Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 202


Wisteria Katsutake was almost about to stare out of both of his eyeballs, staring dead at the seat, the old man in his fifties, with an irrepressible killing intent in his eyes!

Mutogawa, like Wistero Katsutake, is one of the current thirteen councillors, and at the same time has a famous family behind him, and his status and power are not inferior to his.

Before the end of the day, the landscape was not revealed, and occasionally it was only in conflict with his policy, but after the end of the day, it seemed to be deliberate, and the wisps were aimed at Wisteria Katsutake.

The last time he took advantage of the airport incident, he deprived Wisteria Katsutake of the command of part of the army, and now with one mouth, he instantly drew anger to him!

I’m special…

Wisteria Katsutake suppressed a mouthful of old blood and endured it.

When the high-level representatives of various countries heard Mutogawa’s voice, they all raised their eyebrows and aimed their spearheads at Wisteria Katsutake, and even other parliamentarians who wanted to help could not help.

Mikoku: “Councillor Wisteria of the Island Nation, we don’t know your style of acting, but after several failures, I think it is necessary for the Ministry of Government of the Island Nation to judge the ability of the main personnel!” ”

Xiong Guo: “The island country is the garbage of the military department, and even the political department is the garbage of the garbage!” No wonder I fail every time, when my White Bears land, I will issue orders, absolutely can not obey the dispatch and advice of the island country! ”

France: “The last time the airport was encircled and suppressed, it was the Wisteria Congressman who swore an oath to give us a guarantee, but what was the result?” The great defeat, and now it is coming again, and the people who have also let the people of the Eagle Jili Kingdom are buried, you can really do it! ”

Stick Nation: “That’s what the island nation is like that ~ Smecta!” ”


All countries have begun to spray island countries, and the main content is aimed at Wisteria Katsutake alone, after all, this matter cannot be upgraded to the level of international contradictions.

On the seats of the island parliamentarians, several parliamentarians and military leaders also began to whisper, exchanged heads and ears, and looked at Wisteria Katsutake between the words, and then continued.

“The command of Councilor Wisteria these times has indeed lost the demeanor of our island country!”

“After so many consecutive failures, and to affect other countries, I said that Wisteria Shengwu can’t do it, but he does!” He also revealed the news of the mutants to other countries and let them participate, and now it is good, and the catastrophe is coming! ”

“At present, many countries want us to give an explanation, especially Eagle Jili, who has the posture of not giving up without compensating something!” What an old fox! ”

“Yeah, everybody’s so hard, it’s going to be hard for us.”

These words of these kinds circulated among several parliamentarians and senior officials of the military department, and they seemed to maintain a skeptical attitude towards The ability and status of The Wisteria Katsutake, and even more, they wanted to directly push the Wisteria Katsutake out and block the cusp of the storm.

It can be said that the sinister face of political corruption is revealed very thoroughly.

Wisteria Katsutake stood in the center, like a war criminal, and at this moment his heart was extremely cold and resentful.

When he first gained power, one by one he came over to say good things and do everything, and now he is in great trouble, and one by one he clears up the relationship faster than anyone, which is the so-called tree falling down and scattering!

And just when the video conference debate was in full swing, suddenly, behind the box of many of their video conferences, a new video frame appeared out of thin air.

At first, some people noticed this situation, but they all thought that other countries had joined the video channel, so they didn’t care too much, but when a slightly handsome face appeared in the video frame, many people were stunned.


“Ding! Satellite deciphering complete! ”

On the other side, in the villa’s study, Fang Nan looked at the progress bar in the computer desktop, and with the jingle of the bell in his ear, the progress bar was also read to one hundred percent.


Fang Nan’s eyes froze, and he looked at the computer screen with some excitement.

Only to see that after the deciphering was completed, a series of codes and various data that Fang Nan could not understand were displayed, and the complexity was difficult for even programmers to see.

But fortunately, after Fang Nan obtained the permission, he still saw the words marked with the number of terminal online people, so he didn’t think about it and directly clicked in.

As soon as he entered, Fang Nan saw dozens of IP addresses from all over the world, and Fang Nan clicked again, and a bullet screen prompt of ‘has entered the video conference’ jumped out.

“Fang Nan, what are these things?”

Jugawa Shizuka looked curiously at the computer desktop behind Fang Nan’s back, and Xiong Er had already pressed down on Fang Nan’s head.

“I just hacked into the satellite, and I also found that the top level of various countries seems to be holding a video conference.”

Fang Nan smiled and squinted, and then opened the computer’s camera permissions.

Yuriko Takagi saw Fang Nan’s series of operations, and although she was shocked by Fang Nan’s computer skills, she still frowned and asked, “Are you going to join their meeting?” ”


“If that’s the case, let’s leave first.”

Yuriko Takagi nodded.

They don’t want to appear in the video, and in Yuriko Takagi’s subconscious, they think that if they are exposed so many people, it will increase a lot of hidden dangers, and it is better to be careful about sailing the Ten Thousand Years Ship.

As for what Fang Nan wanted to do, Yuriko Takagi would not ask.

In this way, before the video was launched, the women left the study.

Fang Nan, on the other hand, also entered the exclusive channel of the video conference, watching the more than ten boxes, white, black and yellow people of different skin colors gathered together, crackling and arguing, and the target of the quarrel was the island country.

“Everyone, when we first met, I didn’t expect to meet you under such circumstances.

Fang Nan smiled, revealing his two rows of white teeth.


In the headquarters of the island country, a group of high-ranking people of the island country looked at the video frame that appeared out of thin air, and they were all stunned to hear the slightly young voice.

Not only the island countries, including the United States, the Bear Country, the Eagle Country, etc., but also the top level of the countries in the video conference channel have seen the smiling Fang Nan.

Fang Nan’s sudden appearance made the representatives of all countries confused, all staring at Fang Nan non-stop, as if the brain was short-circuited.

Exactly ten seconds later, the video conference that had been arguing had become exceptionally quiet.

Among them, it was Wisteria Katsutake who was the most shocked.

He stood in the center, looking at Fang Nan in horror on the big screen, his mouth slowly opened, and he gradually stared at the dog.

At this moment, his mood did not know what language could be expressed, and he could only express his mood with a ‘sleeper’.

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