Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 230

The last two checkpoints in Fukuoka Prefecture had fallen, and the People of Fangnan, who were already on the highway, were unaware of this.

On the highway, there are many fewer zombies, but immediately after that, new problems have emerged.

“This highway is so congested!”

Asami Nakaoka, who is driving, raises her face to look straight ahead, and the highway is a four-way driveway surrounded by trees.

However, it was just ahead of the road, the road was full of cars, many of which were wandering with zombies, blocked by the guardrail, and could not get out.

Seeing this, everyone in the car frowned.

Even if the SUV is powerful and defensive, but to hit the head iron forward, it is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also may cause more zombies to surround, which is not worth the loss.

“Use a satellite map to see which roads are smoother.”

At this time, Yuriko Takagi spoke.

Immediately, Takagi Saya took out the laptop from the backpack and handed it to Fang Nan.

Crackle —

After a burst of tapping on the keyboard, logged in to the satellite system, looked at the log information, and was shocked to find that the island country had launched thousands of permission-snatching attacks, but the defense of the satellite system was so perfect, even if they cracked, the last level of encryption they were helpless.

Taking ten thousand steps back, they can grab it back even if they are, but for Fang Nan, cracking is not a matter of minutes.


Fang Nan smiled contemptuously, and after locking the coordinates and latitude and longitude, Fang Nan smoothly located their position at this time, and then checked the surrounding road conditions.

It turned out that several roads were very congested, but there were three roads that did not have so many cars, but the relative distance would be a little farther.

“Reverse, go to this one, far away, but safety is not.”

Fang Nan quickly decided to take the case and directed the map information package of the laptop into the smart center console of the SUV.

Asami Nakaoka looked at the map, then Liso reversed, turned, and finally entered the road that Fangnan had chosen.

But during this time they changed the route several times, and at noon they drove to a place full of fields, and the weather suddenly became very good, and all they could see was greenery, the air was fresh and pleasant, and there was no cloud.

All the women opened the window, breathed in the air outside, and enjoyed the rare relaxation.

In Fukuoka Prefecture these days, all you smell is blood and pungent rot, and in the villa area it is better, there is an air purifier, but outside, it is disgusting.

“It’s noon, let’s have lunch here.”

Seeing that everyone liked the scenery here so much, Fang Nan looked at it a few times and felt very good, at least he didn’t feel the presence of danger.

“Good yay!”

Shizuka Jugawa raised her hands excitedly, and Ciri Alice, who was sitting next to her, was successfully attacked by the bear, bouncing the little one into the arms of Makoto Shiroda.

Although it is here for lunch, it is not a long way to go, that is, it is only on the lawn next to it, and the height is also a picnic.

“It’s very sumptuous.”

Fang Nan was the last to get out of the car and opened the sunroof to confirm it in order to ensure safety.

Seeing yuriko Takagi,took out their lunch, there was meat and seafood, which was no worse than eating at home.

Half an hour later!

The crowd finished their lunch and rested for another ten minutes before they set off again.

The latter section of the road is more boring, basically do not need to change the route, just keep running, during the period Nakaoka Asami is tired, let Fang Nan to take over.

Unconsciously, we soon reached the destination of the trip, Nagasaki Prefecture.

At nine o’clock, entering the territory of Nagasaki Prefecture, the sky was completely dark, and in the darkness, Fang Nan could faintly see the houses nestled in the woods.

There was some pyrotechnics.

“In another half an hour, we’ll be in Nagasaki Prefecture.”

Asami Nakaoka, who was sitting in the co-pilot, looked at the satellite map on the computer and said.

Fang Nan heard this and did not respond, but thought about it for a while before saying, “Tonight, let’s find a nearby village to rest for a night, I am afraid that it will be dangerous to enter Nagasaki Prefecture so late.” ”

Although the infection situation in Nagasaki Prefecture can be viewed through the app of Wisteria Sai’s mobile phone, it is still safe from the data, just like the previous Fukuoka Prefecture.

However, the military headquarters of Nagasaki Prefecture had already noticed them, and for the sake of safety, he decided to find a village around him to live in first, and then leave tomorrow.

After listening to Fang Nan’s words, the crowd did not have any opinions.

“There is a village just in front of it, and it seems that it is still a village that has developed tourism.”

Poison Island pointed to the front windshield and said.

Fang Nan looked in the direction pointed by poison island, and there was a road sign on the edge of the road, which said ‘Nagatsu Town’, which was the name of the village, and below it was an arrow pointing inside.

There is a lane behind the sign, enough for large vans to enter.

Fang Nan looked at it, nodded, and then drove the car in.

Along this road, after seven turns, They finally reached the village of Chosin-cho, which is magically located at the foot of a large mountain, backed by the highway, and it is really difficult to find here without the guidance of the sign.

The houses here also look very large, like a country homestay.

However, Fang Nan did not get off the car at the first time, and slowly drove the SUV around the village.

The village of Chosin seems to have all fallen, and the people in the village have all turned into zombies, most of whom are elderly people, fifty or sixty years old.

As soon as I heard the engine sound of the SUV, I gathered my teeth and claws around, and there were not many of them, that is, more than thirty.

Fang Nan and Poison Island Tsunako, Takagi Yuriko, and Asami Nakaoka got out of the car, spent a few minutes to solve the zombies, looked again, and saw that there were no more zombies coming, and planned to choose a house to rest.


Fang Nan collected the knife and turned around to return to the car, but at the moment of turning, his movement stopped, and his eyes stared at the zombie corpse at his feet.

“What’s wrong?”

Poison Island Tsubasa came over.


Fang Nan shook his head, took a deep look at the zombie corpse, and then withdrew his gaze and returned to the car.

A few minutes later, the SUV stopped in front of a house with a locked gate.

It’s also a B&B hostel, and the building looks big, somewhat dated, enough for them to use.

Walking to the gate, Fang Nan used the unlimited deciphering card to open the lock directly and silently, and then drove the SUV in, but this entry made Fang Nan stunned, and at the same time, he also confirmed one thing in his heart.

“Sure enough, there are survivors in this village!”

Fang Nan made a faint sound, drove the SUV, and slowly stopped next to a blood-stained off-road vehicle.

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