Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 268


After Fang Nan entered the satellite system, he saw seven strongholds, and some courageous survivors entered the strongholds to find something.

But there were not many things that could be found, most of them were for food, because except for those taken by Fang Nan, most of them were buried in the ruins, otherwise there were too many zombies and they could not get close.

However, some heavy weapons they don’t think about, some are either broken, or there is no corresponding shell is useless, plus it is time-consuming and laborious to transport, and it occupies the place, just like a pile of scrap iron.

The most important thing is to be afraid of retaliation from the military department behind them, after all, they are not Fang Nan, and they do not have such a strong strength support from Fang Nan.

Fang Nan slid the mouse, looked at it casually, and suddenly, saw a familiar face.

“It was the fierce muscle man of the previous two days!”

Fang Nan was slightly surprised and zoomed in on the target.

In the map, he drove the muscular man and a few of his companions and quietly entered the stadium stronghold of Zaosuke Poison Island, but it was now a wreckage.

After they entered, the reason for the glass cover could not be seen, but within a few minutes they came out, and it seemed that they had a harvest in their hands.

“It seems that without the suppression of the military department, survivors in Nagasaki Prefecture will be easier to survive than before.”

I don’t know when the poisonous island that came to Fang Nan’s side said lightly.

Fang Nan nodded, “Yes! ”

This result is adaptive, not their own.

But even if these people got guns and other thermal weapons, Fang Nan had nothing to worry about.

In terms of firepower, they are far from opponents, if you talk about personal strength, here except for Takagi Saya, Kigawa Shizuka, Makoko Shiroda and Ciri Alice, which one is not hanging them.

What’s more, he alone can hammer a street.

But the survivors with weapons also have to face a serious problem, that is, the surge of zombies is not a small number.

It can be said that the level of danger in Nagasaki Prefecture has already climbed to another terrible number.

For example, now, at 8:30 p.m., there are screams from time to time outside, which is particularly frightening.

The movement created by zombies is also increasing.

“It’s time to eat!”

Little Lori Ciri Alice came out with a bowl of miso soup and shouted in the direction of the living room.

“Here it comes.”

Fang Nan put away the computer and came to the table with Poison Island Tsukiko.

During the meal, Fang Nan looked at the crowd and opened his mouth to say the idea of looking for nuclear weapons.

When the crowd heard it, they were not surprised, but they were quite frightened.

Nuclear weapons, this is a few world-class weapons that can sink the four islands of the island nation!

Now Fang Nan actually wants to find such a weapon, I have to say that it is a bit crazy.

But after the fright, it soon calmed down.

“This is the time I have taken the time to collect some information in the past few days, and I have learned some news.”

Fang Nan said, took out a tablet computer and displayed it, which was densely packed with some text descriptions and several picture diagrams.

In short, they don’t understand it very well, but they have a feeling of not being aware.

“As far as I know, the island country does not have nuclear weapons, it is rumored that the United States sent it a year ago, there are two of them, because the stakes are very high, few people know, even if they know it is just a joke, I also thought about it at the beginning, but after reading your information, I didn’t expect that there really was!”

Nanrika said in surprise.

“So where are these nuclear bombs hidden, and was there any gossip at the time?” Asami Nakaoka asked.

Nanrika shook her head, “No, even if there is, it is impossible to believe, but from the information collected by Fangnan, it is possible that Tokyo, Osaka, Hokkaido, and Kyushu Island are all possible, and we are now on Kyushu Island.” ”

“Yes, these places are the most likely, but except for Kyushu Island, the other three places are too far away for us to look for.”

“You mean that our primary target is to look for Kyushu Island?” Yuriko Takagi said.

“Kitakyushu to be precise, looking at the entire island of Kyushu, I have stolen the record of large-scale transportation between the United States and the island countries in the past few years, of which Kitakyushu is the most suspicious place.” Fang Nan smiled.

He sneaked through so many materials, hacked into the system of many political departments with unlimited deciphering cards, and finally let him find several customs records suspected of transporting nuclear bombs in the massive records.

Among them, it involves the military department of the United States, the military and politics of the island countries, etc., so Fang Nan is very suspicious that the nuclear weapons are somewhere in Kitakyushu.

“So we’re going to Kitakyushu City next?” Shizuka Jugawa asked sheepishly.

“If you don’t have any opinions, we’ll go to Kitakyushu City next.” Fang Nan looked at the crowd.

The women looked at each other, then shook their heads in unison and said in unison, “We have no opinion.” ”

Fang Nan nodded darkly, then looked at Hirano Toda.

“Of course, I have no opinion, I have been fang nan’s boss for the rest of my life!” Hirano Toda said religiously.


Is this guy burning the soul of the middle two again?

“Well, there’s one more important thing to do next.” Fang Nan put away the tablet and looked at everyone with a serious face, and finally fixed his eyes on Takako Miyamoto and Rei Miyamoto’s mother and daughter.

“Lady Miyamoto, and Miyamoto’s classmates, now that the Poison Island family in Nagasaki Prefecture has been destroyed, they will clearly not accept you. Or some idea. ”

Fang Nan asked.

Takashi Miyamoto and Reiko Miyamoto are not strictly speaking, they are not their own people, and since they are not their own, there is no need to continue to carry them, although these two women still have a charm and a youthful beauty.

But Fang Nan is not a man who is obsessed with beauty, a loyalty is far more important than appearance, otherwise he would have kicked Hirano Toda out long ago.

Hirano Toda: o((⊙_⊙))o.

For this question, not only the parties concerned, Takako Miyamoto and Reiko Miyamoto, were stunned, but even Poison Island Tsunako was caught off guard.

Indeed, this is a serious question, because it is the end of the world, and backstabbing is often there, and the end is even more numerous.

They can’t completely hand over their backs to someone they don’t trust.

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