Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 264

“In other words, there is only one last military stronghold left in Nagasaki Prefecture now?”

Asami Nakaoka asked.


“So shall we rush over now?”

At this moment, Nakamura Shimaro’s stronghold was besieged by 20,000 or more zombies, and it was a good time for them to annihilate all the military strongholds in Nagasaki Prefecture in one fell swoop.

“I guess we don’t have to do it, you see…”

Fang Nan said, putting the laptop in the center.

When the women heard this, they all stuck their heads out.

The satellite map shows that Nakamura Shimaro’s stronghold is all crowded with zombies, and it still plays a role because of the scrapped cars.

But even so, at the gate, there were already scattered zombies crowding in, watching the situation become more and more tense, and suddenly a large cannonball flew in.

Directly blowing up the gate, this scene, not only poison island Zosuke they look dumbfounded, even Fang Nan they are also surprised.

What does this do?

Retreat to the point of defense?

Just when Fang Nan and several women were stunned, the broken door gave the corpse tide a chance to break through.

Almost instantaneously, the tide of corpses came in from the broken gate, and the scene was a fight between the supermarket’s active Heavenly Dynasty aunts.

Then, after seeing Only Zosuke Poison Island and a few generals talking, an armed helicopter flew away with them.

Some of the soldiers were able to escape, but most of them were buried in the stomachs of zombies.

At 3:40 p.m., all seven strongholds in Nagasaki Prefecture were captured by the Island Army Headquarters!

“I didn’t expect that there were so many zombies, there should be thirty thousand, right?” Nan LiXiang exclaimed.

“More than that.” Takagi Yuriko Road.

In just two days, the number of zombies in Nagasaki Prefecture broke through a new high, and several strongholds in the city center were fighting hot, can the zombies on the periphery not pour in?

Therefore, the fall of the military headquarters of the island country is actually only a matter of time.

“Huh? Where are they going? ”

Asami Nakaoka asked, pointing to the computer screen.


“Poison Island General! Now we can only go to the United States, Eagle Country and Franco Kingdom for help, this time we have lost another stronghold, and the next force against the target person is afraid that the number of troops will not be enough. ”

On the helicopter gunship, a general looked at Zosuke Poison Island with an ugly face.

Several generals next to him nodded.

And Nakamura Shimaro is not dead, sitting in the corner and living without love, but it is almost the same as death, after all, the stronghold he is responsible for is gone, which is no different from letting him die.

“Go to my stronghold first to fix it, and wait for the above decision after the prayer!”

Poison Island Kurosuke was not very uncomfortable, he personally commanded, seeing that he was about to win, but the number of zombies suddenly increased sharply.

Who can stand this?

However, if you can catch the target person, you can make up for it.

Soon, they were going to fly to the stadium, but the next scene almost made Zosuke Poison Island go away with a cerebral thrombosis on the spot.


His stronghold is gone!

“This… This… What about the people of France? Aren’t they ambushed here!? What about the special people? ”

Standing on the edge of the plane, Zosuke Shima widened his eyes at the stadium below, where wisps of black smoke were wafting out, the glass cover was shattered, and he could faintly see the hordes of zombies in the stadium, corpses everywhere, and the miserable scene of blood flowing everywhere.

Nakamura Shimaro and the generals around him were also confused.

“Quick! Check it out at my stronghold! ”

“No! Go to mine first! ”

This is not to blame them for scrambling, after all, the reality is in front of them, and foreigners can’t be trusted!

Of course, in the end, they had seen several strongholds.

Finally, several generals sat side by side, with a skeptical look on their faces.

It’s all gone…

All seven strongholds are gone!

“Where can we go now?” Nakamura asked lightly.

“To die?”



Kurosuke Poison Island took a deep breath and stood up.

“Go to the central shopping complex!” Poison Island Kusuke raised his spirits and said in a deep voice.

The central shopping complex of the Poison Island family has the presence of the poison island family’s samurai, as well as many hot weapons and troops stationed there.

It was all a hand he had left before to prevent Fang Nan and others from coming again.

Unexpectedly, it has now become the final solo.

Several helicopter gunships changed direction and flew toward the central building.

Unbeknownst to them, a ‘eye’ in the sky was seeing everything in their eyes.

“In this direction, they’re going to the central shopping complex.”

Fang Nan narrowed his eyes and said, then looked at the time again, maybe today he could also uproot the poison island family in Nagasaki Prefecture by the way.

“We’ll go too.”


Asami Nakaoka nodded, activated the SUV and headed towards the central shopping complex.

When they arrived at the central shopping mall, Fang Nan made up his mind to get rid of the poison island family in Nagasaki Prefecture, so this way, it was not to do nothing.

Just in case, Fang Nan had prepared a batch of zombie bombs.

At this moment, with their arrival, the zombies swung around the edge of the SUV for a few seconds, and then they were attracted by the movement of the central shopping building and surrounded them.

Suddenly, thousands of zombies gathered around the edge of the iron net.

Several of the poison island Kusuke who had already entered the building had already met with Ichiro Poison Island.

Aoki, the poison island in the dojo, seemed to sense the seriousness of the matter and also walked out of the dojo.

“What happened? Can’t even the most basic calm be done? ”

Aoki, a poison island dressed in a plain kimono, appeared in front of everyone.

Kurosuke Poison Island looked at his father and was shocked.

Nakamura Shimaro and others did not dare to speak, after all, the latter’s generation and status were here.

“Father… The deployment of the military headquarters in Nagasaki Prefecture was completely destroyed! Poison Island said with his head bowed.

He abandoned his military force and joined the army, fighting for power and profit, but the result was such a fate, just like the loser hastily repenting in front of his father.

“In just two days, the seven major strongholds of your military department have disappeared!?”

Poison Island Aoki’s deeply sunken eye sockets froze, and a strong momentum suddenly rippled out.

The people present immediately felt a great pressure and thought: Is this the forced frame of the Sword Saint?

“The boss is not good, below… Surrounded by a lot of zombies below! ”

Just then, Ichiro Poison Island’s henchman, the Squirrel-Eyed Man, ran over.

When the crowd heard this, they all panicked.

If this is attacked by zombies, then they will definitely not survive.


In the end, it was poison island Aoki who spoke with a needle that calmed everyone down, and then looked at poison island Kurosuke, “Are you here with any ideas?” ”

Poison Island Kurosuke smiled miserably, what could he think, he originally wanted to seek temporary shelter for a while, but now that he looked at it, the Poison Island family was unable to protect themselves.

“Let’s go first!”

Kurosuke Poison Island looked at his father.

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