Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 272

“What! Spot the target person? ”

As soon as this news came, the entire command headquarters boiled over in an instant.

“The news from Kitakyushu City, they actually left Nagasaki Prefecture and came to Kitakyushu City, what is this Fang Nan going to do?”

Some parliamentarians have carefully analyzed it and felt that there must be something strange in it.

And the others couldn’t think about it so much, especially the three highest-ranking generals of the military department, when they heard Fang Nan’s news, they were eager to jump like thunder.

“Damn! Damn it! They killed so many people in the military headquarters of our island country, and they also came to Kitakyushu City! ”

“Now that you know their news, annihilate the other side in Kitakyushu!”

“Kitakyushu City? Hum! It was the most heavily fortified area in our island country, and they were self-casting nets! ”

The three generals snorted coldly and issued words one after another to impose absolute sanctions on Fang Nan.

The twelve parliamentarians, including Mutogawa, looked at this scene and were somewhat relieved in their hearts, after all, since they had formed a grudge with Fang Nan, they had lost many battles, and they were afraid that the military department would completely lose confidence.

“Three generals, then this action against the target person, it will be handed over to the three.”

Muto Chuan is also a personal master, since the confrontation with Fang Nan, he is almost the second Wisteria Katsutake, and if this continues, the dissatisfaction of others with him will become more and more, and it is better to take the opportunity to completely lose power to the military department.

If he can do it, of course, it can’t be killed, then it’s not that he Mutogawa is incompetent.


The other side!

Fang Nan slowly entered the boundary of Kitakyushu City.

Kitakyushu, like Fukuoka Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture, is an economic region with countless high-rise buildings and traces of economic development.

Even if it is a location on the outskirts of the city, it is not comparable to the average city, and the scenery along the way is very good.

The most important thing is that Kitakyushu City is close to the coast, the tourism service industry is also very developed, and Fang Nan does not have to be too entangled in finding a place to sleep at night.

“Kitakyushu City is really developed, even the number of zombies is much lower than in other places, and there are many survivors!”

Inside the car, Shizuka Jugawa and Alice Ciri were lying at the window looking out.

Since entering Kitakyushu City, the number of zombies is completely incomparable with that of Nagasaki Prefecture, Fukuoka, and the number is too different.

However, there are more survivors, but it seems that they are all yellow-faced and thin, and it is estimated that the daily infection rate will not be too slow.

If the estimate is correct, it is now a period of calm, and it will be mostly an outbreak period later.

“Let’s find a place to settle down and see the situation in Kitakyushu City before making detailed plans!”

Fang Nan was in the co-pilot, looking at everything outside the car, and had a preliminary understanding of Kitakyushu City in his heart.


The women had no opinion, seeing that the sun was about to set, they had been riding in the car for most of the day, and they were quite tired.

“Huh? Just now I was on a billboard and saw that there is a seaside resort center in Kitakyushu City, so let’s go and have a look! ”

At this moment, Shizuka Jugawa raised her hand and said with great interest, a pair of expectant eyes looking at Fang Nan.

Looking at that posture, it seemed that Fang Nan could cry as long as he didn’t agree.

“Seaside resort center? Sounds like a good look. Poison Island nodded.

“It’s a good choice.” Takagi Saya smiled and squinted.

“Then let’s go, Makoto, what about you?” Yuriko Takagi smiled at Makoto Shiroda.

“I… I look at Fang Nan’s decision. ”

Shiroda Masako hesitated, and then handed over the decision to Fang Nan, in fact, she really wanted to go, after all, the holiday center was very good to hear, and it was still the beach, she had not been to the beach for more than a year.

“Fangnan, shall we go?”

Asami Nakaoka’s eyes shone brightly.


Fang Nan looked at these women, and then looked at Asami Nakaoka, you are like this, what else can I say? Then he shook his head, it was all his own habit, and he had to endure it.

“Let’s go to the seaside resort center!”

Finally Fang Nan agreed.

His original intention was to find a large house nearby, saving time and effort, but he could not refuse seeing the women who were so interested.

At 7:30 p.m., they finally arrived at the so-called seaside resort center.

As soon as you enter, you will see the reception center, and behind it are two-storey houses, and in the back is the beach, and the salty smell in the air can be smelled in the old far south, and the sound of the waves is also one after another.

However, because it was night, the sky was completely dark, and the waves could not be seen, and I could only look at the beach.

It is worth affirming that the environment here is really good, almost every place is designed for enjoyment, and it is estimated that people will be wasted after living for a long time.

And there are not many zombies, probably because the zombie outbreak is the off-season of tourism, from the time they came in to the present, they have seen only a dozen zombies, and there is no sign of living people.

Driving past these buildings, the women chose one of the cleaner ones.

Walking in, the house is a wooden structure, the overall warm color system, the walls are all wallpaper of the sea and dolphins, there are five beach chairs facing the sea, and next to it is a swimming pool.

“And electricity!”

Shizuka Jugawa, who was the first to walk in, turned on the light switch, and in an instant the whole house became brightly lit.

Fang Nan slightly checked the circle, confirmed that there was no danger around, and then sat down on the sofa, the left hand side was the sea, and the gentle breeze was blowing, not to mention it was quite comfortable.

Later, the division of labor among the women was clear, and Yuriko Takagi and Makoto Shiroda went to prepare dinner for tonight, led by Takashi Miyamoto, who cleaned up the second floor and the few rooms that needed to be stayed tonight.

After packing up, the time also came to eight o’clock, and it happened that dinner was ready.

After dinner, everyone gathered in the small living room on the first floor, and it didn’t matter whether the TV was put on or not, there seemed to be no signal.

“Let’s take a look at the situation in Kitakyushu City with a satellite map, especially to understand the distribution of the military headquarters in Kitakyushu City.” Fang Nan was holding a bottle of can in his hand, which was beer.

Takagi Saya listened, immediately took out his laptop from his small backpack, and then skillfully entered the satellite system and opened the satellite map.

Soon the map flashed out, and several places in the dark and vast city of Kitakyushu were very obvious, like the brightest stars in the night sky.

Needless to say, Gaocheng Saye had already selected one of the highlights and enlarged them, and after a while, the appearance of the highlights gradually became clear.

“It’s the stronghold of the military!” If every bright spot just now is a military stronghold, it seems that the troops deployed by the island nation in Kitakyushu City are very large! ”

Hirano Toda exclaimed, “This is both stronger than Fukuoka Prefecture and Nagasaki Prefecture combined.” ”

In the computer, it looks like it should be a hospital, and the inside of the hospital is bright, whether it is patrolling soldiers or brightly lit buildings, no doubt showing their identities.

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