Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 226

With the current infection situation in Fukuoka Prefecture, if they stay any longer, they will be in danger, but fortunately they simply leave, anyway, this is sooner or later.


Hearing Fang Nan’s words, the crowd began to return to the room to pack up their things and perform their duties.

Nanrika and Hirano Toda packed their weapons, Yuriko Takagi and Makoto Narita were responsible for packing the prepared food bento, and Shizuka Jugawa and Asami Nakaoka and Saya Takagi went to pack up their daily necessities.

Ciri Alice also wanted to help, but could not keep up with the speed at all, and simply followed Fang Nan.’

“Brother Fangnan, is there anything I can do?” Ciri alice asked with her little head held high, her big eyes as bright as two large grapes.

Fang Nan touched her little head, thinking that when she first met Ciri Alice, this little girl was as vigilant as a little wild cat, and now she was soft and cute.

“Then go and help my brother pack my clothes, it’s in my room.”

Fang Nan brought out two sets of clothes, and then the road was changed, most of them were gaocheng Shaye to help him clean up, now see all the women are so busy, should have their clothes have not had time to pack, just saw the idle little Lori, even let send some tasks to her.


Ciri Alice smiled sweetly and ran upstairs at a cheerful pace.

In the living room, all of a sudden, only Fang Nan was left.

He looked at the map on his laptop, casually checked the situation of the military headquarters, then turned off the computer and got up and left the villa.

After a while they get in the car and leave, there are a lot of people and luggage, and he has to upgrade the SUV.

I just got a vehicle upgrade card last night, and I just used it now.

Fang Nan came to the lawn in the front yard.

Whoops… Whoops…

Outside the courtyard, the zombies were constantly shaking the iron door, and after seeing Fang Nan, a living person, he was even more manic.

Fang Nan didn’t have the heart to pay attention to them, the solidity of the iron gate was not something that these thirty or so zombies would collapse in a moment and a half, and all his thoughts were on the SUV.

“Although the vehicle enhancement card can strengthen the SUV, but the specific aspects are not said, I hope it can make the space a little bigger, but if it is bigger, it will really become a truck.”

Fang Nan looked at the SUV in front of him.

The current SUV has been strengthened twice, and the body type of the car is generally the same as that of the average pickup truck, and the length is not as long as the pickup truck.

“System, use vehicle booster cards!”

Fang Nan looked at the SUV and said silently in his heart.

“Ding! Vehicle Enhancement Card Successfully Used! ”

As the system tone fell, the next second, the SUV body as a whole emitted a layer of ethereal luster, and Fang Nan stared at the body of the SUV, as if he wanted to capture the difference after the enhancement.

Unfortunately, until the luster faded, he still didn’t notice any changes in the SUV.

“Strange, the last time I strengthened with reinforcement points, the body of the car expanded a whole lot, just like a teenager growing into a youth, why didn’t it change at all this time?”

Fang Nan muttered in his heart, with some regrets in his heart.

At this moment, two footsteps, one light and one heavy, came from behind him.

“Fang Nan, what are you doing here?”

Nan Lixiang walked with a box of mines, saw Fang Nan motionless in front of the car, and asked in doubt.

“Oh, I’m checking here, and I’m going to have to run a long distance, and it would be bad if there was a problem in the middle.”

Fang Nan shook his head and said.

Seeing Nanrika and Hirano Toda approaching, he glanced at the things in their hands and saw that they were either guns, bullets, or mines or grenades.

These are inflammable and explosive materials, which were previously equipped by Hirano Toda, and now with Nanrika, an orthodox military officer, the equipment method is much more professional.


Nan Lixiang did not take Fang Nan’s words to heart, in her eyes, Fang Nan has always been an lsp strange person, always making some strange moves.

Nanri ka and Hirano Toda walked to the trunk of the SUV, both holding something in their hands, it was inconvenient to open, so Nan Li Ka gave Fang Nan a look.

Fang Nan seconds understood, walked over to take the handle, and took the things in Nan Lixiang’s hand.

Nanri xiang: “…”

“What’s wrong? On. ”

Fang Nan hugged something, and when he saw Nan Lixiang staring at himself non-stop, he couldn’t help but wonder in his heart.

This chick… Is menopause advanced?


Nan Lixiang was not angry and rewarded Fang Nan with a beautiful white eye, and then reached out to open the trunk.


The moment the trunk was opened, Nan Lixiang looked at the spacious trunk in front of her in surprise, a pair of heroic eyebrows collided together, and a delicate face showed a look of uncertainty.


Fangnan and Hirano Toda in the back first heard Nanrika’s voice before looking into the trunk.

Just this look shocked both of them.

This trunk… How does it look so spacious!

Hirano Toda put his hand on the ground, then plunged half of his body into the trunk and waved his hands to explore the innermost space.

“Really! The trunk of our car has become so spacious, so that our things can be placed in the trunk without being tied to the roof! Hirano Toda said excitedly.

Fang Nan was only slightly stunned to return to normal, the original vehicle enhancement card after use, the outside of the SUV did not change at all, in fact, it was inside to see the specific effect!

When Fang Nan was thinking about this matter, he suddenly felt a sharp look looking at him.

Fang Nan turned his head and said, “Why are you looking at me with this look?” ”

“Nothing, just hard Fang Nan, do you need me to massage you?”

Nan Lixiang shook her head normally, and then her lips were tickled, revealing a charming expression.

Fang Nan raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, how would Miss Nan like to massage?”

Fang Nan squinted and approached, and the two of them were only ten centimeters apart to meet.

Nan Lixiang exclaimed, hurriedly stepped back to pull away, her pretty face became pink and pink, and then she looked at Fang Nan without anger, and then came to the side of the SUV to open the car door to see.

That’s it?

Fang Nan laughed twice, and also came to Nan Lixiang’s side and looked at the space inside the car.

The interior of the SUV is indeed as Fang Nan thought, the space is much larger, at least they will not be crowded when they sit together, and some luggage can also be placed in the third row.

The space inside cannot be seen at all from the outside of the car, as if a large space is invisibly large, which is very magical.

Nanrika didn’t bother much, and turned around and went back to the villa with Hirano Toda to continue moving things out.

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