Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 201

At the time of Fangnan deciphering the intrusion satellite, it was far away in an island on the surface of the sea.

In a dimly lit and spacious place, dozens of computers were frantically operating, and on the 100-inch display in the center, many video calls jumped out.

Every video call represents a country!

This is the headquarters of the island country, and even thirteen parliamentarians, including Shito Katsutake, have come, and some senior executives of the military department are also sitting on the scene.

The atmosphere at the scene was particularly solemn, and those staff members did not dare to take a breath and work hard.

Just half an hour ago, the command received news from Fukuoka Prefecture about the zombies breaching the police station position last night.

Originally, this matter was not big, it was not small, the stronghold in the city center was attacked by zombies, they were not unheard of, the casualties were indeed worth reflecting on, but in the matter of the stronghold being breached this time, it also involved the shadow of Fang Nan’s wanted personnel.

Regardless of what they do, you know, in the eyes of these high-level people in the island country, Fang Nan is a mobile baby gene pool, which can dig out a living body that can upgrade human genes!

With this alone, it is impossible for the top level of the island country not to care about itself.

Therefore, as soon as they heard the news about fangnan’s people, these high-level people could not sit still and all inquired about the specific news.

I heard that at one of the strongholds closest to the police station, when the rescue was dispatched, someone saw an unknown vehicle deliberately attracting a crowd of zombies, and the car was very large, a very well-armed SUV.

Thinking of the previous times Fang Nan and others forced to break through the checkpoints and save people at the airport, they came to guess that it was Fang Nan who gathered zombies to break through the police station stronghold!

Upon hearing this news, the high-ranking people of the island country were shocked and angry!

Shockingly, the clues of Fang Nan and others were finally found.

And the nature of anger is that the stronghold they have worked so hard to build has become a ruin overnight, not even a living person remains, some people have begun to fear Fang Nan, but more is anger.

But this is not all, with the further follow-up of the news, when the top management of the island country learned that there was actually a special force of more than two hundred people in the Yingjili country in the police station stronghold, they were stunned.

The addition of the Eagle Kingdom further escalated the situation.

They are considered to be old fritters in the political circles, similar to personal essences, and they smelled the wind and rain at the first time, and then made corresponding measures.

That is to gather a meeting of parliamentarians and convene the major high-ranking generals of the military department to discuss the main responsible persons for this matter!

In fact, I want to clean up my responsibilities.

Among them, after learning of these news, Wisteria Katsutake almost died of a blood vessel on the spot.

Without much hesitation, he cursed and grinned and came to the headquarters with his assistant.

As a result, before the people of the island nation began to criticize Wisteria Katsutakeguchi, a number of planned participating countries sent a video call first, inviting the island nation to join the global video conference channel.

“Island nation! What the hell is going on, I was getting ready for dinner when I received the news that my Eagle Gilli Empire warriors had been killed! And they didn’t die by capturing mutants, but by the zombies in your stronghold!! ”

“How do you explain such a heavy loss, and how do you compensate!?”

In the video conference, dozens of countries, large and small, among them, the high-level representatives of Eagle Jili, roared at the screen, and the saliva was about to spray onto the camera, and the face was hideous, as if they were eager to immediately send troops to go to war with the island country.

You must know that the more than two hundred elite warriors of their Eagle Country have just stepped off the plane, whether it is people or weapons, they are the top batch of the Eagle Country.

They had great ambitions to capture the mutants, but they were bitten to death by a large group of zombies without even seeing each other!

It’s so humiliating!

As soon as this news reached the Eagle Auspicious Country, the top level of the Eagle Luck Country exploded in an instant.

Other countries have also received the news, and while they are surprised, they are also aware of a serious problem!

That is, Fang Nan and the others, who were regarded as mutants, were not at all as easy to deal with as they thought, and even several of their advanced powers failed.

However, they will not admit that they cannot do it themselves.

But they are not strong, so why have they been defeated repeatedly?

The answer, of course, must be that the island nation is too weak!

Suddenly, almost all the top leaders of various countries who wanted to arrest Fang Nan and others started this multinational video conference with such an idea.

The Eagle Jili Country really began to attack the island country, and with one mouth, it knew that it was an old fritter who had been crawling and fighting in the political department for many years, first said their grievances and losses, then directly demanded compensation, and finally showed its attitude with anger.

In fact, it is summed up in one sentence: you have to add money!

Very procedural!

When representatives of other countries saw this, their eyes rolled and they revealed the eyes of an old fox.

MiGuo: “This time, it is indeed your island country that is careless!” ”

Xiong Guo: “Haha! Look at you one by one, you are still hurrying to rush to the island country, the mutants are so good, the island country has long been caught, now it is good, the three countries of the United States, France and Eagle Jili have all eaten up, oh yes, and your small island country is also, all of them are played by a few unarmed people, it is really wonderful! ”

Eagle Jili Kingdom: “Bear Country! Don’t rejoice! ”

Xiong Guo: “Oh? How many words have you not allowed us to say in your failure? When the white bear team of our bear country lands in the island country, then what mutants will not be easily captured alive by us! ”

Mi Guo: “Xiong Guo, don’t talk too dead!” ”

France: “What are we discussing now?” Please ask the representative of The Bear Country to clarify the theme! ”

On the side of the island command, listening to the video of Xiong Guo’s unharmed, but extremely insulting speech, several angry people, including Zi Teng Katsutake, were blue in the face!

“Representative of the Eagle Jili State, now is not a matter of discussing compensation, but first talk about the group of mutants this time.”

The island state councillors stood up as representatives and became peacemakers.

It was just that as soon as this congressman opened his mouth, the video conference that had just been under fire for days was instantly set on the side of the island country.

Eagle JiliGuo: “Ahem! Do you mean to say? A few mutants, no one, no weapons, but they hung around in front of the gate of your military headquarters for so long, and in the end they were destroyed by the regiment without finding out! How much garbage can you island countries really have? Yes! ”

Xiong Guo: “Hey hey! Indeed, it’s rubbish, it’s hot eyes! ”

Stick Nation: “I think so too~ Smecta!” ”

Island Nation: “…”

“Alas, I suppose Councillor Wisteria should have something to say, only he knows the mutants best, why our deployment has failed so badly?” Is it really not good for our military department, or is the Wisteria congressman’s command wrong? ”

At this moment, a member of parliament of the island country stood up and said a word slowly.

And this congressman is the same one who deprived Wisteria Katsutake of part of his military power by taking advantage of the failure at the airport last time.

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