Doomsday: Start with Saeko Poshima Chapter 176


Shizuka Jugawa reacted suddenly, hurriedly released FangNan, ran to the SUV, and saw the good girlfriend he had in mind.

At this time, Nanrika was still fainting, and Shizuka Jugawa was a little overwhelmed, “Ri… What happened to Rika? Is it an injury? What am I going to do? ”

At this moment, she completely forgot that she was once a school doctor!

“Rest assured Shizuka, your friend is fine, but the body is overdrawn and hypoglycemic, it is estimated that he has not eaten for a day, and he has experienced what just happened, which led to the coma.”

Yuriko Takagi gives Shizuka Jugawa a reassuring expression, and then joins Tsunashima to help Nanrika into the villa.

“Hypoglycemia!? Oh yes! People with low blood sugar should add some sugar and water! ”

Yuriko Takagi’s words immediately reminded Shizuka Jugawa of her identity as a school doctor.

Fang Nan had just finished observing the situation in the courtyard, but did not notice the slightest abnormality, and at the same time heard the conversation between Jugawa Shizuka and several people, and couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh lightly.

Shizuka Jugawa was concerned about the chaos, knowing that her medical skills were the best among those present, but she still had to ask others what to do.


Just as Yuriko Takagi and Poison Island helped Nanri kao out of the car, Nanrika’s long eyelashes fluttered a few times, emitted a vague whisper, and then slowly opened her eyes.

“This is … Where? ”

Nanri xiang gasped and asked weakly.

“Rika! You’re awake! That’s great! ”

Jugawa Shizuka excitedly held Nanlixiang’s face, and the change of mood in these few minutes made Fang Nan feel a little embarrassed.

“Quiet… Shizuka!? ”

Nan Lixiang felt that someone was supporting her, she subconsciously wanted to break free, but found that she did not have any strength in her whole body, but she was a little cold, turned her head and looked at the people next to her, when she saw Fang Nan on the side, she reluctantly smiled: “You… I thought you were all gone. ”

“For the sake of Mr. Jugawa’s good friend who can give up his life and forget his death, how can we abandon it?”

Fang Nan shrugged his shoulders and said that he was right, in fact, he was thinking, such a sniper genius, how could he not want it!

“Well, don’t talk, go ahead to the villa.”

Yuriko Takagi looked at Nanrika, who was about to take three breaths, and hurriedly beckoned everyone into the villa.

The crowd did not hesitate to help Nan Lixiang into the villa, and then settled down in a room on the second floor.

At this time, Makiko Shiroda brought a medical kit, and a lot of glucose, in the end it was a professional, Kigawa Shizuka took the medical kit, and then skillfully operated it, and after a while, she relied on the ready-made things to make a simple drip device, and then gently plunged into Nanrika’s skin.

After doing all this, Fang Nan took out a bottle of sugar milk for Nan Lixiang to drink, which he had deliberately strengthened, and the nutrients and sugar in it were more than twice as much as the ordinary version.

Within a few minutes, Nan Lixiang’s face, lying on the bed, immediately changed, not as pale as before, but returned to a trace of blood, and his breathing was not so urgent.

At the same time that everyone was relieved, an unusually harmonious voice came out.


This familiar sound made all the women in the room stunned, and they quickly turned to look at the place where the sound was made.

“Eh hey hey! A little hungry, dinner had long since been digested. ”

Hirano Toda touched his stomach with one hand and scratched his head with the other, revealing a shy smile.

Before the women could react, another ‘grunt~ sounded, this time not Hirano Toda, but another person.

“Cough! It’s been six hours since dinner, and it’s normal to be hungry. ”

Fang Nan’s eyes diverged, and he said something perfectly normal in a flat tone.

To be honest, today’s physical exertion is really not a problem for him, but once he relaxes, this tiredness and hunger hit like a flood.


Looking at Fang Nan, who pretended to be calm, all the women laughed.

“Everyone has worked so hard for so long, it’s normal to be hungry, I’ve already prepared some noodles in the kitchen, and now I’m going to cook noodles for everyone.” Takagi Saya raised his hand, said a little, and then went to the kitchen to make food for everyone.

Poison Island and Yuriko Takagi, Asami Nakaoka, and Hirano Toda have been tired all night, and at this time it is up to her to contribute, and she knows this truth even if she is arrogant.

“I’m going too!”

Shiroda’s curious eyes widened, she looked at Nanrika on the bed, the corners of her mouth lifted slightly, glanced at Fang Nan again, and then brushed past her and left the room, and in the corridor, she could faintly hear the sound of Takagi Saya and Shiroda Masako discussing what to do.

Taking advantage of the fact that Takagi Saya went down, Fang Nan looked at the stains on his body, the blood stains on his clothes were already dry, sticky and in contact with the skin, he felt a little uncomfortable, so he said to this kind of person: “I will go to take a bath first.” ”

After saying hello, Fang Nan took a change of clothes and walked toward the bathroom on the first floor.

Then came Tsuneko Takagi and Yuriko Takagi and Asami Nakaoka, who had been running around for most of the night, sweating a lot, and simply rinsed them before the supper was cooked.

Four or five minutes later, Fang Nan, who had finished taking a shower, came out.

Fang Nan, who had changed into a dry black sweatshirt, saw several people already sitting around the table.

Fang Nan came over, sat down, looked at the noodles in front of him, and raised an eyebrow.

Is this fried sauce noodles?

Fang Nan curiously stirred the bowl of viscous sauce in front of him, as well as the white slightly coarse noodles, it seems to be mixed with fish oil, stirring up there is no sticky feeling at all, but there is a sauce aroma wafting out, very lubricated, plus a little bit of green onion to embellish, it looks particularly delicious.

Fang Nan did not stop his index finger from moving, and involuntarily opened up.

Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko are the same, but as girls, of course, they are very particular about what they eat, especially Poison Island Tsunako and Takagi Yuriko, who are famous.

In fact, after running around for most of the night, it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as you can fill your stomach.

In the middle of the night, it was quiet outside.

The temperature at night is a little cool, although with Fang Nan’s current physique, a cold is basically impossible, but still subconsciously wear this long-sleeved sweatshirt.

Wearing a pair of black slim slacks underneath, it is a certain brand, which is helped by Shizuka Jugawa to match.

This set of putting on, so that Fang Nan’s temperament changed greatly, more approachable and childish than before, a part of the sharpness and maturity, looking like a handsome and compelling sunny big boy.

And Fang Nan also noticed that the three daughters of poison island tsunade also changed their clothes, before in order to save people, so the three women were wearing pants, and this time they all changed into more comfortable skirts.

Poison Island Tsunako is a short skirt, the pattern is black and blue plaid, and the upper body is a relatively loose women’s shirt, which is very life-like.

Takagi Yuriko’s wearing is more mature, the atmosphere of the one-piece long skirt, simply worn on the body, pure white skirt looks, very conspicuous and translucent, revealing an elegant temperament, slender willow waist, there is a pure black belt bundle, the perfect will be Gaocheng Yuriko’s mature temperament set off, like a beautiful white rose.

And Nakaoka Asami is much simpler, although it is also a one-piece skirt, but the skirt as long as the thighs there, the overall highlights the young appearance of Nakaoka Asami twenty-four, green and mature, the short hair of the shawl is gently skimmed behind the ear pinna, a wisp of sideburns spread to the cheeks, very delicate and sexy.

The charm of these three women has its own characteristics, and Fang Nan who looks at it can’t help but be moved.

After a while, a plate of noodles full of fried sauce was completely eliminated by Fang Nan, although it was not enough to satisfy, mainly to relieve hunger.

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