Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 182


Fang Nan said a word.

Asami Nakaoka was instantly sluggish, and at this moment, she seemed to be suffocating, unable to breathe, and her nose became sour.

As soon as Fang Nan saw this situation, he immediately knew that she would be wrong again, and hurriedly held Nakaoka Asami’s cheek and gently pinched it.

“You stupid woman, you’re thinking wrong again!”

“I’m not rejecting you, I mean, you’re no worse than the, they’re young, but they’re also deficient, you know?” In my country, there is a saying called female junior, holding gold bricks. The broad meaning of this sentence is that women are bigger than men, and it is not a shameful place, and you don’t need to feel inferior for this! ”

Fang Nan’s voice was unprecedentedly gentle at this moment, and from what Asami Nakaoka had just spoken, he could clearly feel how angry she was about her age.

It is precisely because of this that I have not been able to say it for a long time.

“That… So you mean…”

“I mean, you have advantages that Tsubasa and Saya don’t have, you know, mature women are no worse than high-level American girls in the eyes of our men, and the more mature women are, the more flavorful they are!”

Fang Nan pinched Nakaoka Asami’s white chin, smiled, and then wrapped his backhand around Asami Nakaoka’s thin waist…

“System, Strengthen Asami Nakaoka!”

“Ding, it takes 2,000 enhancement points to strengthen Asami Nakaoka, is it strengthened?”


“Ding, strengthening…”

Nakaoka Asami’s unexpected confession surprised Fang Nan, but the purpose of this trip, he still did not forget, while hugging Nakaoka Asami, Fang Nan directly opened the reinforcement.

Asami Nakaoka did not expect that she would be suddenly attacked by Fang Nan, and her eyes widened in surprise and joy.


She also felt her body getting hotter and hotter!



Fang Nan was comfortable, but in the next few rooms, some people could not sleep, even those who had just fallen asleep were awakened.

Poison Island Tsukiko and Takagi Saya’s room.

“This time… Seems to be Ma MeiJie! ”

“It’s indeed Sister Ma Mei.”

Takagi Saya opened her eyes in surprise, and her beautiful face was a little rosy in the darkness.

Poison Island also woke up, and she immediately heard who the owner of the voice was.

In this regard, the two looked at each other, and then both smiled, without the slightest surprise.

They can take the lead in confessing Fang Nan, with Fang Nan, emotional intelligence is naturally not bad, and they have long seen that Nakaoka Asami is secretly liking Fang Nan, after all, if they don’t like it, who will peek at it? And a look of fear of being discovered is really funny.

In the next room to Asami Nakaoka, Makoto Shiroda and Yuriko Takagi sleep here.

They hadn’t slept yet, and what they had seen and experienced today made Some of Shiroda’s mothers unable to sleep, but not long after, some movements rang out from the next door.

Of course, Yuriko Takagi knew what this was, that is, this female president Who had not yet fallen in love, Makoto Shiroda, could not turn around for a while.

Frightened for a few days, she once thought that the zombies outside had broken in, but she quickly reacted, and her delicate face was as red as a tomato.

Suddenly, Makoto Shiroda’s heart was also very shocked and curious.

As far as she knows, her girlfriend’s daughter and Poison Island Tsunako both like Fang Nan and seem to acquiesce to each other’s existence, while serving as Fang Nan’s girlfriend.

Listening to the voice next door, it was obvious that it was not either of them.

With this discovery, Makoto Shiroda widened her eyes and looked at Yuriko Takagi next to her.

“Sister Lily, do you know what this is like?”

“I… Forget it, don’t talk about it, go to sleep. ”

Yuriko Takagi was speechless, she didn’t know what to say, could she still rush over and scold Fang Nan for being a negative man, like her daughter and another person without saying, and now there is a third one?

This kind of shrew behavior, she is impossible to do out.

Moreover, the most important thing is that her heart has a different idea for a long time, unconsciously, and the teenager Nan.

In this case, she was even less likely to restrain Fang Nan.

In addition to them not sleeping, in the other room, two other people did not sleep.


On the bed, Shizuka Jugawa, who had been chatting with Nanrika, suddenly cried out, and her appearance was very annoyed.

Among them, Ciri Alice had already gone to bed, and let a small child go to bed at more than two o’clock in the morning, which was a late night.

“What’s wrong? Hey! This voice…”

Nanrika looked at the startled Shizuka Jugawa, who had long been used to it, but soon, she noticed some unknown voices coming.

“This voice, hateful, said well either together or have been hiding, did not expect to be preempted by Mami sauce!”


Jugawa Said quietly, afraid of saying too loudly, waking up the sleeping Ciri Alice, she looked down at this relieved.

“Uh… Shizuka you…”

Hearing her girlfriend’s words, Nan Lixiang expressed great consternation.

She had only heard the voice now, although she had never had this experience, but she was an adult, she had never seen anything, and although she was shy about it, she was more accustomed to it.

Unexpectedly, The next time Jugawa Shizuka spoke amazingly, which made her instantly difficult to accept.

Is it true that Fang Nan’s little ass child’s charm is so great that even his girlfriend with a very high vision has a crush on it?

As Shizuka Jugawa’s girlfriend, the two grew up together, and Nanrika is very familiar with Shizuka Jugawa, and even the criteria for choosing a mate are clear, and the conditions can be said to be impossible.

What domineering president, young and promising, calm and calm, superior IQ, and a lot of words that only the second dimension can have, are Jugawa Shizuka’s mate selection criteria.

Such difficult conditions are one of the reasons why Shizuka Jugawa is still single, and more importantly, she has not yet had the heart to fall in love.

But what did she actually hear now?

She was taken first! And it still looks a little annoyed!?

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