Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 193

Losing the weight of the cannonballs, the zombies at the gate poured in again, and this time, they were even more ferocious than before.

Second floor!

The person in charge of this stronghold looked at the gunners who had fallen to the ground inexplicably with a pale face, looked around in horror, and finally saw it by him.

“How… What’s going on, someone actually snipes at those gunners on that building! Do you say…”

This person in charge is not a fool, in the dark night, of course, saw the two flashes of fire on the roof, and then associated with the inexplicable death of the gunner, and the sudden appearance of zombies…

This series of events was like a movie flashing through the ups and downs of his mind.

Finally, he seemed to figure it all out.

“Damn!! These zombies are attracted to us, and they want to kill us! Who is it? Who the hell is this!! ”

The person in charge clutched the railing deadly, listening to the increasingly clear zombie roar downstairs, his whole body trembling, fear invading his brain like a tidal wave.

Below the building, the soldiers who were still resisting saw the zombies pouring in again, and they retreated in a hurry, and some people saw the gunner who fell to the ground and did not think much about it before going up to pick up the rocket artillery on the ground.

However, a bullet fell from the sky like a meteor through his brain.

This scene was seen by many soldiers and fled in a hurry.

On the roof.

“Good job, little fat man.”

“Hey hey, it’s far worse than the Southern Predecessors!”

The praised Hirano Toda scratched his head in embarrassment, and then continued to stare at the heavy weapons.

In this way, under the surveillance of Nanrika and Hirano Toda, no one dared to use heavy weapons, and the fire of guns alone was completely unable to suppress countless zombies.

Soon, the first half of the entire police station was occupied by zombies, and there were more zombies in the back, but it was only a matter of time before the soldiers of the military department were defeated and retreated, and the originally good situation was completely reversed.

This stronghold of the military headquarters is completely finished, even if people from other checkpoints and strongholds come to the rescue, it will not help.

Soon, it was twelve o’clock!

A breeze blew, the night wind carried a hint of coolness, Fang Nan sniffed the smell of blood in the air, and his mood was like water, without waves.

At this time, there were not many gunshots coming out of the police station stronghold, and at a glance, there was almost no one alive except for the zombies, and at most there were some lucky survivors in the building, but it was only a matter of time before death.

“Let’s go, we can go back and destroy a stronghold of the military headquarters, I hope that the Wisteria Katsutake Old Silver Coin will not be too distressed!”

Fang Nan said, and then led the crowd downstairs and back into the SUV.

On the way back, passing by the side of the police station stronghold, Fang Nan listened to the wanton zombie horde inside, thought about it, and then called the skylight to drill out, without saying a word, and took out twenty C4 bombs directly from the system warehouse.

“There are so many zombies inside, just give me a wave of reinforcement points!”

Although the distance is a bit far, it is not difficult for Fang Nan.

Suddenly, twenty C4 bombs flew high into the night, and after doing all this, Fang Nan returned to the car.

Rumble —

As soon as Fang Nan sat down, the inside of the police station stronghold was instantly radiant, like daylight, and then the absolute explosion sounded, and the bright red fire instantly illuminated everything around him.

Even the ground produced a faint tremor!

The SUV sped away, and Fang Nan and Poison Island Tsunako both turned their heads to look behind, in the smoke and dust of the sky, the soaring fire, and the collapsed police station building, everything including the zombies were buried under the rubble.

“Ding! Gain 5230 boost points. ”

At this time, the system prompt sounded.

Five thousand two!

Fang Nan was also a little surprised that he could harvest so many reinforcement points, he originally thought that it would be very good to have three thousand, after all, there were many soldiers in the stronghold, and there was a wave of fire group suppression in the early stage, which should have consumed a lot of zombies.

But now that he thought about it, the number of zombies they attracted might be far more than he had estimated.

“It was so cool!”

On the way back, Asami Nakaoka raised her fist excitedly, talking about what had just happened, she could be described as an addiction to racing cars, and they had destroyed an important stronghold of the military headquarters effortlessly.

“Yes, the island war department wants us and has troubled us many times, and this time it is finally our turn to fight back.” Poison Island Tsunako showed a faint smile, this time she was obviously very relieved.

“However, after our initiative this time, the military department will certainly be very vigilant in the future, and if we use zombies several times and three times, the military department will inevitably become more sensitive to the number of zombies.”

At this time, Yuriko Takagi began to think about the future, her willow eyebrows slightly raised, her slender beautiful legs overlapping each other, and the rhythmic slight sway.

Fang Nan turned his head and looked at us appreciatively, then turned around and said leisurely, “No matter how vigilant you can be, the power of the corpse tide is not something they say they can resist, even if they know that we will repeat the same trick and then rush to chase us, but the final result will only attract more zombies, in short, our mobility is incomparable to them, and these are just the shortcomings of those heavy weapons.” ”

Fang Nan’s words made everyone nod in agreement

Indeed, the guns and bullets of the military department are not a threat to them at all, as long as they hide in the SUV, except for some highly lethal heavy weapons, otherwise they are absolutely safe.

Besides, if you can’t beat it, it’s a big deal to run, and it’s a matter of kicking the throttle.

Therefore, Fang Nan did not take the vigilance of the military department in mind.

While everyone was chatting, suddenly, the SUV came to a sharp stop, and Fang Nan and Poison Island Tsunako almost knocked down the thing in front of them.

“What’s wrong!?” Poison Island asked.

“Ahead, there are too many zombies!”

Asami Nakaoka pointed ahead and said.

In front of the SUV, not very wide on the road, there were dense zombies standing, staggering towards them, looking very scary under the illumination of the headlights.

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