Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 234

Evening, eleven o’clock!

After half an hour, the women finally finished bathing.

“Fang Nan, I have already put the hot water for you, we will go to sleep first, staying up late is a big taboo for women.”

Shizuka Jugawa walked up behind Fang Nan in a cool nightgown and tapped him on the shoulder.

Fang Nan looked back and just saw her foul-level figure.

“Good… Okay, there’s milk here. ”

Fang Nan admired it fiercely, then pointed to a few bottles of milk on the table, and then walked to the bathhouse with Hirano Toda.

After Fangnan and Hirano Toda left, the women looked at a few bottles of fresh milk on the table, habitually picked them up, and drank them all.

Before going to bed these days, Fang Nan would habitually take out a few bottles of fresh milk, and they were all used to it.

After drinking the milk, the women went upstairs together and prepared to sleep.

At twelve o’clock in the morning, Fang Nan came out of the bathhouse, and Hirano Toda had already washed upstairs and went to sleep.

Tons tons tons…

“After taking a bath and taking a bottle of fresh milk, the whole person’s soul will be sublimated.”

After Fang Nan finished drinking the milk, he walked slowly towards the second floor.

When I reached the second floor, I swept my eyes on one of the hidden sliding doors, and the corners of my mouths slowly cocked, and by instinct, I pulled open the door and entered the room.

“Fang … Fang Nan? ”


Takagi Saya and Poison Island Tsunako had just turned off the lights, and they looked at Fang Nan, who had entered the door, and both of them were shocked, the former was a little surprised, and the latter seemed to have guessed that this would be the case, and the reaction was not very large.

“Don’t be surprised, go to sleep, it’s rude to make noise to others… Come cover the quilt, wait for my cold is not good! ”

Fang Nan walked up with a serious face and went straight into the bed without saying a word.

Takagi Saya: “…”

Poison Island Tsukiko: “…”

How can this punch kill a cow, how can it be so easy to catch a cold?


At this time!

The room next to them happened to be between Takashi Miyamoto and Rei Miyamoto.

The lights were turned off, and only a thin moonlight spilled in through the window, with a faint light.

At this time, Miyamoto did not have the slightest drowsiness, her eyes widened, and she stared at the wall in amazement, and her mind recalled that when the room had just been allocated, Jugawa Shizuka and Nanrika tried not to go near the rooms of the four people of Poison Island, Takagi Saya, and Asami Nakaoka and Makoto Shiroda.

At that time, she still wondered, was it that these four people did not sleep well? Or do you snore?

In the end, she and her mother sleep next door to Poison Island and Takagi Saya, while on the other side are Yuriko Takagi and Ciri Alice.

Thinking of this, Miyamoto suddenly realized that they already knew.

“Mom, it seems that Poison Island Sister and Gao Cheng’s classmates are sleeping next door, right?” The two of them actually…”

Miyamoto blushed and leaned quietly next to Takashi Miyamoto.

Takashi Miyamoto’s face also instinctively flashed a red halo, but she was not surprised, and said, “This is not surprising, the end has happened, what could be more outrageous than this?” Go to sleep! ”

After all, Miyamoto Takariko is an adult, and she has seen more than Miyamoto Li has eaten, and the three people who open black before the end of the day, it is not unheard of, and even more powerful than this four people open black, five people in a row, so it is not to mention the end of the day.

And in ancient times, this kind of thing was the norm.

After all, it was the end of the world, a world where anything could happen, and human nature was undoubtedly exposed in the last days, and even more evil than this, she had not seen it.

So Takashi Miyamoto was not surprised at all, but felt that this was more real.

Fang Nan’s line of people, the women’s various postures are extraordinary, any one is better than the TV star, and the figure is even more speechless.

Moreover, Fang Nan is handsome, young, has a unique vision, and has won the trust of all women.

Such a team, there is nothing in it, she does not believe.

Miyamoto opened her mouth to refute her mother, but found that she could not refute it at all, because this was the real truth.

In the end, she could only pull up the quilt to cover half of her face, trying to keep herself from thinking wildly.

But the more I didn’t want to, the more involuntarily those images came to mind.


The next day, Fang Nan was awakened by the first rays of the morning sun.

As soon as he woke up, Fang Nan found that he was the only one left in the room, and the figures of Poison Island Andako and Takagi Saye had long since disappeared.

Confused, I went downstairs and heard the sound of chatting in the reception hall.

“Fang Nan Gangster, good morning, you just woke up!”

Fang Nan, who had just walked downstairs, blinked his eyes and came across Hirano Toda sitting at the dining table, and there was a bowl of noodles in front of him.

Fang Nan looked at him, then at the sunny outside, and asked, “What time is it?” ”

“It’s eleven o’clock.”

“It’s eleven o’clock!?”

Fang Nan was stunned, “Why didn’t anyone wake me up, aren’t you going to enter Nagasaki Prefecture today?” ”

“Yes, originally Mr. Jugawa wanted to wake you up, but Poison Island said that you slept very deeply, yesterday should have been tired, anyway, this place is not far from Nagasaki Prefecture, and there is no delay in setting off in the afternoon, and there is no hurry.”

Hirano Toda recalled what Tsunako Poison Island had said in the morning and repeated it.

“All right!”

Fang Nan nodded, then walked to the washstand.

Yesterday for the first time into the zone state, the physical exertion is indeed very large, last night he was energetic, may be some of the mental level of overexpendation, resulting in this sleep to eleven o’clock the next morning.

Suddenly, Fang Nan really had a feeling that he had not crossed, and still lived a life of staying up all night to play games.

Five minutes later, after washing, Fang Nan sat next to Hirano Toda when Makoto Joda had brought a bowl of hot noodles from the kitchen.

“Thank you Makoko.”


Makoto Shiroda sat opposite Fang Nan, looking at Fang Nan with a crimson face, her eyes were full of his appearance, and she was really a model of a good wife and a good mother.

When Fang Nan was eating breakfast, in the reception hall, all the women heard Fang Nan’s voice and all came over.

“Fang Nan, are you finally awake?” Also, some people are always impatient, full of lsp, have rushed the road for a day, and actually have the heart to do that kind of thing. ”

Nan Lixiang was holding a lady’s cigarette in her mouth, the taste was not very pungent, there was a taste of mint, with her informal temperament, it was really sassy.

“How? Hungry and dissatisfied? ”

Fang Nan glanced at her.

This lady is wearing a bit conservative today, usually a small leather jacket on the outside, a thin white lining inside, highlighting his capital, and bending over from time to time to make him feast his eyes.

Today’s change, actually wearing a gray overalls suit, sleeves rolled up, with a bit of cynicism, a bit of a female leper’s sense of vision.


Nan Lixiang cut off the cigarette, somehow very unhappy.

“All right.”

Yuriko Takagi stood up at this time, looked at Fang Nan Ande, and said, “Fang Nan, just now I discussed with Kiriko, today I and Yuko have a car with them, opened by an SUV, so that in case of danger, we can also reduce the damage to the lowest point.” ”

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