Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 273

With the confirmation of Takagi Saya one by one, it was confirmed that the bright spots in the darkness were indeed the strongholds deployed by the island’s military headquarters, and their number was exaggerated to reach more than seventeen!

This kind of number, if the military department is bent on cleaning up the entire city of Kitakyushu city and leaving no zombies, it is absolutely possible.

The firepower of the military department, there is no doubt!

Such a powerful firepower deployment, not to mention the poison island, even Fang Nan felt solemn.

“I didn’t expect that the military headquarters would deploy so many strongholds in Kitakyushu City!?” Nanri xiang was still in shock.

At this time, Fang Nan raised an eyebrow and threw out a question, “Although the strength deployed by the military department in Kitakyushu City is amazing, but if you think about it carefully, is it a little too abnormal?” ”

“Indeed, even if Kitakyushu City is a central special zone, it doesn’t have to be so tightly guarded, right?” Unless…” Yuriko Takagi frowned slightly, vaguely guessing something.

The next second, the two seemed to think of something.

“Unless they’re protecting something!”

Fang Nan and Yuriko Takagi said in unison, and the other people who saw the degree of tacit understanding couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

Yuriko Takagi was even more red-faced, and did not dare to look at Fang Nan.

Fang Nan didn’t feel anything, his eyes flashed with a slight excitement, and continued: “Yes! The military must be protecting something, like the nuclear weapons we are looking for! ”

When everyone heard it, it seemed that they had been awakened by Fang Nan, and they all showed a suddenly enlightened expression.

The importance of nuclear weapons, which is self-evident, is related to a country’s biggest card.

If the nuclear bomb is really in Kitakyushu City, it is not surprising that the military headquarters is so arranged.

“Where exactly is the bomb placed?” Shizuka Jugawa tilted her head and asked.

Combined with the geography of Kitakyushu City and its own development, as well as the nature of the nuclear bomb, it is not suitable to hide the nuclear bomb at all, it is a big project.

This problem actually put Fang Nan in a difficult situation.

Just then, Takagi Saya spoke.

“You see, there is a military base on the coast in the east of Kitakyushu City!” Takagi Saya said in a deep voice.

Her words instantly made Fang Nan come to his senses and hurriedly moved his gaze to look at it.

Sure enough, under the lock of the satellite map, fifty kilometers away from the bustling city center of Kitakyushu City, there is a huge military base.

There was not a single population around, only the military base glowed strongly, and the beach was listed as a military powerhouse and had long been closed to the public.

“Saya, well done!”

Fang Nan exclaimed,

If it weren’t for Takagi Saya’s carefulness, it is estimated that they might have directly ignored this military base outside Kitakyushu City.

“That is to say, in Kitakyushu City, there are not only seventeen military strongholds, but also a huge military base!” Asami Nakaoka was shocked.

After all, with such firepower, it was really not difficult to sweep up kitakyushu city.

“Yes, but that’s not the most critical, the most critical thing is that the nuclear bomb is most likely hidden in this military base!”

Fang Nan said in a conclusive tone.

Nuclear weapons are such things that must be placed in the safest place and heavily guarded.

In the entire city of Kitakyushu, there is naturally no safer place than a military base, and the nuclear bomb is hidden in a military base, which is also the most reasonable place at present.

“It seems that we are going to have a real frontal hard steel with the military department of the island country.”

After the basic determination, Fang Nan began to ponder, such as attacking this military base.

If he wanted to take control of the nuclear bomb, he would have to attack the military base, but this military base was completely different from the last military base.

This time, the military base is full of personnel, all kinds of equipment are in operation, and it is completely full of combat strength.

The two, there is no comparison at all!

“The military base is too big, and there are a lot of people on the other side, we can’t face them head-on, how about using zombie bombs like in Nagasaki Prefecture?” At this time, Takashi Miyamoto offered her opinion.

She remembered that when she was in Nagasaki Prefecture, Fang Nan used a zombie bomb to simply defuse the trap of the Three Kingdoms ambush, which was not only effective and easy to use, but also destroyed a large group of zombies, and Miyamoto Takashi felt very good.

“It’s a good idea, we can use zombie bombs again, although they are more crowded, but don’t forget, there are more zombies outside!” However, in order to avoid the death of the military fish net, we still need to keep another hand. ”

Fang Nan’s eyes flashed a touch of essence, and he already had a general layout plan in his mind.

Soon, late at night, for tomorrow’s big battle, the women entered the spacious artificial hot spring to take a bath, and then prepared to rest.

Soon, it was FangNan’s turn to take a shower, and seeing that Takashi Miyamoto and Reiko Miyamoto were preparing to walk back to the room, he smiled and quietly walked over.

Suddenly, Miyamoto’s body tightened, and in order not to let her daughter find out, she pretended to be normal, but her eyes were already pink.

Subsequently, Fang Nan calmly walked into the bathroom, believing that his hint was already very obvious.

For last night, he still had a lot of memories, which was another flavor than the intellectual beauty president of Makoto Shiroda.

How to say it?

One look knows what posture to change, that’s the experience!

This night is destined to be another sleepless night.

Not only Fang Nan, but also the top level of the island country.


Island Command!

At this moment, once again, an international conference has been convened.

However, this time it was not a non-compliance from other countries, but a unilateral initiative by the island nation.

Soon, many countries participating in the plan, such as the United States, the Bear Country, the Eagle Country, the French Country, and so on, all responded and connected.

Mutogawa stood up and briefly explained the current situation to the representatives of various countries, and even the special forces of the United States, Eagles, and France in Nagasaki Prefecture were also told one by one.

Good fellow, when the representatives of the three countries heard the news, they almost did not explode several horns in the headquarters of the island nation.

Mikoku: “O my God! The large army of three thousand men of our Empire, plus cruise missiles, is gone!! I’m $%%^*…”

Xiong Guo: “Haha, deserved!” ”

Eagle Jiliguo: “It’s so cruel, these mutants are simply not human!” I’m $%%^*…”

Xiong Guo: “Happy to hear!” ”

France: “I’m $%%^*…”

Xiong Guo: “Who made you so fast, without the help of my Big Bear Kingdom, how could you catch those mutants?” ”

Three Kingdoms: “…”

Mikoku: “I’ve put up with you for a long time and want to go to war!?” ”

Xiong Guo: “Come, who is afraid of whom!” ”

The United States of America “Start Fighting! ”

Eagle Country: “…”

France: “…”

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