admiral held his face high, like a lion who would never bow his head.

“How does this line feel so familiar?” But congratulations, I took your proposal. Fang Nan was stunned, but after the old man’s reminder, he took the samurai sword and aimed it at his little thumb, which was a knife down.


A little thumb fell to the ground.


Ten fingers connected to the heart, in which the pain is visible.

The old man’s face turned miserable in an instant, and a dense cold sweat came out of his forehead, curled up on the ground and shivered.

The other four admirals looked at it and immediately shrunk their necks, thankful that they were not themselves.

How do you know that Fang Nan turned his head and glanced at them: “Blessed to share, there are difficulties to share, as comrades-in-arms, you can’t just watch the hilarity!” ”

After saying that, the arm shook, and each of the five people dropped a little thumb in unison.

Four terrible screams suddenly resounded throughout the control room.

Fang Nan plucked out his ears, and when they eased up, he began to ask again, “Now, can you say it?” ”

“Ahem! I… Even if it is death, from this throws us down, we also…”


Fang Nan was a little impatient, and before they could finish speaking, he directly moved his hands.

Suddenly, another finger of the five people fell off.

“Each of you still has eight fingers, are you sure you want to continue like this?”

Fang Nan sighed, looked at their hideous look of pain, and sighed that these five old guys could really bear it.

Not surprisingly, they still had no intention of letting go.

Fang Nan was also ruthless, asking once, and cutting once without saying.

Until the five of them each had five fingers left, two of them could not bear such a great pain and fainted.

Finally, when it came time to count the third root, someone couldn’t stand it.

I said! I say! Other… Don’t do it! ”

This is a relatively young general who has relaxed.

The pain of breaking their fingers is enough to drill their hearts, and they also have to endure the process of blood slowly flowing from their bodies, which is simply a double blow of mind and body.

In this way, how could he bear it, the eyes looking at Fang Nan at the moment were full of fear.

“I also said…”

“Don’t do it again…”

In addition to the old man, the other two finally couldn’t stand it anymore, and stood on their knees, and they hated the old man.

You say what you say is not good, just say what broken finger, this is good, really broken, but also really painful!

The old man saw all this in his eyes, and he couldn’t say anything in his heart, in fact, he couldn’t bear it for a long time.

“Isn’t it never on your knees begging for your life, isn’t there no breed in the island nation?”

“Oh, I really can’t escape the law of true incense.”

Fang Nan sneered, and Fang Nan put away the katana he had just raised, “If you knew that, why did you have to be where was the controller that could control the nuclear bomb in the first place?” ”

“In … In the central chamber of Area A of the military base, where … Nuclear bombs can be controlled. ”

The two admirals finished speaking, and their eyes showed a look of relief.

“Central Chamber in Area A…”

Fang Nan frowned and nodded, when looking through the satellite map last night, the military base was indeed divided into several major areas, thinking of this, he stabbed these two people and picked up the old man.

“Just in case, just in case, just follow us!”

The old man gritted his teeth and felt depressed, but as soon as he thought of another stab if he resisted, he immediately became honest.

Stepping out of the control room, Fang Nan threw a fragmented grenade into it, and when they sat downstairs on the elevator, there was a faint tremor from above.

Cutting the grass and removing the roots, Fang Nan still understands this point, in case there are still people alive to inform the army on the front line, it will be a bit troublesome.

The old man also seemed to be aware, and his face was extremely ugly, and he looked at Fang Nan and did not dare to say a word.

Out of the main building, since there was no one in the rear, even if there were, under the attack of poison island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko, few people could escape.

After killing more than a dozen soldiers along the way, we came to the central chamber of Area A.

This is similar to a place of electric room, very hidden, and even people can’t see around.

I walked inside, turned several corners, opened several alloy iron doors, and finally came to the central room.

In the central room, the nuclear bomb starter, composed of more than a dozen computers, seemed to have been uninhabited for a long time, and there was dust everywhere.

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