Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 257

“The losses of the military department in Nagasaki Prefecture this time are really very heavy.”

Yuriko Takagi smiled, both dignified and elegant, completely unable to see the decisiveness of the day’s killing, almost like two people, perhaps, this is the mask of the adult.

“Looking at the posture of other strongholds, it is estimated that it will not be too calm outside tonight.”

Fang Nan smiled and said that obviously the distance between them was not far, they were hiding in the downtown, but they just couldn’t find it, if they could shrink their eyes a little, maybe there would be some gains.

Of course, this also benefits from the fact that there are many survivors near the couple hotel, and it is impossible for the military department to check them out one by one, not to mention that most of the civilians now no longer believe in the military department, in the case of almost everyone’s self-danger, how can they open the door to you to check?

Naturally, they also ignored the suites of the high-rise suites of the couple hotel.

Then Fang Nan casually looked at it again, the time was almost over, and the feeling of fatigue became heavier and heavier with time.

This suite has two bathrooms, not as luxurious as Makoto Jokuda’s villa, almost every room is equipped with bathroom and toilet facilities, so they need to queue up for bathing.

After waiting until several women had finished washing, Fang Nan stretched his waist and walked into the bathroom for the last time.

Confronted by the penultimate washed Makoto Shiroda.

“Fang Nan, I have put your hot water in place, and I have prepared your change of clothes in the basket… Okay, good night. ”

Makoto Shiroda, who was wearing a bathrobe, had just stepped out of the white bathroom, and the loose white bath towel was somewhat inappropriate, if it were not for Makoko Shiroda’s figure being too foul, I was afraid that she would not be able to stand up and slip directly.

“Slippery, be careful not to slip!”

Fang Nan deliberately hugged Makoto Shiroda, and his large hand slowly went down, laughing.

“Yikes! Other… Don’t be here, it will be seen. ”

Makoto Shiroda exclaimed, and the next second, she came to Fang Nan’s arms.

“Oh, don’t do what you’re doing here?” I’m just worried you’re just going to slip in, okay, go to bed, good night. ”

Fang Nan was addicted for a long time before he let go of it satisfactorily, and then turned around and entered the bathroom.

“Yuck! Villain! ”

Makoto Shiroda took a breath, then took a sip, the delicate intellectual face was a little rosy, but as soon as she turned around, the happiness immediately overflowed into words, humming a small song, and taking a cheerful step back to the room, seeing Asami Nakaoka still reading on the bed.

Fang Nan, who entered the bathroom, saw the hot water in the bathtub, and the change of clothes were indeed ready, and this trivial matter of life did not have to be handled by himself, and it was also very comfortable.


Without saying a word, Fang Nan directly took off his clothes, rubbed the dirt on his body and washed his hair, and then took a few showers and lay down in the bathtub.

Suddenly, Fang Nan was wrapped in an endless tenderness.



Fang Nan squinted his eyes and let out a long breath.

He was very satisfied with today’s harvest, and from the current point of view, two of the seven military strongholds in Nagasaki Prefecture had now been uprooted by him, and one was in a semi-crippled state, and he would work harder to get rid of it tomorrow.

This leaves only four strongholds.

“It seems that I have gained about four thousand and three enhancement points today?”

Fang Nan suddenly thought about it and immediately summoned the system to check his own reinforcement point.

After the last fourth personal reinforcement, he didn’t pay much attention.


【Enhanced: 8842】

In front of Fang Nan’s line of sight, a light curtain appeared, and he saw his current enhancement point value.

“Eight thousand eight, quite auspicious, tomorrow breaking ten thousand is not a problem.”

Fang Nan nodded satisfactorily, although today attracted a large wave of corpses, he didn’t shoot much, they were all zombies killed in the other two strongholds.

So the number is not very large, but these eight thousand eight reinforcement points are enough for him to do a lot of things, and he also adds a little confidence in the face of the offensive of the military department.

“Ding! Complete achievement missions [Accumulate 200,000 zombie kills], and get [Second Generation Ghost X1]”


Fang Nan coldly heard the system prompt sound ringing in his ear, and his first thought was, is this a surprise?

Without thinking too much, Fang Nan directly opened the system warehouse, and in a lot of miscellaneous items, he finally found something that made him can’t help but shudder.

“Unexpectedly, the reward for this achievement task is actually this knife!”

Fang Nan looked at the small grid in the warehouse, and his breathing could not help but be a few points shorter.

He had also received a knife before, demon knife Muramasa, which was a sharp demon knife whose basic attributes could slightly surpass his sabre at the moment.

It can be regarded as the best equipment.

And now you’ve got a new katana, and it’s the same one in the Pirate World!

“Open details.”



【Name:2nd Generation Ghost】




【Amplification effect: Nerve Response +8, Strength +5】

[Description: From “One Piece World”, one of the twenty-first works of the Great Fast Knife, it was built by the ancestor of Tengu Mountain Feiche, and it is a famous knife with the cursed sword!] 】

“The second generation of ghosts, the ominous cursed knife, this basic attribute is indeed a bit explosive, if this is strengthened, it is really against the sky, even if it is going to grow red hair, it is not necessary.”

Fang Nan grinned, but it was undeniable that this second-generation ghost was really shocking.

“There was Sauron’s two-bladed Stream Rashomon before, and now there is a second-generation ghost, I don’t know what I will get next time?”

You know, there are so many world treasures in “One Piece”, he doesn’t expect any demon fruit, but he can look forward to the technological weapons of Bergapunk!

Because this guy has the scientific and technological power that is five hundred years ahead of that world, just a few pacifists, why doesn’t this blow up the sky?

Thinking of this, Fang Nan knew that it was far away, but his heart was still looking forward to the day.

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