Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 244


With the help of the military department, the zombies that poured into the central shopping building were quickly eliminated, and the situation gradually stabilized, and the pressure on the poison island family was reduced.

By the end of the battle, almost an hour had passed, the surrounding zombies had been cleared, the ground was covered with a thick layer of corpses, the air was filled with the thick smell of blood and smoke, and all kinds of internal organs were exposed, which was extremely disgusting.

When the combat captain saw this scene this time, he couldn’t help but cover his nose and let people drive several carts to push all the corpses away.

On the other side, the people of the Poison Island family were also rushing to work, seizing the time to repair the broken iron net, because they knew that as soon as the military people left, the intensive gunfire just now would inevitably attract more zombies.

“How’s it going?”

At this time, a camouflage off-road vehicle slowly approached from a distance, and as soon as the door opened, a middle-aged man in his thirties stepped out of it.

The black hair was combed shiny and shiny, but even so, there were still a lot of white hair on both sides, and the face showed a meticulous serious expression, and the general’s leading suit was majestic and decent, and the shoulders were pinned to the honor and merit of his half life.

The appearance of this man makes many people can’t help but look sideways, the samurai sword carving around the waist is exquisite, but don’t underestimate this knife, this knife is also a famous knife inside the poison island family.

And this man, called Poison Island Kurosuke, is a member of the Poison Island family, and he is also a senior general in the military department, with an extraordinary status!

Before receiving the news, he was supposed to lead the team, but he was only an hour late due to an urgent message.

“General Poison Island, I’m very sorry, as soon as we came, we saw zombies pouring into the building, and we didn’t find the most wanted people, I’m very sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologize.”

Poison Island Kurosuke looked at him with a flat look, knowing what kind of person this team leader was, but it was precisely because of this that he knew how to judge the situation and live longer and better.


The captain bowed his head and was secretly happy.

He had boarded the big boat of the Poison Island Family.

Poison Island Kusuke took a look at the surrounding situation, the strong smell of decay made him cover his mouth and nose in disgust, and without much hesitation, he led a group of people into the central shopping building.

Here, Zosuke Saw Many Of the Injured, as well as the first floor of the shopping mall, except for a few huge load-bearing columns, the other walls were almost stripped off, almost shattered at the touch.

This building is almost about to become a dangerous building.

“Big Brother Kurasuke!”

Suddenly, an excited voice came from behind him.

He turned to see that this person was Ichiro Poison Island.

“Where is my father?” Here things are said as you walk, don’t hide anything, you know? Poison Island Kurosuke looked at Poison Island Ichiro indifferently, and his emotions did not show the slightest ups and downs, calmly like a piece of wood.

Ichiro Poison Island’s face stiffened slightly, but he was relieved when he thought of the identity of the other party.

This poison island Zosuke in the family, are all able to speak, is the poison island of the uncle of the tsunako, not only that, his father is also one of the three major sword saints of the island country, poison island Aoki, but also in the military department in the position of a high-ranking official.

Ask such a person, he is a collateral member of the Poison Island Family, who dares to say half a complaint.

At the moment, he led the way upstairs, and then he told the first conversation and exchange with Fang Nan’s people, to the other party’s initiative.

Of course, it is more or less mixed with some bad words about the poisonous island, such as the poisonous island snake seems to have the possibility of treason, and kills his own family and so on.

“I didn’t expect that fang nan kid actually had that kind of powerful explosive, otherwise we would never be like this.”

Ichiro Poison Island shook his head, which meant that the loss this time was completely caused by his carelessness, not that he was not in place to supervise, and cleverly eliminated the main responsibility, all of which depended on Fang Nan’s people.

“I see.”

Poison Island Kurasuke replied lightly.

He only believed half of these words, and he knew very well what kind of person Ichiro Poison Island was, he had been stealing and slipping since he was a child, if it were not for the family cover, he would have been punished by the law a long time ago, and now because of the apocalypse, I am afraid that he is even more unscrupulous.

And he came, one of them was to get the information of Fang Nan’s people, and the other was his father, one of the three sword saints of the island country, poison island Aoki.

This shopping building is actually the property of the Poison Island family, although Ichiro Poison Island is the person who transports the asylum personnel, but the real master is Poison Island Aoki.

Coming to the fifth floor, Kurosuke Poison Island and Ichiro Poison Island walked to a side sliding wooden door, and with a gentle drag, three kendo courts the size of basketball courts appeared in front of them.

Inside, a tall back is facing Uzumaki and Ichiro Poison Island, and there is a candle next to it, which is bright and dark.

“Father, I heard that you are going to deal with the high school student named Fang Nan yourself?”

Kusuke Poison Island walked over and then knelt down, as did Ichiro Poison Island, who dared not interject casually in front of this figure.

“The other party is young, the swordplay is already unpredictable, and the old man is very interested in him!”

“How? Whether I shoot or not, I still have to get your consent? ”

Poison Island Aoki’s voice was so hoarse that it sounded reminiscent of a decaying tree that was dying.

Poison Island’s brow tightened, he heard the meaning of his father’s words, and it was the first time he had heard such admiration for a young man from his father’s mouth, which was really hateful!

“Let’s roll!”

Poison Island Aoki said lightly.

“Father, the people wanted by the military and political departments have arrived, I am afraid that Nagasaki Prefecture will be unstable in these days, and after the explosion of Fangcai, the building is already in danger, you… It’s time to evacuate. ”

Kurosuke Poison Island didn’t mind the slightest, and gave a look to Ichiro Poison Island behind him.

Ichiro Poison Island understood in seconds, because he had just seen that several load-bearing walls had cracks, although it was not large, but it was enough to be scared.

“Big Brother Zangjie is right, this building was bombed by the wanted repeat offender Fang Nan, becoming a dangerous building, there will be a danger of collapse at any time, and the last batch of asylum personnel have been sent out, we…”


Poison Island Aoki snorted coldly, and the meaning was self-evident.

He wouldn’t leave, he had been in this dojo for more than twenty years, how could he just walk away, if he wanted to leave, he would have left with the first batch of important members of the Poison Island Family, and he still had to wait until now?

Moreover, it was his son who did not like him who came to persuade him, which made him even more unhappy.

Thinking that he was one of the three great sword saints of the island country, he had worked hard to teach Poison Island Kurosuke for more than thirty years, thinking of inheriting his own sword saint name, but who thought that Poison Island Kurosuke turned around and entered the military department, fighting for power and profit, and slowly the swordplay also slackened off.

Looking forward to Jackie Chan, he was almost dying of anger, and he hadn’t spoken to Poison Island Kurosuke for several years, and if it wasn’t for the end of time, both father and son might have died of old age.

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