Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 271

Asami Nakaoka drove the SUV toward the national highway.

Without the nuisance of the military, they can run wildly, and there is no need to worry about helicopters and the like.

Along the way, Fang Nan also found that there were many fewer survivors in Nagasaki Prefecture, and those who could survive were the strongest of the strong.

Just when I was preparing to drive out of Nagasaki Prefecture, it was a coincidence that I met the muscular men I saw when I first entered Nagasaki Prefecture two days ago.

Fang Nan looked at them through the window.

And they also saw Fang Nan.

At this time, the muscular man drove one off-road vehicle after another, followed by a truck, which was used by the military and seemed to have been searched from the military stronghold.

Weapons are not blunt weapons such as baseball bats, which are everywhere, but are replaced by daggers and firearms.

People who don’t know see them and think they are the gangsters in the movie.

Fang Nan casually glanced at it a few times, and then withdrew his gaze.

Although these muscular macho men are very threatening, he has no idea about opponents who can be slapped with a slap.

Soon, the two sides were staggered.

“Boss, why are you stopping me?” Don’t you see how advanced that car is!? If we can grab that car, then we can go deeper into those military strongholds! ”

One of the muscular men watched the SUV leave with his eyes and said with regret.

Their boss, the man who was still carrying a baseball bat full of nails, watched Fang Nan closely after they left, and finally showed a relaxed look.

“Didn’t you notice?” In the past three days, the riot of the military department is because of that car, and now the military department in Nagasaki Prefecture is gone, but the people in that car are still good, is this not enough to explain a lot of problems? Still dare to hit their attention? ”

Although he was only twenty-three, his vision and IQ were not bad, and he could come up with many key questions at a casual thought.

Obviously, those people are extremely dangerous people, but these subordinates of their own actually want to do others, which is really very tired and crooked!


Those men were dumbfounded, thought seriously about it, and then shrunk their necks.

People who can overthrow the military department, they can’t afford it!

For everything in Nagasaki Prefecture, they had already left Nagasaki Prefecture and come to The South of the Expressway, but they didn’t know anything about it.

In the car, the women were in a good mood, and the second row was transformed by Asami Nakaoka, shortening the space of the third row so that all the women could sit together.

Flip out a small table filled with snacks and drinks, and sing songs on the smart device of the SUV.

That life is not to mention the taste of much.

During this time, they drove to a pleasant place, and saw that the time was almost lunchtime, so they were the same as last time.

After confirming that there is no danger, open the blanket and sit on the floor.

This time, they enjoyed it more than the last time.

Came for a barbecue!

Because a lot of fresh ingredients have been scavenged from the military stronghold, it is not fresh if you don’t eat it, so barbecue is a good choice.

After lunch, the crowd set out on the road again.

Just the road behind, it is not so smooth.

“Let’s go a different way!”

Fang Nanfu said wordlessly.

The reason is that without him, the road ahead is blocked again, and there will be a section everywhere, and the road will be blocked by a bunch of cars, if dozens of cars are better.

Fang Nan did not take this road and directly bumped into it.

But hundreds of cars are piled together, and there are many zombies!

This made Fang Nandu feel tired for a while.

In desperation, Takagi Saye took out his laptop, skillfully entered the satellite map, and began to check the nearby line.

Luckily, there’s another highway not far from them, but it’s about crossing an uninhabited area.

Fang Nan didn’t even think about it, and directly let Asami Nakaoka drive.

Isn’t it just a no-man’s land?

Can look down on me, but can’t look down on my SUV!

Hum —

Under the operation of Asami Nakaoka, the SUV turned a corner and rushed towards the grass next to it with one foot on the accelerator.

Although it is a little bumpy, the shock absorption performance of the SUV is not blown out, and the people on the car with some small pits and small pebbles have no sense at all.

Finally, after much effort, the tires of the SUV finally ran over another highway.

And this also led to the fact that it only took more than two hours to travel, and it took more than four hours to spend hard, which is all a point, and it has not yet arrived!

And what made Fang Nan happy was that there was no abandoned car blockage in the back of the road, and there was no tide of corpses blocking the way, even if there was, it was the size of one or two hundred, and it was over directly bumped into it.

Fang Nan can still harvest a wave, which is not better than playing by himself?

In the afternoon, at three o’clock, the SUV finally passed a road sign that said Kitakyushu City.

Gradually, some traces of human habitation were also revealed, and some nearby rural houses, township commissaries and supermarkets could be seen.

“It’s finally here!”

Shizuka Jugawa stretched out a lazy waist and slept for two hours to take a nap, and she was unusually full of energy at the moment.

At the same time, after a day and a night of fermentation, the military headquarters of the island country has received the news.

Island nation, command.

Thirteen, oh no, are already twelve members of Parliament.

At this time, twelve parliamentarians were sitting in danger, and the three highest-ranking generals of the military department also came.

This lineup can be said to be the most powerful people in the island country.

“Nagasaki Prefecture… The whole army is destroyed! ”

Mutogawa’s suppressed voice echoed in the headquarters, breaking the calm.

“What the hell is going on here!? Seven good strongholds, one after another accidents, and now the whole army has been destroyed? Is the message confirmed? ”

One of the legislators, in disbelief, stood up and asked.

“The news has been confirmed, and the strongholds in the nearby area have sent people to take pictures, and you will be able to see it clearly.”

Mutogawa said somewhat weakly.

Then, a few photographs were released on the big screen, all of which were seven strongholds.

And these seven strongholds, without exception, are occupied by zombies, or fragmented, as if they have become zombie dens!

When the top level of the island country saw these photos, they all fell silent.


It’s miserable!

There is not a single living person, it is really cutting the grass and removing the roots.

“Doesn’t it mean that the support forces of the United States, eagle countries and Francis countries have all come?” What about them? “Some military officers objected.

Subsequently, several more photos appeared on the big screen.

They are all armed vehicles with the flags of each country, but they have all been scrapped.

Among them, the cruise missile vehicle that was cut through the middle is the most eye-catching.

Because it’s too familiar.

You don’t have to think about it to know whose masterpiece it is.

“Fangnan !!!”

The three generals of the army were furious.

“Muto Councilor, urgent news, news from the Kitakyushu city stronghold, fifteen minutes ago in the suburbs of Kitakyushu City found the target person’s tracks!”

Just then, the commander-in-chief hurried over.

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