Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 219

“It seems that our lives are doomed to be unstable in the future!”

Nanli Xiang looked at Fang Nan sarcastically and smiled.

Today she didn’t see the scene of Fang Nan using the Two Knives Flow Rashomon Gate, but poison island Tsukiko told her that she didn’t think so at the time, but soon Nan Li Xiang resolutely shut up.

Because she remembered the picture of Fang Nan’s knife splitting the tank.

“Soldiers will come to block, water will come to cover, afraid of something.” Only at the current rate of infection in Fukuoka Prefecture, at the latest the day after tomorrow, it is estimated that this place will become a dead city. Fang Nan shrugged.

The implication is that the day after tomorrow will be the last time for them to leave Fukuoka Prefecture.

The girls nodded thoughtfully, but Makoto Shiroda looked at the villa with some reluctance, this is her home after all, and it is really a bit unwilling to leave.

After a few more conversations, Shizuka Jugawa said she was sleepy and offered to sleep.

“Sleepy, sleep, stay up late these days to disrupt my life rules.”

Fang Nan covered the notebook and stretched out.

Then, everyone returned to their rooms one by one.

Fang Nan, who deliberately slowed everyone down, saw that poison island Tsukiko and Takagi Saya entered the room together, and Nakaoka Asami entered the room and pulled little Lori Ciri Alice into it together, without giving Fang Nan the slightest chance.

At the time of boarding, the corridor on the second floor became empty.

Fang Nan could only shift his gaze to poison island and Takagi Saye Fang.

“Son, Saya, I have something to discuss with you.”


The next day, 8:30 a.m.!

The morning sun poured in through the window, and it was another sunny and comfortable day.

Fang Nan, who woke up, did not wake up Poison Island Andiko and Takagi Saya, and crept out of the room.

Fang Nan, who left the room, returned to his room to wash up, and walked downstairs to see three busy figures in the kitchen.

And in the living room sofa, Nakaoka Asami, Nanrika and Ciri Alice and Hirano Toda are all there, as soon as they see Fang nan walking down, Hirano Toda and Ciri Alice are normal, only Nakaoka Asami and Nanri Ka glance at Fang Nan with a grudge, and then they ignore it.

“Fang Nan Gangster, will we still go out later?”

As soon as Hirano Toda saw Fangnan, he picked up the spear in his hand, which had a bayonet on it.

This guy… Ready to fight the zombies with bayonets?

Fang Nan inexplicably looked at the spear, and then said: “Let’s take a break in the morning, eat lunch, and then go out in the afternoon to make a wave.” ”

The current situation in Fukuoka Prefecture is becoming more and more severe and chaotic, the number of zombies has increased sharply, and the killing has not yet come quickly, and the military department must be a cluster of ants on the hot pot at this time.

So take advantage of this time to go out and sweep up a wave of supplies, and see if you can do something.

Since he and the top brass of the island nation have already been formed, there is no room for redemption, so it must be carried out to the end!

After half an hour, Poison Island and Takagi Saya walked down from the second floor, but the walking posture was a little strange, and this strangeness could only be understood by Shizuka Kugawa and others who were also women.

Poison Island Tsunako is fine, at least her physical fitness is much stronger, but she is also the person who has withstood Fang Nan’s most attacks, and Takagi Saya is somewhat obvious, seeing that everyone will focus on her body, the beautiful little face will suddenly turn red.

The good girlfriends Ofagawa and Nanrika suddenly glanced at each other, both of them saw the fear and concealment in each other’s eyes… Expect!

This is a beast!

Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Saya are like this together, so if it is a person, is it not going to kill people?

The two of the remaining yellow flower girls were shocked, and when they ate breakfast, they changed their usual lively and beating, and their faces were red and they bowed their heads and did not say a word.

Only Tsutomu Tsunako Takagi, Saya Takagi, Asami Nakaoka and Makoto Shiroda knew best how strong Fangnan really was.

After eating breakfast, Fang Nan briefly explained to everyone about today’s arrangement.

It’s nothing more than going out in the afternoon to take a look, search for some supplies, and if you can, take out a few checkpoints or strongholds and replenish their ammunition.

After all, yesterday was a big output, and in Fang Nan’s system warehouse, there were only a few dozen fragmented grenades and a dozen C4s left.

As for the guns and ammunition, there is still half left.

I don’t know if I can still encounter places like the Armory, so I will take the opportunity to quickly replenish a wave and prepare for tomorrow’s departure.

In this way, the reinforcement point is a bit stretched.

Fang Nan touched his chin and thought.

The difference of more than three thousand, you can make up enough eighty thousand, the fourth reinforcement, Fang Nan is very much looking forward to it, but the thought of leaving Fukuoka Prefecture, may encounter a situation, there is not enough reinforcement point leaning over, will make him very insecure ah!

After breakfast, the women had nothing to do but chat in the living room, Fang Nan was also idle, looking at the several women in front of them, the mood became beautiful.

Perhaps, he could find a place where he would be self-sufficient and not have to live a life of action everywhere.

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