Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 231


Fang Nan’s words startled the poisonous island and others in the car, and their eyes could not help but focus on the blood-stained off-road vehicle.

“Fang Nan, why do you say there are survivors here?”

The naturally stunned Shizuka Jugawa asked without thinking.

“You look at this yard, from the outbreak of the zombie crisis to now, it has been almost ten days, if this car has been parked here, then the leaves of this tree in the yard during this period of time should also be covered with the roof of the car, but you see, the roof of that car is clean, at most there are only a few leaves.” 」

Fang Nan said, and his eyes began to scan the room next to him.


Shizuka Jugawa said with a look of surprise.

The yard is full of dead yellow leaves, and the roof of the car is clean.

“Moreover, when we removed some of the zombies in the village just now, one of the zombies mutated in these two days, because it still had new scars on its body, which I hadn’t confirmed, but now when I saw this car, I was very sure, and even by coincidence, we seemed to have come to the residence of the survivors of this village.”

Fang Nan added a word, and he already had the saber at his feet in his hand.

He wanted to get out of the car and check it out.

Seeing Fang Nan’s move, the women behind the car said in unison: “We will also go!” ”

Fang Nan looked back at them, thought about it, and finally nodded, “Okay, but you can’t act separately, Sensei Jugawa, Makoto and Saya, you should follow up a little.” ”

In the end, Fang Nan did not forget to remind them to take their weapons, and the sound of gunfire was better than encountering danger.

With that, everyone got out of the car.

Fang Nan did not pull out the samurai sword, this is not Toda, this is self-confidence.

He walked to the front, walked to the entrance, and then slowly opened the door.

Good guy, when he came up, Fang Nan was surprised.

Two pairs of ladies’ shoes!

Could it be that the survivors in this hotel were two women?

Fang Nan was confused and still led the crowd inside.

The deeper he went, the more Fang Nan saw more traces of the survival of the living.

“The survivors here haven’t left yet!”

Poison Island opened a room, which was clean and tidy, two futons laid flat on tatami mats, and a few daggers and several large bags of things on the wall.

As for why poison island Tsubasa is so sure that people have not left, it is the smell of space.

In the countryside, if a room is not occupied for two or three days, there will definitely be an atmosphere of decaying wood.

In layman’s terms, there is no human touch.

Now this room is filled with two faint aromas.

“That’s right, the bowl of water is not dry, it should be out, but only two people can survive to this day, it doesn’t look like the natives of the village, something!”

Fang Nan sighed slightly.

You know, it’s been ten days since the zombie crisis broke out, and the damned are almost dead, and they are still coming from outside like them.

Presumably escaped from the zombies, in this case, the two people are indeed a bit bullish.

Fang Nan was also a little curious, what did these two people look like?

At this moment, Fang Nan suddenly looked tense and turned to stare at the entrance.

Outside, someone is coming!


A few seconds later, the gate of the Xuanmen Gate was pulled open, and two figures appeared in front of Fang Nan’s people.

However, these two people who made Fang Nan curious, one of them, made Fang Nan and the poison island people who came out of the academy stunned.

These two people, both women!

And all are very beautiful women.

The one on the left looks to be in his early thirties, his long hair is curled up and combed into a heroic ponytail, and his face is white and ruddy, but it may be due to nutritional dissatisfaction, and his face is slightly emaciated, but it does not affect her overall beauty.

A slim tight jeans, tightly wrapped around her slender beautiful legs, the figure is even more speechless, on the degree of foul play, but not worse than Yuriko Takagi.

Moreover, like Yuriko Takagi, she is in this mature style, but she is less sharp than Yuriko Takagi and has a sense of femininity.

And the other, that is, the person who surprised Fang Nan and Poison Island Tsunako, was wearing a Tengmei Garden uniform, and the well-developed figure was tense and strong.

Under the short green skirt, a pair of straight snow white legs, as slender as white jade, but there were several dazzling blood marks splashed on it, which were somewhat eye-catching.

It is undeniable that with Fang Nan’s picky aesthetic, these two women are rare beauties.

“Miyamoto… It’s Miyamoto’s classmate! ”

While Fang Nan’s people were stunned, the two people on the other side were not like this.

Shizuka Jugawa was the first to react, and when she saw Miyamoto, her face immediately showed a surprised smile, and she stepped forward with her legs to meet her, and she held Miyamoto in her arms.

Fang Nan who watched was envious.

That’s right, the youngest of the two women in front of me is the long-lost Miyamoto Rei!


Five minutes later!

Fang Nan and Rei Miyamoto sat around the reception hall of the hotel.

By this time they had gone from the consternation of the reunion to the joy of the reunion.

Poison Island Tsunako, Takagi Saya, and Hirano Toda, who originally did not get along well with Miyamoto, are no longer rejected, but now when they see acquaintances, their hearts are more of joy and remembrance.

After all, since the outbreak of the zombie crisis, the end has brought them too much pain, witnessing the death of one family after another, and the ugliness of human nature has been exposed in the end.

In such a world where everyone can be happy to see a former enemy, what is the small ambiguity and contradiction?

Miyamoto was also very happy to see Fang Nan’s people, and her eyes were a little red.

Fang Nan looked at her, and then looked at the woman next to her, did not speak, but wondered in his heart how these two women lived until now?

You know, when you were in the Gaocheng Family Manor, there were so many zombies, even they were dangerous and dangerous to rush out.

With curiosity, Fang Nan shifted his gaze and looked at the woman next to him who looked like Miyamoto Li and had seven points of similarity.

This one… Could this be Rei Miyamoto’s mother?


What am I thinking?

Fang Nan was sitting in a dangerous position, throwing away some of the thoughts in his mind.

So unhealthy!

But… Seems to be a very good Yazi!

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