Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 196

After watching the C4 and the fragmented grenade, Fang Nan shifted his gaze to the reinforcement point.

A total of 10,000 enhancement points have been added, and the number is not much, but there is still a lot of distance from the fourth reinforcement.

“With these more than three hundred C4 and grenades, the remaining reinforcement points are estimated to be ready in a short time.”

He now has nearly 60,000 reinforcement points, which is 20,000 short of the target of 80,000, and if he tries to pit the army several times in the past few days, he will probably be able to complete it.

Thinking of this, Fang Nan was in a good mood and was just about to go back, when suddenly, he casually glanced at the system warehouse and found that there was a strange gadget.

“This thing is also a reward opened from the Platinum Chest, I don’t know what effect it has, but it is also something that comes out of the Platinum Chest, so it shouldn’t be too garbage, right?”

Fang Nan’s eyes fell on the card of the key pattern, and he was a little curious in his heart, and without thinking much, he directly clicked on its detailed introduction.


【Name: Unlimited Deciphering Card】

【Conditions of use: Decipher the item to fit the card]

[Function description: This is a universal deciphering card, nothing is broken, can perfectly decipher the safe, car, door lock, computer, signal and other related encryption items. 】

“Huh? It seems that this little thing is quite a bit of a cattle batch! ”

Fang Nan looked at the information in the details, he was slightly surprised, because this is the same auxiliary thing, can not fight zombies, can not increase attributes, but can crack a lot of things in reality, it is quite beneficial to him.

You know, with the development of science and technology, hackers this group is a cautious existence for countries, and highly skilled hackers can directly invade the national system, thus causing very significant harm.

Hackers with average technology can also hack into personal computers to steal information.

The reason hackers are so powerful is that they are able to take advantage of the network to be pervasive, even if the firewall is too powerful to defend it.

Among them, it involves a variety of complex algorithm programs such as deciphering and decryption.

Once upon a time, Fang Nan also studied for a while, otherwise he would not have been able to solve the encrypted file of Wisteria Sai last time.

But now, Fang Nan has an unlimited deciphering card, whether it is in reality or in the network, he has absolute deciphering ability!

“System, can this thing decipher satellites?”

“Ding! Unlimited deciphering cards can be broken everywhere, but whenever it comes to encrypted items, it can be perfectly deciphered, including satellites, of course. ”

As soon as Fang Nan’s idea came up, the system responded quickly.

“It’s really possible!”

Fang Nan was slightly surprised.

Being able to decipher the satellite, Fang Nan felt that this thing was still quite good, and where to go in the future, whether it was to obtain information in advance or to obtain the movements of the military department, he could directly know.

It’s also a good thing!


After reading the reward, Fang Nan planned to return to the SUV.

But as soon as he turned around, he saw that more than fifty meters away from him, poison island and the four daughters of Takagi Yuriko were in the moonlight, the scene of joyful play, and the laughter of the silver bell came into his ears, and he couldn’t help but eat.

“Why did they follow suit?”

Fang Nan didn’t think much of it, and directly lifted his feet and walked over.

In the moonlight, Fang Nan was walking against the light, and even if his eyesight was extreme, he could only see the blurred faces of a few people.

However, when Fang Nan walked in step by step, and the poison island snakes also noticed Fang Nan, he saw the clear appearance of several people, and he couldn’t help but feel some blood and qi surging up.

In front of him, the four daughters of Poison Island Tsunako, Nakaoka Asami, Takagi Yuriko, and Nanri Kao sprinkled water and played with each other, perhaps the huge situation in these few days made them all a little depressed, so at this moment, they all involuntarily released their nature and tossed it without scruples.

In this way, between the water flowing, unconsciously, the clothes of the four women were all wet by the sea, and the thin summer clothes would inevitably stick to the skin.

In this way, the figure of the four women who are already foul is even more attractive!

Among the four daughters, Yuriko Takagi is the most outstanding!

She was originally wearing white clothes, and because it was a summer dress, now this wet water, basically can not cover anything, a set of purple suits inside, especially conspicuous, white skin all reveal a mature breath.

“Cough cough: What, we can go back to the car, you guys are so easy to catch a cold. ”

Fang Nan’s eyes boldly swept over the four women’s bodies one by one, focusing on Yuriko Takagi several times.


The fourth woman heard what Fang Nan said, this is the hindsight, you look at me, I also look at you, stunned for a second, finally realized that it was not right to scream, and then the four delicate faces quickly stained with a red halo.

Finally, without saying hello, he hurried back to the car.

“Hey hey! I can’t blame that. ”

Fang Nan shrugged and smiled, and then took a happy step back to the SUV.

As soon as he returned to the car, Fang Nan looked at the four people one by one, and the corners of his mouth were slightly cocked.

Poison Island Tsunako and Asami Nakaoka already had a relationship with him, and when they returned to the car, the two of them just blushed slightly, and didn’t have much of a reaction, after all, they hadn’t seen it, what a big deal!

Only Yuriko Takagi was the most ashamed, making the innermost part of the second row, looking out with her head, but what she didn’t know was that her reddened earlobes had betrayed her.

And the pretending calm Nan Lixiang’s eyes flashed a few times, sensing Fang Nan’s line of sight, she looked up and straightened her body without expression, lifting her bear er high, Fang Nan was worried that the shirt could not hold up.

“What to see? Haven’t seen it? Little boy! ”

“Huh! I said I haven’t seen it, will you show it to me? ”

“You obviously… Hum! I am not very old, but my heart is not small! ”

Being so leveraged by Fang Nan, Nan Lixiang was momentarily speechless, and did not dare to speak again, so angry that she sat in place and gritted her teeth, staring at Fang Nan viciously as if she wanted to take advantage of his lack of preparation to bite him.

Subsequently, the SUV started, and Fang Nanmei leaned back on the back of the chair and lamented that the day was so beautiful.

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