Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 237

Ignoring the survivors, Fang Nan and the others had already rushed out of the village, but they were mixed.

Happily, out of the village, there is a small road, but it is a dirt road.

The disaster was that because the van exploded just now, the movement made was not small, and it directly alarmed the tide of corpses on the highway.

Fang Nan saw from the satellite map that at this moment, the tide of corpses had changed direction and came towards this side!

As a last resort, the group had to leave the area non-stop.

But seeing that the sun was about to set and the sky was getting darker, they still did not open this forest, because because of the dense woods, the satellite map could only know the general direction and could not see the route.

In addition, the off-road vehicle driven by Takashi Miyamoto cannot be too fast in such mountains, and it has delayed a lot of time.

Finally, at seven o’clock in the evening, it was finally dark.

Under a large tree that the two could not hold together, Fang Nan asked Asami Nakaoka to stop the car and then stepped out of the car.

When the crowd saw this, they also unfastened their seat belts and stepped out of the car.

“It’s too dark, the danger factor of driving in the woods is too high, tonight we will rest in the car for one night, and then we will leave tomorrow.”

Fang Nanhuan looked at the nearby environment, under his feet is a piece of dirt, the surrounding vegetation is dense, there are many trees, as soon as there is wind and grass will flutter, and there are no zombies here, it is a good place to camp.

However, this is also a last resort, who let this last stretch of the journey encounter so much trouble.

The closer they got to Nagasaki Prefecture, the more scrapped cars and zombies there were on the way, and they had to take a detour, this time encountering ill-intentioned survivors.


Poison Island Tsunako took the lead in taking the lead in stating that she was holding the demon knife and standing next to Fang Nan, and she did not have the slightest dissatisfaction with Fang Nan’s decision, and there was a sense of brainless support.

Hearing Fang Nan’s words, the others certainly had nothing to say, after all, today’s events were also unexpected.

Fang Nan looked at everyone, “Since everyone has no opinion, let’s clean up, Hirano and I will look around and pick up some firewood by the way.” ”

After saying this, Fang Nan disappeared in front of everyone, leaving only the women looking at each other for half a second.

After a while, Fangnan and Hirano Toda returned with firewood, and when they returned, they saw that in the middle of the two cars, the women had moved several stones to surround them as chairs, and a pit had been cut in the middle, and a stone of equal height was cut on both sides.

This shape, Fang Nan understood what it meant when he saw it.

“Take out the food, and I’ll light the fire.”

Fang Nan walked over, skillfully rode the firewood in the shape of a tent, stuffed a few large pieces of wood down, and then put an iron net on the two large stones, and the whole was done.

“Conditions are limited, let’s eat a bento tonight.”

Shizuka Jugawa got off the SUV and held a few boxes of bento boxes in her arms.

In this regard, the crowd did not provoke.

Even if they had fresh ingredients, they wouldn’t be able to make a delicious meal!

Heat the bento over the fire, then take out some slices of meat and bake them on a barbed wire.

In this way, a simple dinner that tastes good is completed.

When eating, everyone talked and laughed, with Fang Nan’s keen five senses, he was still quite relieved, but there is a place worth noting, that is, Miyamoto Li, who sat diagonally opposite him, frequently shifted his gaze, sometimes opening his mouth to say something, but he could not say it, and his body was full of this sense of contradiction.

Others may not have noticed, but Fang Nan had already sensed this.

“What is this chick trying to say to me?”

Fang Nan had no expression on his face, but he was actually deliberating in his mind.

Along the way, from the very beginning he didn’t like Miyamoto Ando Komuro, and now it’s good, In order to save Miyamoto, it is estimated that there are only a bunch of skeletons left, or the incomplete kind.

Do you think this is the end of licking a dog?

Anyway, Fang Nan felt the count.

Although this Miyamoto Is also good-looking, her figure is acceptable, and she is also a well-known beauty in the Tengmei Garden, coupled with the social status of her parents, how to say that it is a proper white rich beauty.

But Fang Nan didn’t like her very much, how to say it, a little bit of a White Lotus Virgin physique, such a person in such an apocalypse, either she died, or the people around her were killed by her, and then she herself died.

It’s just how cruel.

Besides, isn’t her mother, Takashi Miyamoto, more fragrant?

It is better to see her than to see Takashi Miyamoto, which is more attractive than these little girls, and her appearance and figure are not bad at all compared to Yuriko Takagi, and they are also salty and sweet.

Fang Nan secretly complained a little, and did not break through Miyamoto Li, so he quietly ate his meal.

Quickly got the problem of the stomach, bathing or whatever, think is definitely not to think about it, black light blind fire whether there is water is a problem, even if there are them do not dare to wash ah, in case of a bath, a corpse floating in the water, it is estimated that a nightmare all night.

The crowd chatted for a while and then they were ready to rest.

Since Fangnan and Hirano Toda were boys, the two slept in the SUV, and they could still sleep with their seats flat.

Girls naturally sleep on a more comfortable SUV, all the seats are adjusted to sleep mode, three rows of seats are laid flat, almost like a large bed, can fully accommodate the next few women, just slightly crowded, but the night weather is slightly cooler, so warmer, but it is not bad.

In this way, everyone slowly went to sleep, of course, Fang Nan could not completely sleep, and any movement would wake him up.

Early the next morning, Fang Nan woke up, as did Hirano Toda.

Although this sleep is not very comfortable, and his legs cannot be stretched, it is no problem to not sleep for a few days based on his physique, let alone so.

But Hirano Toda this guy, sleeping is not as good as not sleeping, and he yawns as soon as he wakes up.

On the SUV, the girls also woke up one after another, brushed their teeth and washed their faces with fresh water from the car, and ate breakfast and prepared to leave.

When eating breakfast, Fang Nan deliberately used the computer to see that the nearest highway is about a kilometer away, and it can go out.

However, when everyone got in the car, new problems arose.

The off-road vehicle driven by Takariko Miyamoto actually had a flat tire!

And it was four wheels that burst the tire and ran out of gas.

In such a place, there is no way to repair it, and Fang Nan does not have a spare tire!

That way the car won’t drive.

“What to do?”

Shizuka Jugawa blinked and looked at Fang Nan with wide eyes, although she was an adult and a teacher, but most of them were Fang Nan’s ideas.

Fang Nan looked at her, “Since this car can’t drive, then don’t, the SUV space is big enough, squeeze a squeeze can always sit down.” ”

Hearing Fang Nan say this, poison island shrews and they all showed a shallow smile.

Fang Nan shook his head, from that village, all the way is a mountain road, in addition to professional off-road vehicles or cars such as SUVs, most of the general civilian off-road vehicles will not be able to withstand the puncture, which is also understandable.

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