Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 255

On the other side, general Yamamoto’s stronghold.

The scene of the siege of the city gradually faded, and the tide of more than 20,000 corpses was clearly controlled.

The troops of the original two strongholds could only stand stalemate with the tide of corpses, and they needed time to consume, but they could not afford to fight this protracted battle.

Fortunately, another general led reinforcements from the flanks, breaking the balance of the situation at once.

At this moment, the three generals of Poison Island, Yamamoto and Yamada gathered on the high platform, looking at the good overall situation, and their mood was inexplicably relaxed.

Because, today, they accomplished a feat, that is, they successfully resisted the tide of corpses!

This is the first time since the outbreak of the zombie crisis that the military department has successfully resisted the tide of corpses, which is of great historical significance.

If this news reaches the command headquarters, then the three of them will be forever recorded in history, and the honor will be added!

“Unexpectedly, we successfully resisted the tide of corpses, which is really remarkable!”

General Yamamoto said with vague excitement, looking at the thousands of zombies outside the stronghold, the dawn of victory was already illuminating above his head.


The serious face of Zosuke Poison Island is finally moved, which is not only the first step in their fight against the zombies, but also the beginning of a successful counterattack against the target character!

How much they failed before, how successful they are now!

General Yamada also nodded his head in deep understanding.

This victory was not in vain, he brought most of the troops of his stronghold, and also borrowed the troops from one of his friends’ strongholds.

It can be said that the troops of the four major strongholds were condensed together, and after all, they crossed this great disaster of breaking the tide of corpses.

“It’s a pity that we couldn’t find the target figures, otherwise our current strength would be enough to wipe them out and wash away the shame of the military!” General Yamada let out a long breath.

It was his only regret, and it was a pity…

“They fled without a fight, but they were cowardly acts, and I think they were exaggerating from above!” General Yamada swelled and said disapprovingly.

In his eyes, twenty thousand, or even nearly thirty thousand corpses, they all resisted, surrounded by the wreckage of the battlefield they had vigorously bombarded, none of which was complete, it was conceivable that they were strong, just a few small children, not enough to worry about.

“You can’t make up your mind so early.”

However, Poison Island Kusuke had a different view, he had never been a reckless and arrogant person, and he would not underestimate Fang Nan.

“Anyway, this time we won!”

General Yamada faced the wind and smiled.

Kurosuke Poison Island and General Yamamoto also looked at each other and smiled.

That’s right, they won.

However, soon they couldn’t laugh anymore.

Because, a helicopter in the sky was flying rapidly, and then landed, and the three special soldiers were full of blood and rushed to come.

Poison Island frowned, he recognized that this was the person in his stronghold, but why did his people suddenly come over?

“Lord Kushiro is not good!” The target suddenly appeared in the stronghold, destroyed a lot of materials, and we lost a lot, and… The strongholds of General Yamada and General Uegi have been destroyed, all the supplies have been looted, and none of them have survived, and they are now fully occupied by a large number of zombies! ”

“What is certain is that … It’s all done by the target person! ”

The three special soldiers who rushed over came to the front of Zosuke Poison Island and bowed their heads, both scared and nervous.


The two generals, Yamada and Yamamoto, were shocked in their hearts, and a chill seemed to be like an empowerment, from the Celestial Cover to the soles of their feet.

Among them, General Yamada even grabbed the soldier’s collar and asked loudly, “Are you telling the truth?” The stronghold I’m responsible for is gone!? And the old guy on The Wood too? ”

“Yes… Yes, and the general shangmu was corpse-like on the spot, and when we found out, there was only half of the body left, the intestines flowed everywhere, and only half of the eyeballs were left, oh yes! The brain is still…” The soldier trembled and recalled, adhering to the authenticity of the military situation, he also described the state of the general who had cut Fang Nan’s throat after being corpse-like.


General Yamada clutched his chest in pain and threw the soldier to the ground, and he almost fell from the high platform without standing.

“You just said that the target person destroyed the strongholds of yamada and Uegi, the two generals, and none of them survived!?”

Poison Island Waswolf couldn’t believe it, he was furious and confirmed it again.


General Yamada suddenly spat out a mouthful of thick blood, and his face turned white at once.

“Yes, the strongholds of Lord Kurosuke, General Yamada and General Ueki have all been destroyed, and none of them have survived!”


General Yamada spat out another mouthful of blood.

“Are the strongholds of General Yamada and General Ueki really occupied by zombies!?” I think you know very well what the fate of lying about military information is! General Yamamoto couldn’t believe it and asked again.

“Yes, General Yamamoto, both strongholds have been captured by zombies!” Even the Admiral Ofeki! The soldier replied in a loud voice.


This time General Yamada had no blood to vomit, he directly collapsed, and there were countless Jonima greeting the relatives of the two in his heart, stretching out his hand and trembling to pull the pants of The Poison Island Kusuke and the Admiral Ueki, like an old man with a candle in the wind: “You are a person… Don’t ask again! ”

Zosuke Poison Island: “…”

General Yamamoto: “…”

Only then did the two of them remember to send General Yamada down and ask the doctor to come over.

At the same time that general Yamada’s situation stabilized, the tide of corpses outside had also dissipated, and only the corpses on the ground were left to be cleaned.

Originally, this was a gratifying thing, but now, they couldn’t laugh at all.

Inside the ward, Shosuke Poison Island and General Yamamoto looked at General Yamada on the white bed, and their hearts were so angry that they summoned the soldier who had informed them of the situation and continued to inquire about the details and losses.

“You say that the target people appeared suddenly, they rushed directly into the stronghold, slammed open the gate, followed the zombies through the back door, and then the scene was chaotic?”

Poison Island’s face was gloomy as if he could drip water, and he made it clear word by word.

“The two strongholds of General Yamada and General Uegi are the same?” General Yamamoto added.


Beep —

Boom —

“Not bad! General Yamada’s heart rate has dropped, so give first aid! ”

Several nurses and doctors rushed to rescue them, and fortunately, the situation stabilized.

When Kurosuke Poison Island and General Yamamoto saw this scene, they felt some sadness in their hearts.

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