Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 181

“In this way, the most suitable person to strengthen is Asami!”

Fang Nan must have thought in his heart.

For Asami Nakaoka, Fang Nan is still very trusting, not to mention in the anime, she is a very reliable person who can sacrifice her life for others.

Let’s say that during this time, they got along, you can see it, absolutely the core personnel in the regiment!

Fang Nan was naturally very trusting.

Thinking of this, Fang Nan got up and went out with some emotion, this time, Nakaoka Asami had probably not slept, and now he went directly to her to strengthen, ten seconds, and the delay could not be long.

Tuk Tuk…

Coming to Nakaoka Asami’s room, Fang Nan didn’t think much of it, and directly raised his hand and knocked.

The thick wooden door immediately made a dull sound, followed by the sound of slippers tapping the ground in the room.

“Who?” Is quiet… Yikes! Fang Nan how did you get here!? ”

Asami Nakaoka said as she opened the door, thinking it was Shizuka Jugawa, but as soon as she opened the door, she saw Fang Nan standing in the doorway wearing short sleeves, and she couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Am I that scary?”

Looking at Nakaoka Asami’s big reaction, Fang Nan rolled his eyes, and then signaled the other party to let himself in first.

Asami Nakaoka didn’t seem to have any sense of defense against Fang Nan, and sideways let Fang Nan in.

“Lock the door!”

At the end, Fang Nan said another word, walked in and looked at the interior of the room, the general structure was similar to his side, probably because the girls lived, biased towards women, the room was also filled with this faint fragrance, which was exactly the same as the smell of Nakaoka Asami.

Thinking of this, Fang Nan touched his nose, then turned to look at Asami Nakaoka.

At this time, Asami Nakaoka was obviously ready to sleep, wearing a pair of pajamas with a checkered flower, very thin, but also very old-fashioned, at most you can see the collarbone looming under the collar.

But even so, such a set of popular pajamas, but let the figure of Nakaoka Asami, wear a different taste.

“Fang … Fang Nan, do you have anything to say? You look at me like this, I… I…”

Asami Nakaoka closed the door before she realized that at this time, she was actually in the same room with Fang Nan, and it was still in such a time period, facing Fang Nan’s sweeping gaze, she couldn’t help but beat her heart faster, and her face was also stained with a layer of redness.


No way!

Could it be that Fang Nan was impatient and wanted to try a new…

In Asami Nakaoka’s mind, a raw action blockbuster is being staged.

Obviously, she was difficult to beat, but in front of him, there was no adult majesty to speak of, but shy like a little girl who had just opened her heart, which made the other party very surprised.

“This chick… It must be going on a wild pout again. ”

Fang Nan was amused in his heart, and immediately a bad taste came to mind, looking at The middle of Theami in front of him, he took a step closer, the two of them were suddenly very close to the quick break, a difference of more than ten centimeters, Fang Nan’s face could touch the cheek of Nakaoka Asami.

“Of course, there is something wrong with coming to you so late, but you close your eyes first, and then you will know later, and I will say that you can open them before you can open them, you know?”

Fang Nan said softly, and his deep eyes looked down slightly at Asami Nakaoka.

Fang Nan, who is one meter eight, is a little taller than the one meter seven eight Nakaoka Asami, perhaps because Fang Nan’s momentum is slightly overbearing, Nakaoka Asami is a bit birdy at this moment.

“Closed… Close your eyes? Okay, I get it! ”

Asami Nakaoka was stunned, her eyes widened, but she quickly reacted, and her face became even more blushing.

I see?

Just get it!

Fang Nan looked at Asami Nakaoka and was relieved, he also thought that Asami Nakaoka would ask him the truth, and then he would have to rack his brains to think of words.

Okay now, no.

However, before Fang Nan could be happy for too long, he saw an incredible scene.

In front of him, Asami Nakaoka gritted her teeth, her lips were red and her teeth were white, and her face full of collagen was white and moving, and her white and red face looked like jelly.

Only to see her raise her pretty face, a pair of transparent beautiful eyes nervously staring at Fang Nan, breathing slightly short, and then the next second, under Fang Nan’s gaze, reached out and unzipped her pajamas, and suddenly…

This paragraph, please make up your own brain, 404…

Nakaoka Asami is now full of calculations, that is, twenty-six years old, integrity and good years, the body has approached the degree of perfection, coupled with the exercise in the police academy, the thin place does not have a trace of excess flesh, and the place that should not be thin is not bad, and it can even be said to be strong…

This scene made Fang Nan stunned for a few seconds.


This… What’s going on?

I just came here to give you reinforcement, I didn’t want to do anything else!

“Asami I…”

“I know!”

Before Fang Nan could finish speaking, Asami Nakaoka unbuttoned her pajamas and went forward to hug Fang Nan.

Fang Nan’s body immediately couldn’t help but tremble, and his throat was very dry.

This figure… Not a normal foul!

“Fang Nan, I know that the sauce and the shaye sauce are both your women, and there will definitely be more in the future, so… Please don’t reject me okay! ”

“Before the zombie crisis broke out, I always wanted to try to fall in love, but the people around me, either looking at my body or wanting to play, I was very disgusted. Since being rescued by you, in the past few days together, I have found that you are a very good boy, after the shaye sauce is the sauce, they are very young and do not mind. So I… I thought about it, if I hesitate any longer, you guy will never know my intentions! ”

Asami Nakaoka was full of face, completely open-minded, her eyes stared directly at Fang Nan, she had to take a deep breath every time she said, trying to release her shyness and pressure.

Fang Nan also felt Asami Nakaoka trembling, and it seemed that this remark had been deeply thought about for her for a long time, but she was suffering from not having a better time.

“Fang Nan, I like you!”

“Can you accept a girl older than you?”

At the end, Asami Nakaoka’s tone softened, as if pleading, her lips were bitten out of the white marks, and her eyes were full of tension.


Looking deeply at Asami Nakaoka, Fang Nan slowly shook his head, to tell the truth, Nakaoka Asami’s sudden confession did surprise him.

He obviously came to strengthen, and as a result, he didn’t do anything, and he received this touching confession, which was too unexpected.

But hearing the back, Fang Nan still sighed.

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