Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 260

It took more than an hour to drive all the way from the downtown section of Nagasaki Prefecture to the outskirts, the scene outside changed, the bustling area was no longer there, but there were more and more zombies.

Then, as yesterday, the sound of trumpets attracted all the zombies from all directions, and then chose one of the strongholds.

“Fang Nan, don’t we choose the one in yesterday’s stadium?” Asami Nakaoka, who was driving, asked.

Yesterday, because of the poisonous island samurai, they only consumed the strength of the stadium in the end, and they did not return, but it was also a semi-crippled state, which was much easier than other heyday strongholds.

At the beginning, Fang Nan also had this plan, but if you think about it carefully, you still forget it.

“It is not worth it to use the tide of corpses to lead to the stadium, after all, the current state of the stadium, the military department can completely abandon it without pain, even if the tide of corpses can be broken, we are not much to gain, it is better to attack another stronghold, so that they are difficult to ride the tiger.” Fang Nan explained.

The stronghold of Poison Island Kurosuke is much less difficult to attack, but the military department can abandon it and withdraw the army, and then the role of the corpse tide will not be fully exerted.

Therefore, Fang Nan temporarily changed his attention and attacked other strongholds.

“That’s the way it is.”

Asami Nakaoka nodded as if she understood

Next, because of the need to attract zombies, the speed of the SUV slowed down appropriately, and the return time took more than two hours, and the time was almost noon in the blink of an eye.

And the wave of zombies in the back, at a cursory glance, there are also early 20,000 heads, and when they arrive at the stronghold, it should not be worse than yesterday.

And the other side!

This is a stronghold set up in a hospital, because there are only a few places suitable for setting up a stronghold in the city center, which are nothing more than colleges, hospitals, police stations, stadiums, and so on.

In charge of this stronghold was a young man in his early thirties who was promoted the day after the zombie crisis broke out, because the military department was not manned enough, and many young people were promoted in this world.

This general is called Nakamura Shimaro, although young, but the ability is indeed OK, just a little too arrogant.

At this moment, his troops who were out on patrol sent a message back that Fang Nan and his party had been found and were attracting a wave of corpses to this side.

Nakamura Shima listened, and this was enough.

What a tide of corpses!

Although he did not send reinforcements yesterday, he heard that General Yamamoto had lost more than 40% of the troops, and most of the troops in the stronghold were gone, because of yesterday’s corpse tide.

And that’s how it got through with the help of other people.

It is absolutely impossible for him to be alone.

At that moment, he immediately took out the communicator and called Zosuke Poison Island.

Soon, the phone was connected.

“Poison Island General, I found the target person, but…”

“But what?”

The poison island Zaosuke at the other end was emotionally flat, not excited by the discovery of Fang Nan and his party, but he was slightly gasping for breath.

Nakamura Shimaro listened carefully, and couldn’t help but frown, revealing a strange expression, marveling that people with backgrounds are good, all this time, still enjoying the blessings.

“However, they are attracting a wave of corpses, and there is still more than half an hour to go before they reach me, so I beg for support!” Nakamura said cautiously


Inside the stadium stronghold, Poison Island Zaosuke stood up fiercely, pulled out the samurai sword in his hand, slashed the two zombies in front of him with a knife, and then walked into the tent without turning his head.

Just now it was his daily routine fitness exercise, killing thirty zombies every day, which was not difficult for him, that is, his physical strength was slightly unable to keep up.

“How long is it before the corpse tide arrives?”

Poison Island Zosuke said as he walked, put on the general’s clothes, yesterday they lost a lot, all night of searching without any clues, this kind of passive situation he has not experienced for more than thirty years, it is simply terrible.

Now that there is a clue, but it is the trick of the corpse tide, which can’t help but think of yesterday.

Are these guys trying to repeat the same trick?

Poison Island Kusuke gritted his teeth and thought.

“It’s estimated that there are still forty minutes to go, and I have just sent out five helicopter gunships…”

“The result?”

“It’s all gone!”


Poison Island Kurosuke didn’t know what to say, and at the same time, the valuation of their combat strength in the heart of the other side had changed a little.

“You go and inform the people in the other two strongholds first.”

After saying that, Zosuke Poison Island hung up the phone directly.

Nakamura Shimaro on the other end fed a few times, and when he saw the busy line, he hurriedly dialed the phones of several other generals.

That’s all he could do now.

“Lord Kurosuke, shall we not reinforce?”

After watching Zosuke Poison Island hang up the phone, he pondered for a full ten minutes, and several of his lieutenants looked at each other.

“The other side obviously wants to repeat the same trick, if we draw most of our troops to reinforce again, can you guarantee that they will not attack us?”

Poison Island Kurosuke glanced obliquely at the adjutant.

He was now hesitating whether to go to reinforcements, after all, he had already learned a lesson from the past.

But once they didn’t go, the stronghold that Nakamura Shimaro was in charge of could not stop such a huge tide of corpses, and it was bound to fall, and then their strength against the people of Fangnan would be less.

At the moment, he is really difficult to ride a tiger!

Not only him, but also the generals of the other two major strongholds, they hesitated in the face of this situation.

“Lord Kurosuke! Outside… Outside…”

Just then, there was a sudden noise outside the stadium, and then a soldier rushed over.

“What’s going on outside? Is it the target person! ”

Poison Island Kurosuke was extremely sensitive, thinking that Fang Nan and others had come over.

If this is a temporary change of goal and the tide of corpses is brought to him, then he will really be sad.

“No, it’s the troops of other countries coming, and our patrol squad has seen them enter Nagasaki Prefecture!”


Poison Island’s eyes flashed with essence, and excitement appeared on his face.

What is this called, in the words of the East, is another village of willow dark flowers and bright lights!

“Moreover, the patrol said that there are still several countries, they carry all kinds of heavy weapons, there is a Usui plane outside, and now people are outside.”

“Good location and nice staff”

Poison Island Kurosuke was confirmed, and his heart was determined.

In my mind, there is already a perfect plan in my mind.

“Immediately! Go gather everyone, except for the necessary garrisons, and follow me to reinforcements! ”

Poison Island Kusuke said in a loud voice, maybe this time, he can come to an empty city plan is not certain!

With his words, the whole stronghold began to stir, lined up neatly, ready to go.

The people of mikoku, Hakichikoku, and Falan, who had already entered Nagasaki Prefecture, also received news from Tsurugi Kurasuke, and at a fork in the road, the people of the three kingdoms were invariably separated.

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