Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 179

“Gao Cheng’s analysis is in place and comprehensive!”

NanRika looked at Takagi Saya in surprise.

In fact, when the Ministry of Government knew that zombies only react to sound, they also thought of many ways to eliminate zombies.

Among them were two of what Hirano Toda said, but they were ruthless, and immediately someone stepped forward, like Takagi Saya, and pointed out the loopholes in these ideas.

“These methods seem to be feasible, but in fact none of them work, either unrealistically, or with modern technology, it is completely delusional, or it requires a lot of material manpower and time. Many countries, including island countries, have proposed to open a safe zone, as long as they live in the safe zone for tens or hundreds of years, then the zombies in the outside world will naturally rot and collapse until they disappear, and then human beings will go out of the safe zone and rebuild civilization. ”

Nan Lixiang smiled and said, some heartless and lungless, trying to break the somewhat dull atmosphere.

“Open up safe zones … This is the so-called ‘Eden Project’, that is, I don’t know how those people intend to implement it. ”

Fang Nan thought darkly, and did not express his opinion from beginning to end.

For him, it didn’t matter what the zombies were, and even if he could, he would be happy to do it for him.

It is this multinational joint ‘Eden Plan’ that some of them make Fang Nan elusive, and this plan Fang Nan feels is not a good thing, nor is it a bad thing.

Chatting and chatting, Nanlixiang’s porridge was also drunk, and the time had unconsciously exceeded two o’clock in the morning.

“It’s almost time!”

Fang Nan saw that Ciri Alice was already lying on Jugawa Shizuka’s lap and fell asleep, Jugawa Shizuka and Poison Island Tsukiko, they were all drowsy, their eyelids were fighting, and the scene was also a little better for Fang Nan and Nan Li Xiang.

Fang Nan is energetic because of physical reasons, and Nan Lixiang has added a lot of sleep as early as the car, coupled with the reunion with his girlfriend, it is a bit exciting.

“Okay, good night, everybody.”

The women got up one after another, stretched their loins, and showed their perfect figures one by one.

Fang Nan generously admired and watched them go up to the second floor one after another.

“Yuriko, let’s sleep together tonight, remember the last time we slept together, it seems to be a party camping a year ago.”

Makoto Shirota took Yuriko Takagi’s hand and said, Yuriko Takagi didn’t think much of nodding, after all, the two had a good relationship and hadn’t seen each other for a long time.

In this way, the two beautiful women with all kinds of styles, swaying with their postures, disappeared into Fang Nan’s sight.

And Nanrika tonight, naturally slept with Shizuka Jugawa, the two girlfriends have been reunited for a long time, but surprisingly, Ciri Alice actually followed.

The most surprising thing is that poison island Tsukiko and Takagi Saya, the relationship between the two seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, and they plan to be together tonight, which makes Fang Nan can’t help but fantasize.


Are they going to join forces to challenge The Dragon Of Decay?

If so, then they are underestimating it too much!

The crowd all went back to their rooms.

This villa is still very large, the second floor above the full ten rooms, large or small, without exception, the decoration is very luxurious, especially the master bedroom, a footprint-sized carpet, are worth eight thousand islands of national currency, simply trench inhuman!



Just as everyone returned to their rooms, the temperature seemed to get even cooler, followed by the crisp sound of raindrops outside.

“It’s raining?”

Fang Nan walked to the window and saw the artificial lake in the Ziyuan villa area at a glance, and the lake surface was hit by rainwater, rippling out a circle of ripples.

If there were no shaking zombies around him, Fang Nan would have wanted to recite a poem.

“Forget it, let’s take a hot shower.”

Fang Nan stretched his waist a little, just returned to the villa, just simply rinsed the stains, and the bath was the necessary purification procedure every day.

Ten minutes later, in the bathroom.


“Oh, comfortable!”

Fang Nan lifted his feet and lay down in this bathtub that was enough to accommodate three people, some of the overheated hot water was hidden from his chest, and the endless warmth wrapped heavily around his body and mind at this moment.

“It is said that the hot spring culture of the island country is the most prevalent, and I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to soak in the hot spring in the future.”

Fang Nan closed his eyes and said to himself, and unconsciously the word ‘mixed bath’ popped up in his mind.

Later, he shook his head again, no longer thinking about these messy thoughts.

“Think about what’s next.”

Fang Nan’s head rested on the edge of the bathtub, cushioned with a towel, and his mind was full of the soldiers of the army that he had encountered tonight.

“Tonight’s action seems to be smooth and simple, but if I hadn’t done a good job in advance, I’m afraid it would have been really dangerous, and because of tonight’s attack, the old silver coin of Wisteria Katsutake will be more ferocious in the future, at least not worse than the lineup outside the airport!”

Fang Nan recalled the army he saw on the avenue, to be honest, at that time, he saw the other side’s manpower and firepower, he was glad that he had left a hand, otherwise dozens of shells would be bombarded in the face, and the SUV might really be unable to withstand it.

“The wisteria old silver coin knows that he has made a mistake in his careful calculations, and he does not know whether he will have a cerebral hemorrhage on the spot.”

The corners of Fang Nan’s mouth cocked, remembering something interesting, and then read again: “Wisteria Old Silver Coin knows that we are in Fukuoka Prefecture, and in the next few days, there will definitely be a large-scale sweep by the military department, but do they dare to make a big fuss in a city with such a large population?” ”

Honestly against the military department, this is not a wise choice, but who let the people in the military department too brain-dead, one by one by the wisteria old silver coins fooled willingly as executioners.

But this also made Fang Nan slightly excited.

After all, what man has never fantasized that even if he is hostile to the whole world, he does not want to live up to your dog blood fantasy?

If you think about this scene casually, you can’t help but boil with blood and shout to the sky: I’m on fire!

“Wisteria old silver coin, tonight is just a prelude, if you are still obsessed, then I will kill your army up and down the heart!”

Thinking of this, the corners of Fang Nan’s mouth were slightly cocked, and a fierce killing intent burst out from the dark pupils!


Fang Nan didn’t care, not to mention that he was still killing stupid people from the military and government departments of the island country.

Since he dares to come to himself for trouble, then don’t blame him for being fierce!

As for future plans.

Fang Nan no longer has the luxury of looking for an airplane, after tonight’s encounter, the target of the plane is too obvious and too passive, once it is targeted, the military department uses various tracking missiles.

At that time, they will be living targets in the air, and under a cannon, there will be no ash left.

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