Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 216


After Yuriko Takagi, Tsuneko Toshima, and Asami Nakaoka began to join the fight, Hirano Toda on the SUV also began to move his hands, holding the grip of the machine gun with both hands, pressing the trigger, and with the violent and dense vibration, Hirano Toda’s face was full of excitement.

It’s such a cool feeling!!

With Hirano Toda’s firepower support, Fangnan and Takagi Yuriko’s close combat was relatively easy, especially Fangnan and Poison Island Tsukiko, who were simply wolves in the flock, and none of them could stop their steps.

In this way, ten minutes later, the stronghold, which was already a small number of people, was easily destroyed by Fang Nan and his party, and the ground was full of corpses and blood flowed.

At this moment, the movement of zombies came from the main entrance just behind.

“Ho ho ho…”

“Woohoo! Uh-huh…”


Zombies came in through the open doors, attracted by the sound of gunfire, with hideous faces and pieces of rotten flesh and blood on their bodies.

“Let’s go, hurry up, let’s get to the next stronghold.”

Fang Nan looked at the teaching building in front of him, looked at the zombies coming from behind, and then said to the poison island people.


The three girls nodded and followed Fang Nan’s back to the SUV.

But before leaving, Fang Nan took out two C4 bombs and threw them into the teaching building.

After doing all this, Asami Nakaoka grabbed the steering wheel, and with a wave of skilled hands and feet, he knocked down a zombie and left the stronghold and headed for the next goal.

After leaving this stronghold, Fang Nan decisively pressed the remote control of the C4 bomb.


With a violent explosion soaring into the sky, the entire teaching building suddenly collapsed, setting off dust in the sky, and Fang Nan also successfully harvested more than two hundred reinforcement points.


For Fang Nan’s successful theft, no one knows here at the 414 garrison checkpoint, after all, the explosions on the front line are incessant, and the large troops are in a hurry, who has nothing to eat and support, to pay attention to these trivial things?

Interval ~!

A non-commissioned officer eating a hamburger burped a full belch and stabbed a companion next to him, “Hey, I got the news that there was an explosion coming from the gakuen stronghold, should we go and check it out?” ”

“No, it is estimated that the artillery fire has spread there, accidentally injured, and now the general is concentrating on encircling and suppressing the target person, you don’t have to bother him with this little thing.”

His companion shook his head.

“Well, you make sense.”

The non-commissioned officer, who had nothing to do after eating, nodded his head, and then turned off the signal of the communicator in his hand.

It was approaching four o’clock in the afternoon.

More than four hours had passed since the military headquarters had gathered most of Fukuoka Prefecture’s forces and discovered the people of Fangnan.

Although the process was costly, the results were good.

Because they’re going to catch people!

Finding the target person, to locking the target person, and then surrounding the target person, rounding it up, is not the same as catching it?

There is nothing wrong with it, the logic is very rigorous!

The general stationed at the 414 checkpoint thought like this, and his heart finally felt much more comfortable.

And just like that, another half an hour passed.

The main forces of the island country have been divided into two forces, blocking the front and back doors of the villa area, and the special forces of various countries have also entered the villa area.

“Damn! These foreign guys were small in numbers and maneuvered faster than we were into the villa area! ”

Inside an armed vehicle, a captain-level figure slapped the car door several times, and in front of him, one after another armored vehicles with different flags had already driven far into the villa area, leaving only a trail of dust.


“Haha! Finally ready to meet the legendary mutant, I hope not to disappoint me! ”

The stupid big man in the American Eagles clenched his big fists, revealing most of his body outside the car, laughing wildly.

With his big head of more than two meters, several soldier-level figures could not hold his fists, not to mention the little farts who were not even adults!

The other teammates looked at him quietly, not saying anything on the surface, but actually shaking their heads.

They had all seen several of Fang Nan’s battle videos, and although they were not tall, their strength was really perverted, and they didn’t think this guy could break Fang Nan’s wrist.

The captain of the Eagles also frowned when he heard his words, if it were not for the fact that this man was a relation, he would have thrown it out a long time ago, just hoping not to spoil the tactics he had arranged.

Eagle Country.

“Wait and you’ll be able to avenge the captain!”

“That’s right!”

“Kill them!”

Eagle JiliGuo originally came more than three hundred people, that night this part of them because they went out to investigate the surrounding situation, so they escaped a disaster, while the other two hundred people were not so lucky, not even a wave could not be turned over and directly cool.

So this time more than a hundred of them wanted to avenge the captain, and the momentum was exceptionally sufficient.


“You have also seen the brutality of the target person, so let’s secretly observe the situation near them first, don’t fight the grass and snake, wait until they are both defeated, and then shoot, understand?”

The captain of the French kingdom looked at his team members with a wise look.

“We get it! Just a little, this we are professional! ”

Hundreds of team members roared in unison.

Captain: “…”

This team is a bit difficult to carry!

The troops of almost all countries have entered the villa area, and the island countries have also entered one after another.

The first to bear the brunt was the United States, they rushed to the villa where Fang Nan was before, without saying a word, directly got out of the car and surrounded, and then broke into the door.

The whole process is done in one go, which is a model of professionalism.

It was only when they broke the door and the corners of their mouths were about to go up madly that they were dumbfounded.

Or rather, it’s terrible!

“This… Where is this room full of zombies!!? ”

The big fool of the Miguo Eagles who rushed to the front was directly stunned, looking at a room full of zombies, and an emotion called fear suddenly spread in their hearts.

“Uh… Whew! ”

“Uh huh…”

“Ho ho!!”

The room was full of zombies, all crowded, at a glance, none of them were empty, and there were at least a hundred or so visually, all densely packed together.

At this time, as soon as I heard a huge movement coming from the door, no matter how much, all of a sudden they all became agitated.

“Quick! Get out! ”

The members of the Eagles of the United States were horrified at the same time, turned around and rushed out, hoping that their mother would have an extra pair of legs, no, it was a pair of wings.

A large number of zombies poured out of the villa doorway, like a pressure relief valve.

The members of the Eagle Team of the United States scattered and fled, some ran back to the car, some were thrown down by the zombies in time, and there was a period of death rolling and hand-to-hand combat, and some of them stabilized their minds and picked up guns to shoot.

In the end, it was the elite troops of a big country, and the hundreds of zombie riots were quickly reacted by them and successfully suppressed.

At this time, the front and back doors of the villa area suddenly exploded coldly, and a large number of cement buildings fell, blocking the door to death.

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