Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 209

Ground floor, in the kitchen!

Asami Nakaoka, Shizuka Jugawa, Tsukiko Toshima and Makoko Shiroda are all there, while Saya Takagi and Alice Kiri are packing up their things at the table.

Hirano Toda seems to have gone out on patrol, carrying a sniper rifle, which looks very intimidating.

“Saya sauce, lunch is ready, you go and ask Fang Nan and Sister Lily to come down.”

In the kitchen, Shizuka Jugawa poked out a small head that was endearing and said to Takagi Saya on the other side of the table.


After Takagi Saya responded, he wiped his hands, and then ‘pedaled’ up to the second floor, turning right toward the hidden study door.

“Fang Nan, Mom, ready to eat.”

Takagi Saya walked to the door, pushed open the thick wooden door as he spoke, and then saw Fang Nan and Takagi Yuriko.

“Sand… Saya, how did you get here? Ready for lunch? I know. ”

Yuriko Takagi pretended to be calm, walked away from Fang Nan’s side in a panic, with her back to Takagi Saya, her hands had been sorting out some messy clothes on her body, and her speech was also incoherent, very strange.

After finishing the tidying up and the hot on her face disappeared, Yuriko Takagi turned around, revealing her usual elegant smile, and said, “Let’s go!” ”

Takagi Saya looked at Yuriko Takagi and then at Fang Nan, who was holding a coffee cup and licking her lips.

When she pushed the door in just now, she saw that Yuriko Takagi seemed to have left Fang Nan’s body, although it was fast, she confirmed that she had not misread it.

Moreover, when Yuriko Takagi turned around, Hayaka Saya keenly found that Yuriko Takagi’s lipstick was not only spent, but even the shoulder strap under the collar had slipped sideways, looking very uneven, and it was twisted and twisted at a glance.

Even, the most obvious is the button that fell on the ground, the color and the high city Yuriko bear photo is a color, as a woman Takagi Saya, this is the most familiar.

Why did the button that was obviously behind the bear photo fall to the ground?

This question, although Gaocheng Saya had a guess in his heart, did not ask much, just looked at Fang Nan with disgust, said a word of eating, and then turned away, as if all these strange things had not been seen.

“Wait for me.”

Yuriko Takagi shouted, and then glared at Fang Nan behind her with a wink, and followed, if this guy was not so anxious, she would not be so embarrassed.

“Oh, sure enough, cute is worthless in front of sexiness, just the mature bear two, the feeling is different, the charm of Yuriko, can be more lethal than Saya and Zizi they came!” 」

Fang Nan looked down and laughed softly, recalling the taste just now, he was not only diligent just now, but also got started, but unfortunately the time was too short to do more.

But that feeling, but it is really easy to recall, no wonder there were kings in ancient times who loved beauty and did not love Jiangshan, this sentence is reasonable!

After sitting for a few minutes, Fang Nan waited for his flesh and qi to dissipate a lot before he got up and slowly came to the first floor to prepare for dinner.

Ground floor, on the dining table!

Fang Nan was generously eating lunch, feeling yuriko Takagi’s gaze more frequently than usual, and he couldn’t help but smile, which was really a bit exciting.

During the meal, Fang Nan talked to everyone about his plans and afternoon arrangements.

When Nanri ka and Hirano Toda heard that they were finally going out, their eyes immediately lit up, after all, in the morning, they were the most prepared and ready to kill one side, and as a result, Fang Nan did not plan to go out.

Now it’s time to finally get a shot.

“However, this time our danger factor will be greatly increased, I guess the military will most likely take the initiative to attack first, frontal combat is not good for us, so we have to prepare something to meet them first.”

Fang Nan looked at the crowd and said.

“So what to do?”

Nanri asked immediately.

“The specific preparations will be elaborated when we leave.”

Fang Nan took a bite of the rice and ate it without hurrying.

However, after hearing Fang Nan’s plan, they didn’t care much.

Soon, the time was already one o’clock in the afternoon, and Fang Nan and his party also prepared their weapons and got into the car.

“The house will be handed over to you.”

“Rest assured!”

Shizuka Jugawa revealed the small muscles on her snow-white arms and said confidently.

Fang Nan rolled his eyes at her, your biceps are not threatening at all, not as big as your bear.

On the car, Fang Nan wanted to use satellites this time, so he took a laptop and the car was driven by Asami Nakaoka.

Soon, the SUV drove out of the Aster Villa area, and Fang Nan turned on the computer and entered the satellite system.

“Fang Nan, what are our plans for waiting?” What to prepare? ”

Nan Lixiang in the second row couldn’t resist his temperament, and as soon as he got into the car, he began to ask non-stop, and he was even more curious when he saw Fang Nan fiddling with the computer.

For an instant, this made Fang Nan think that she was possessed by Shizuka Jugawa, so much curiosity!

“By its sake, this time we play street battles!”

Fang Nan pointed to the computer and said mysteriously.

It is said that in addition to Yuriko Takagi, the other people in the car, including the wise poison island Tsuruko, are a little confused?

Street fighting?

As for the actions of Fang Nan’s side, the island country’s side is completely unaware!

They are now anxious to regain control of the satellite, by the way to start some communication equipment that does not rely on satellites, otherwise Fukuoka Prefecture will not receive the news, then the two eyes will be blind, and they will not know the truth.

During the time when Fangnan had lunch, the ministry finally activated a batch of radios and made contact with the garrison checkpoints and strongholds in Fukuoka Prefecture.

“Sir, there is a call from the command headquarters saying that the target person controls our satellite, and the target person is likely to take the initiative to attack next, so let us be prepared for defense!”

“What! Our satellites are controlled? When did this happen, how I don’t know! ”

At the garrison checkpoint at the 412 entrance, the general in charge of the place ‘boo’ shot the case, angry and shocked.

Similar to this scene, all of them were staged in checkpoints and strongholds in Fukuoka Prefecture.

When they received the news from the command, they were furious and felt very ridiculous.

At the garrison checkpoint at the 414 entrance gate, the person in charge here was also a senior general, and after the death of two generals, Takahashi and Tanaka, the entire Fukuoka Prefecture belonged to his highest rank.

As soon as he heard that the command was telling them to prepare, the first thought in his mind was disdain!

That’s right.

Just disdain!

“A few high school students, look at you scared!”

The general looked at the soldier in front of him, glared at him angrily, and then touched the two handfuls of eight-character beards under his nose, a pair of eyes narrowed, and hummed: “Although intelligence says that they are all mutant humans with extraordinary physical qualities, but so what, now is the era of thermal weapons, and a few small farts can still turn against the sky!” ”

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