Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 186

You’re not right!?

Listening to What Jukawa Shizuka said, the corners of Fang Nan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

What makes me have big babies and still drink!?

This kind of road can soar, and I can only say that it is worthy of you, Teacher Jugawa!

“Tonight, Miss Johta comes to my room.”

Fang Nan said to Makoto Shiroda, since he is his own person, then there are more than a dozen potions lying in his system warehouse, and he can’t eat ash, right?

After listening to it, everyone didn’t feel strange, or rather, they were used to it, and only fell into the ears of Nanrika and Makoko Shiroda, and the meaning was completely different.

Nan Li Xiang was fine, not her anyway.

But Makoto Shiroda couldn’t calm down at all, her hands grasped the hem of her skirt, her eyes flickered, and her brain went blank.

She manages this big company, there are many people and things in contact, and it can be said that it is not uncommon for her subordinates to be unspoken by superiors, originally she thought that she was far away from these things, but now she has finally arrived.

But somehow, there was no feeling of disgust in her heart, but there was a trace of nervousness and shyness, and this strange emotion that had never been felt before made her ghostly god nod her head and respond.


When Fang Nan saw her expression, he did not doubt that he had him, and thought that it might be that both sides were too strange for the reason, or they were rigid, and it would be much better to get along for a long time in the future.

“Well, we’ll be living here for the next three days, and I, Tsukiko, Asami, Aunt Yuriko, and Hirano Toda, the five of us will go out and loot the supplies.”

Fang Nan counted the people, all of whom went out to rescue Nan Lixiang last night.


Neither Tsunako Noriko Noriko nor Asami Nakaoka had any opinions.

“Wait a minute, I’m going too!”

But at this moment, Nanrixiang, who had not spoken for a long time, came out.

Only to see her willow eyebrows slightly wrinkled, a pair of long legs that did not lose Nakaoka Asami cocked, dissatisfied glance at Fang Nan, “I used to exercise every day in the military department, and now I am idle, which makes me feel uncomfortable.” ”

“Is there any problem with your body?”

Fang Nan looked at her.

“Of course!”

Nan Lixiang said confidently, she knew better than anyone about her physical condition, the most important thing was that she didn’t want to be a person who would only consume, at least she had to find her own value, otherwise the relationship would be good and there would be a gap.

She still understands this truth!

In addition, Nan Lixiang also wanted to see how powerful Fang Nan really was, and the scene that rushed into the corpse tide last night still made her remember it vividly.

“That’s fine, but don’t force it.”

Fang Nan agreed, as if he could see through the thoughts in her heart, and the corners of his mouth cocked slightly.

“What about Fang Nan, what about us?”

Just as Fang Nan and the others were packing up their things and preparing to leave, Gaocheng Shaye pulled Ona Fangnan’s clothes and asked with a blushing face.

Takagi Saya knew that she was not suitable for fighting, so she had been doing her best to ensure that in her daily life, Fang Nan’s physical and mental pleasure, in fact, she also wanted to help Shang Nan, but there was no way to start.

Fang Nan turned around and looked at the delicate Takagi Saya, and then looked at The Four of Them one by one, Shizuka Jugawa, Makoto Shiroda, and Alice Hiri.

“You are optimistic about this home, after three days, we may not have this kind of condition, so you try to make some simple cooked food, with the heating device on the SUV, so that we can eat hot dishes and hot rice in the future.”

Fang Nan touched Takagi Saya’s head and smiled.

“Hey hey, don’t worry, Fang Nan, I and Saya Sauce will definitely make a lot of delicious food waiting for you to come back.”

“It’s up to you!”

Fang Nan waved his hand, got into the car under the gaze of Takagi Saya, Shizuka Kigawa, Masako Michida, and Alice, and then drove out of the Aster Villa area, eventually disappearing from their sight.

“Let’s go, it’s time for us to work!”

With Fang Nan’s command, the fourth daughter can be said to be full of energy.

On the SUV, this time it was Fang Nan driving, and the domineering Let Nakaoka Asami sit in the co-pilot.

Originally, Fang Nan did not want Nakaoka Asami to come out together, but think about it or forget it, Nakaoka Asami’s physique has been strengthened, the recovery speed is very fast, and then there is no problem in action, and it is a big deal to let her open when she comes back.

After determining the relationship last night, Nakaoka Asami’s entire temperament has undergone earth-shaking changes, her eyes look at Fang Nan, both shy and bold, and her skin is very soft and translucent.

This is the same as the original poison island Tsukiko and Takagi Saya after the first time, the appearance value has invisibly improved a lot.

“We went to the supermarket in the city first, although there are more survivors in Fukuoka Prefecture than in the main city of the bed, but after last night’s corpse riot, they should not dare to come out.”

Fang Nan said, slowly hitting the steering wheel.

The speed of the car was very fast, and the scenery outside the window quickly fell backwards, and in a short while you saw the bustling streets in the city.

In the back of the car, Nan Li Xiang was the first time to sit on the SUV, after all, she was unconscious last night, and she woke up for more than ten seconds, and she didn’t have time to visit at all.

“When I was in the military department, I saw a little bit, knew that this car is armed and bulletproof, but I didn’t expect that the space inside was so big, and it was very comfortable, there was no sense of hard state of military vehicles, from the inside, it was not too much to say that it was a caravan!”

Nanrika, who was sitting in the second row, was amazed, and next to her were Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko.

“Miss Nanrika, I’m very sorry, this is your sniper rifle, I’ve used it several times, now I’ll return it to my original owner.”

Hirano Toda in the third row took out the sniper rifle found in Nanrika’s house, although he was very reluctant in his heart, he still had to give it back to Nanrika, and when he finished, he was afraid that Nanrika would not agree, so he picked up an M4 rifle next to him.

“Rest assured, I have other guns to use.”

“Is this my sniper rifle?” How does it look different!? ”

Nan lixiang heard the words and took the sniper rifle and looked at it.

“Hey hey, of course it’s different, Fang Nan gangster has modified this sniper rifle, all aspects of the performance have been improved, some details of the handling has become better.”

Hirano Toda said proudly, the gun was modified by his boss, which is naturally equivalent to his own modification, which is no problem at all!

“Classmate Fang Nan, you actually modify firearms!?”

Nan Lixiang showed a very surprised expression, you know, assembling a gun and modification are two different things, can not be mixed, such as a master who can be familiar with the assembly of guns, you let him modify the gun, improve the accuracy, these he may really not know.

“A little bit of understanding!”

Fang Nan sighed for a moment, of course, he would not modify, all of which was the credit of a primary firearm modification card.

“Since you know a little, then my sniper rifle will be handed over to you, little brother!”

Nanri smiled, then returned the gun to Hirano Toda and said, “This gun is given to you, I have a new one now, I don’t need so much, and I heard Shizuka say, your marksmanship is good, how can you not have a good gun.” ”

“So what’s so funny… However, Miss Nanrixiang did not have to worry about us not having enough weapons, but there were even RPGs in the trunk, and the ammunition reserves were also very large, enough for us to kill everywhere. ”

Hirano Toda said this, but the body honestly took the sniper rifle and excitedly introduced their ‘gun arsenal’.

“How much!?”

Nanri couldn’t help but smirk that there were already a lot of guns and bullets piled up on the third row, and through the opening behind the seats in the third row, she saw more, although it was only a part of it, but enough to imagine how many weapons were inside.

Good fellow, it is worthy of coming out of a military base!

During the conversation, the SUV stopped in front of a small supermarket.

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