Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 258

“It’s a bit far away, so let’s take a look at the second generation of ghosts first.”

Fang Nan returned to the truth, with a hint of expectation in his eyes, and took out the second generation of ghosts from the system warehouse.

At the moment when the second-generation ghost appeared, a purple streamer flashed in front of Fang Nan’s eyes, and then his hands were heavy, and a solid metallic feeling surged into his heart.

“This… Is it the second generation ghost who is one of the twenty-one workers of the Great Fast Knife! ”

In the misty white air of the bathroom, Fang Nan looked at the long samurai sword in his hand, the whole body was purple, and the sheath of the sword had spaced color blocks, different colors, but it was very textured.



Fang Nan grasped the handle of the sword and slowly pulled out the famous knives.

The moment the blade was exposed to the air, suddenly the temperature of the entire bathroom seemed to drop by a few degrees, and a breath of nothingness attached to the blade.

“Is this the breath of a famous knife, the ghost qi?” It’s really the knife as the name suggests! ”

Fang Nan sighed in admiration, casually waved a few times, and suddenly the air burst into a roar, “If you talk about evil nature, I’m afraid that the Demon Sword Village is going to lose a chip!” ”

Fang Nan touched the demon knife Murasaki, and knew in his heart the evil nature of the knife, the two knives were actually similar, if it was really a high or low, he still felt that the second generation ghost was a little stronger.

The second-generation ghost was lifted overhead, through the light, the back of the blade was purple-black, and the side of the blade had a purple jagged patch of color attached to the white blade, just looking at it was like seeing a ghost.

“System, how many enhancement points are needed to strengthen the second generation of ghosts?”

Fang Nan said earlier that he wanted to strengthen the second generation of ghostly words, naturally not empty words, but really had this plan, wanting to see how powerful a famous knife with basic attributes was so exploded, how powerful it was after strengthening, and his heart suddenly wanted to move.

“Ding! Strengthening the Second Generation Ghost Requires 1000 Enhancement Points. Is it enhanced? ”

“A thousand?” Still yes, OK reinforcement! ”

Fang Nan thought about it a few times, and quickly made up his mind to strengthen the second generation of ghost che.

“Ding! The second generation of ghost thorough reinforcement is complete! ”

The next second, Fang Nan saw that the purple luster of the second generation ghost in his hand was even more profound and mysterious, so he opened the attribute panel to check it out.

【Name:2nd Generation Ghost】




【Amplification effect: Nerve response +16, strength +10】

[Description: From “One Piece World”, one of the twenty-first crafts of the Great Fast Knife, it was created by the ancestor of Tengu Mountain Feiche, and it is a blade with a cursed sword!] 】

“The sharpness has broken through a hundred!”

Fang Nan was surprised to see the changes after the strengthening, the three attributes have been greatly improved, of which the sharpness is the most prominent, and the amplification effect has also doubled.

“System, strengthen the second generation of ghosts again!”

“Ding! The second generation of ghost hardening points is complete! ”

Fang Nan seemed to be on top of it, and immediately strengthened it again, which deducted his entire five thousand reinforcement points for the second time.

“Good fellow, the first time I wanted a thousand, the second time it actually rose to five thousand…”

The corners of Fang Nan’s mouth twitched, he thought it was just two or three thousand, who knew that it was so high!

Sure enough, this is the consequence of the impulse to consume, he now only has a pitiful two thousand reinforcement points left, and it seems that tomorrow he will have to ‘work overtime’.

With a deep sigh, Fang Nan opened the data panel of the second generation ghost.

This continuously strengthened second-generation ghost, I don’t know how to improve, don’t let him down!

【Name:2nd Generation Ghost】




[Amplification Effect: Nerve Response +32, Strength +20, Deterrent +5]

[Description: From “One Piece World”, one of the twenty-first crafts of the Great Fast Knife, it was created by the ancestor of Tengu Mountain Feiche, and it is a blade with a cursed sword!] 】

“Sharpness… Two hundred whole! Other values have also been increased a lot, and the amplification effect has also increased a deterrent! ”

Fang Nan cried out something in his heart!

This value is almost twice as much as the demon knife Murasaki and his current sabre, I’m afraid that this world can’t find a second knife that is even more awesome than this, right?

Fang Nan looked at the exaggerated values and thought to himself that he could use his own saber, coupled with his own strength, to chop bullet tanks and other metal tough things, he could do it with ease.

If it were to be paired with such an anti-heavenly second-generation ghost, he would have a premonition, and with a light poke, he should be able to pierce the iron skin of the tank, and it was still the kind that did not take much effort.

“Such a big killing weapon can also be regarded as making up for the loss of my five thousand enhancement points, right?”

Fang Nan retracted the sheath of the second generation ghost, put it into the system warehouse, and finally walked out of the bathroom.

He’s been soaking for long enough.

Opening Asami Nakaoka’s room, she and Makoko Shiroda had not yet slept.

“What happened?”

Asami Nakaoka, who had not yet slept, glanced up at him.

“Huh? Why ask? ”

“You look happy.”

“Is it?”

Fang Nan touched his face, and when he thought of the second-generation ghost of the data against the sky, he couldn’t help but grin at the corners of his mouth again.

“Anyway, something very good has happened, don’t ask, go to sleep, it’s cold, I’ll help you cover the quilt.”


At the same time, when fang nan’s people were sleeping sweetly, the military headquarters was not so cheerful here.

“Poison Island General!! Why? Why is this happening!? ”

Inside the headquarters, Mutogawa was holding the phone, and there was a stomach full of anger in his throat, and he did not vent it, because he knew clearly that even the bloody head of the dog that Poison Island Hadjima had scolded would not be useful.

Things have already happened, nothing can be made up, the important thing is to review the whole thing, why did such a major flaw happen!

That’s what he wants to know most.

“It was indeed our miscalculation.”

Zosuke Poison Island responded faintly on the phone.

“Yes, Senator Muto, we didn’t expect that the target person would play such a trick with us, deliberately directing the tide of corpses to my stronghold and sneaking in while other strongholds were reinforcing, which no one could have predicted.”

On the phone, another voice came, it was General Yamamoto.

Not only that, but also the generals in charge of the three other strongholds, except for the yamada generals who had not yet regained consciousness, several generals stationed in Nagasaki Prefecture were there.

Of course, this is the promotion of Theosuke Poison Island, which is called to synchronize information, but in fact it is to disperse the anger of the superiors.

“Sneak attack sneak attack! You guys have planes, why can’t you keep up? Are the other side’s four wheels faster than your pair of wings!? ”

Mutogawa said calmly and angrily.

The staff of the surrounding command headquarters looked at him from time to time, and suddenly felt that Mutogawa was actually a purple wisteria Katsutake who had changed his skin, and this scene was really too similar, just like the scene was reproduced.

Once upon a time, wasn’t Wisteria Katsutake also in the command headquarters, as angry as a hot pig’s scalp?

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