Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 199

Looking at Yuriko Takagi with a serious face, Fang Nan turned his head again, looked at the busy shadow in the kitchen, and couldn’t help but be silent.

He was surprised that in such an apocalyptic world, he and Makoko Shiroda had only known each other for less than three days, and reluctantly, not a single day.

And Shiroda Makoto can commit herself, in Fangnan’s consciousness, will only think that this is the weak in order to seek survival of the dilemma, it is Shiroda Makoko knows that she alone, can not live alone, so in order to survive, she can only agree to his request.

If it is before the end of the world, a woman like Makoto Shiroda would not be able to look at herself, and with her status and appearance conditions, there are too many choices.

But now, look at Makoto Shiroda, who is busy in the kitchen, the beautiful smile of happiness on her face, and then hear what Yuriko Takagi said…

“How is my charm?” Even a woman with a harsh eye like Makoko has fallen in love with me! ”

Fang Nan shrugged and laughed softly, somewhat self-deprecating, but more confident.

Since Makoto Shiroda has become her own woman, then he will definitely not let Gouda Makiko go, and now Fang Nan can be said to be not worse than anyone, but better than anyone.

What’s more, with such a charming posture and a beautiful face, Fang Nan is even less likely to give up on her easily!

You’re better and more attractive than you think…

Yuriko Takagi heard what Fang Nan said and looked at him inexplicably, the darkness in her eyes fleeting.

“Breakfast is ready, everyone come and sit well, although usually I will occasionally cook, I am still a little confident in my cooking skills, but I don’t know if the spells do not meet your tastes.”

At this time, the voice of Makoto Shiroda came from the kitchen, and Fang Nan saw her come out with a plate of breakfast, put it on the table, and then turned around, a soft black hair, bound with only a headband, and then placed from the side of the slender neck, completely dressed as a wife.

A layer of dense beads of sweat appeared on the white forehead, a few strands of black hair were soaked and clinging to it, and the apron Pikachu pattern wrapped around the body was almost changed from 2D to 3D because of Kumaji, which was very three-dimensional.

It’s also tight…

After Masako Shiroda said this, several daughters of Poison Island in the living room walked to the table.

Today’s breakfast was done by Masayuki Shiroda alone, simple bread and ham, and a large pot of red bean porridge, drinking red bean porridge in the morning can warm the stomach, especially comfortable, more friendly for women.

“Ara, how could it be, Sister Makoto’s breakfast was delicious!”

Jugawa Shizuka smiled and scooped up a bowl of red bean porridge and ate it, and then stared at Fang Nan, wanting more resentment and resentment.

Fang Nan directly ignored her ‘old resentful woman’, and Mei Zizi replenished the energy lost last night.

Makoto Shiroda sat next to Fang Nan, looking at Fang Nan in a very good mood, eating her own breakfast, her heart felt sweet and satisfied.

When she woke up early this morning, she felt her own transformation, and although she was ashamed, she was more happy.

After feeling Fang Nan’s combat strength, she still had to endure the pain and planned to fulfill her obligations as a wife, after all, Fang Nan’s women were more than her.

After that, she was still worried that her efficiency would be very low, but miraculously, she found that her strength had become exceptionally strong, and from processing the ingredients to the pot, she did not even breathe heavily, and her physical strength seemed to have changed.

The enhancement of her physique has also relieved the pain of her body, which makes her think more and more that her decision last night was not wrong, and she will not regret it!

Half an hour later!

Everyone finished their breakfast and gathered together as yesterday, waiting for Fang Nan’s instructions.

And Nanri Kaoru and Hirano Toda, the two people, are also making adequate preparations today.

Yesterday, they detected the checkpoints of the military headquarters in Fukuoka Prefecture and according to the situation of the divisions of the points, and conveniently removed one of the strongholds, so today should be the time to launch an attack.

However, what is surprising is that Fang Nan does not plan to go out today, or rather, he has no intention of leaving the villa today.

“Makoto, there should be a computer with internet access in the villa, right?”

After eating breakfast, Fang Nan wiped the corners of his mouth, and then looked at Makoto Shiroda, who was sitting next to him.

“Well, yes, there’s a computer in the study, and the network should be fine, because that computer uses the latest satellite wireless network.”

Makoto Shiroda was stunned and nodded her head and said truthfully.

She remembers that on the third day of the zombie crisis, her other computers began to go off, and only some wireless devices were still available, so the satellite network was mostly unaffected.

As long as there is electricity, you can surf!

“Satellite Wi-Fi!?”

Fang Nan listened and laughed.

When he got the unlimited deciphering card yesterday, he planned to try hacking into the satellite, which was directly connected to the island command through the satellite.

This is also the reason why Fang Nan canceled today’s outing and looked for a computer that could connect to the Internet.

To connect to the satellite, the middle fangnan needs a connection point to connect the information terminal on his side with the satellite signal, otherwise even if he has the ability to reach the sky, it is useless.

But now, I didn’t expect that in The study of Makoto Shiroda, there is actually a satellite network computer, which does not need to match their own bridges, directly into the terminal anti-deciphering back to it!

“Go! Take me to the study. ”


Makoto Shiroda nodded, and the appearance of a well-behaved and gentle human wife made Fang Nan feel really comfortable, and immediately pecked directly at her face.



The two unscrupulous men inflicted great critical damage on Shizuka Jugawa, Kaori Nanri, and Yuriko Takagi, who were present.

After letting go of Makoto Shiroda, Fang Nan looked at Tsuneko Takagishima and Saya Takagi and Asami Nakaoka on the other side, then walked over and tapped them on their faces.

After all, they are all their own women, and they can’t favor one over the other!

The three people who were suddenly attacked did not expect Fang Nan to be so bold, even the most calm poisonous island zi also panicked, and his face was quickly smeared with a layer of red, as if he had drunk wine.



Shizuka Jugawa, Nanrika, and Yuriko Takagi were hit twice, and looking at Shizuka Jugawa’s gritted teeth, it was as if the next second, she was going to go forward and strangle Fangnan.

“Let’s go.”


The two left the dining room area side by side, and the study was on the second floor, so the two also went upstairs.

The face of the poison island that had returned to the gods was still slightly hot, looking at the two disappearing backs, some doubts, “What does Fang Nan need to do with the computer?” ”

“I don’t know, do you want to follow up and have a look?”

Jugawa Shizuka’s face was depressed, but then her eyes lit up, she was a very unstoppable person, like to think wildly, especially after realizing that she had something wrong with Fang Nan, she was more concerned about Fang Nan’s every move.

At this moment, she heard that Fang Nan wanted to use the computer, so she couldn’t resist curiosity about Ann, and her heart itched to find out the truth.

Her words instantly ignited the strong curiosity of the women.

“That… Let’s go and see it, anyway, he didn’t say that we were not allowed to follow! ”

Nan lixiang has the most straightforward temperament, she is also curious and tight, and she basically does what she wants to do.

After two days of getting along, Fang Nan showed too much magic, and this curiosity, like gravity, deeply attracted her to explore.

With Nanri kao taking the lead, Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Saya symbolically embarrassed a few times, they all brushed up to the second floor, and even Ciri Alice was led by Shizuka Jugawa and left the first floor living room.

Only Hirano Toda, who was fully armed early in the morning, thought that today would be exciting and thrilling, rubbed his big baby sniper rifle, glanced at the women who had disappeared on the stairs, and sighed.

“Women, it will only affect my judgment of shooting!”

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