Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 253


The roar of rolling thunder spread out in all directions.

The zombies in front of them were all blown up, but even so, they still couldn’t stop the zombies that followed those who had been in the past.

Even, because of this first shot, the movement was as big as an open net, not only a tide of corpses poured in front of it, but even zombies appeared in some small lanes in all directions.

The zombies approached step by step, and the soldiers fired fiercely, and the undead fell into the ditch.

But soon, the zombies accumulated more and more, the deep ditch was filled, and the zombies behind them gradually crowded into the ‘wall’ of abandoned cars.




Various heavy weapons were fired in the rear, and shells flew over the heads of the soldiers, and then landed in the tide of corpses.

As the war intensified, the tide of corpses eventually approached those abandoned cars and crowded together.

Despite the frenzied firing of tens of thousands of soldiers and the salvo of artillery fire from behind, they still could not stop the zombies.

Under strong pressure and wrist strength, the tide of corpses was actually forced to come over and break out of a road.

Their teeth and claws are dancing, their black pupils and mouths are like black holes, and their teeth exposed to the air are vicious and disgusting. Although the flesh and blood on their bodies were scraped by the car, and all kinds of intestines, organs, etc. fell down, they did not feel any pain at all, and still came brainlessly towards the gate of the stronghold.

On the high platform, Kurosuke Poison Island and General Yamamoto watched this scene, and both of them showed fear in their hearts at the same time.

People who have not experienced this feeling of being surrounded by corpses will not understand, standing there, in front of countless zombies, a large piece of black pressure, there are low roars and screams in the ears, and the air is beginning to become cloudy.

At that moment, the human instinct is fear, not a brainless rush forward.




At this moment, a convoy suddenly appeared from the southeast, tanks and armed vehicles appeared, and more than a dozen gunships flew in the air.

They struck from the right wing, directly clearing a pure land, and the battle suddenly made a lot of zombies shift their targets to this convoy.

“It’s General Yamada!”

General Yamamoto showed a shocked look.

“Yes, it’s him.”

Poison Island Zosuke secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It was really dangerous, he was almost about to retreat, after all, this tide of corpses was really fierce, at least twenty or thirty thousand at a cursory glance, and then fight, once the outer barrier was broken, the zombies entered the stronghold, then those heavy weapons would be useless, and then it would be completely impossible to suppress the guns.

But now that there is a stronghold of troops coming to support, the pressure will be greatly reduced.

“But how did General Yamamoto bring so many troops?” It seemed that he had brought out all the troops in his stronghold. ”

General Yamada said doubtfully.

Poison Island Kusuke was silent, the ghost knew how much he brought, anyway, it didn’t matter to him, he only needed to command this battle and win the battle against Fang Nan and others.

When the military department was fighting with the corpse tide, on another quiet street, the dark SUV suddenly appeared, dashing and flowing, turning a corner.

“Fang Nan, won’t we attack the military stronghold?” Although the tide of corpses is fierce, once reinforcements are sent from other strongholds, our efforts will most likely be in vain. ”

Nan Lixiang rubbed his slender little waist and looked at Fang Nan on the side and said.

Poison Island and Yuriko Takagi did not speak, but just looked at Fang Nan quietly.

Not long ago, when they were about to reach General Yamada’s stronghold, Fang Nan suddenly asked Asami Nakaoka to drive away and turn into a path.

The tide of corpses was approaching the stronghold, and naturally it diverted attention.

Subsequently, they drove all the way to the present, without stopping to hear, and the sound of gunfire behind them became smaller and smaller.

This made several women wonder, what did Fang Nan really want to do?

“Fight, why don’t you fight, but I didn’t say I had to fight that stronghold.”

After hugging Nan Li Xiang just now, he stayed directly in the second row, sitting on both sides of the poison island and Nan Li Xiang, smelling the incense, which was not more comfortable than in the co-pilot?


“Fangnan you want to attack other strongholds!” For example, those reinforcement strongholds! ”

Suddenly, Yuriko Takagi thought of something, and her eyes lit up.

Poison Island Tsukiko also showed a look of sudden realization.

Fang Nan smiled and looked at Nan Li Xiang, “No wonder you and Teacher Ju chuan are girlfriends, it turns out that you are also a stupid incense.” Those military strongholds think that they have figured out our routine and strengthened the defense of the strongholds, although the tide of tens of thousands of corpses is indeed fierce enough, but the firepower of the military headquarters is not bad, and it is really unknown who loses and who wins again and again. ”

“However, the military headquarters has a premise, that is, the strength of one stronghold is bound to be insufficient, and it must need the help of other strongholds, but once other strongholds have transferred a large number of troops to leave, then isn’t this gap a weak period for other strongholds?”

Fang Nan Zhizhu smiled.

He had never said that he would have to fight with the troops of several strongholds, and his confidence that he could leave safely did not mean that he was cold-blooded enough not to worry about the safety of the poison islands!

Since the danger factor is so large, of course, he will not be as hard as the front of the head iron.

“Sound east hits west!”

Nan Lixiang patted her forehead and reacted, not paying attention to Fang Nan’s own name.

“Here we are!”

While several people were chatting, they reached one of the first strongholds for reinforcements.

This stronghold is set up in a school, whether it is the outermost deep ditch or the ‘wall’ built of abandoned cars, the defensive barriers are exactly the same.

Unfortunately, they always have to leave a way for the exit.

Therefore, Fang Nan and they directly drove through it.

Driving, accelerating, breaking through the big iron gate, the sirens in the base instantly remembered.

All the procedures seemed so reasonable, Fang Nan was numb, just looking at the few hundred soldiers in the big playground, seriously, the verdict was made.

“Enemy! It’s the enemy! ”

“How come? Didn’t Lord Yamada go to reinforcements? Why are the target characters here!? ”

“Quick… Shoot! ”

The four hundred or so soldiers were all confused, completely ignoring the fact that the open gate was open and the zombies were walking in.

They fired their guns, not to say, after a violent discharge, they found that the SUV was intact, the bullet could not even shoot into the tire, they were stunned.

But soon more desperate things appeared, and one zombie after another, let alone more than three hundred, spread in through the open gate and pounced on the soldiers with open arms.

In an SUV.


Fang Nan didn’t have any nonsense, he opened the door with a knife and rushed straight up, whether it was a person or a zombie, it was a knife and a second kill, and there was a sense of pause, destroying the deep zombies and soldiers like a decay.

Suddenly, the floor was stained with black and red blood, and low roars and screams mingled with each other.

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